Fox News Reveals Their True Abortion Stance: ‘What’s Most Important? Republicans Taking Over!’

Democrats across the country are celebrating some hard fought victories in parts of the country that are not generally considered friendly to Democrats. There are a variety of reasons to explain these electoral upsets, but one issue is is featured prominently in each case.

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Ever since the Dobbs decision by the Trumpified Supreme Court that undid Roe vs Wade and reversed fifty years of reproductive health rights for American women, Democrats have won every major contest where abortion was on the ballot. And the same was true last night. Republicans went into election day confident that their extremist and broadly unpopular positions would deliver them to the theocratic Valhalla for which they yearn. But the American people clearly have more reverence for the Constitution than the GOP and its Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

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The morning after the election, Republicans were licking their wounds and searching for excuses to salve their searing disappointment at not being able to force their perverse distortions of faith down the throats of informed voters. And naturally, Fox News was quick to help comfort the forlorn GOP.

However, their attempted pacifications were more revealing than comforting. For instance, the following exchange on Fox and Friends between co-hosts Lawrence Jones and Ansley Earhardt exposed their political cynicism and utter absence of genuine principles:

Jones: 68% said abortion was “extremely or very important,” and only 32% said that it was “moderate or not important.”
Earhardt: It’s nearly seven in ten. Republicans have to figure out what their messaging is in order to go forward in the next election. We look at this midterm election as a way to gauge how Republicans or Democrats react going forward for 2024. So Republicans need to look at all of these numbers and really think about what’s more important. Yes, most people that are Republicans are probably pro-life. And we love our babies. And I love being a mother. But what’s most important? Republicans taking over. And Republicans being able to keep our country.”

That’s right. Earhardt explicitly announces that “Republicans taking over” is more important than their alleged belief that abortion is murder. And this is the lesson that she believes Republicans should learn from the losses they suffered the night before. Although, neither Earhardt, nor her confederates, offer a single suggestion about how to manifest that lesson.

The Fox and Friends crew were not alone on Fox News surrendering their supposedly deeply held convictions about abortion. Sean Hannity took essentially the same position saying that…

“I consider myself pro-life, but I understand that’s not where the country is. I would say first trimester or Dobbs 15 weeks seems to be where the country is, and these issues will be decided by the states.”

And also that…

“Democrats are trying to scare women into thinking Republicans don’t want abortion legal under any circumstances.”

In short, Hannity is also happy to abandon his faith and manufacture lies if it means scrounging up more votes from voters who aren’t paying close attention to the fact that Republicans will strip them of their rights no matter what concessions they are pretending to take on the day after their humiliating defeat at the polls.

Both Fox News and the Republican Party are transparently hypocritical and dishonest. They only care about attaining and preserving power. It’s the same mindset that drives them to obediently worship in the Cult of Trump. And it’s what defines Trump’s own authoritarian aspirations. None of them have the least bit of sincerity or adherence to ethical values. And you know it’s bad when they actually say so out loud.


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