‘It May Just Be that Mr. Trump is Incoherent’ – Says NBC Legal Analyst About Trump’s Testimony

The first of what will be many trials for Donald Trump has commenced in New York. And to no one’s surprise, he is behaving like a colicky infant who is inconsolable when he doesn’t get way. From the moment he took the stand, Trump was argumentative, insulting, and unresponsive.

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Donald Trump Angry

This is precisely the sort of childish conduct that legal experts predicted. And they had plenty of examples of his ill-mannered demeanor over the past several years (decades) to arrive at their assessment. If there is one thing that Trump is known for, it’s throwing temper tantrums and lashing out boorishly at his perceived foes. It’s his inbred response to any situation wherein he feels victimized. Which lately is virtually every situation that he finds himself in.

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Trump spent Monday morning bickering with Judge Arthur Engoron, who was reluctant to allow Trump to ramble on incessantly in response to every question without ever actually answering it. Trump also devoted more time to attacking both the judge and Attorney General Letitia James, than to defending himself. He whined that James is “a political hack,” and that “this is a political witch hunt,” and that she “should be ashamed of herself.” Then he turned his ire toward the judge saying that he “ruled against me before he knew anything about me. He called me a fraud… The fraud is on the court, not on me.”

None of those complaints advance any sort of plausible defense for the financial fraud that he’s on trial for. But they do put on display Trump’s deteriorating mental state. Which is something that was noticed by NBC legal analyst, Chuck Rosenberg, during a segment on Andrea Mitchell’s program…

Mitchell: He’s alternating between being completely unhinged and then restraining himself. How long can the judge let this kind of behavior go on? I guess he can. But if the judge will assess the liability, if he’s already found him guilty of fraud – the corporation, I should say.
Rosenberg; Different judges run their courtrooms in different ways. There are two possibilities here.. Perhaps more, but two that come to mind. One is that Trump is trying to goad the judge into some sort of mistake. To make a comment that would be helpful to the Trump team on appeal. Judge Engoron is an experienced jurist. I don’t think that has happened yet, and I don’t see that happening.

The other… it may just be that Mr. Trump is incoherent. That his answers make quite literally no sense, perhaps to anyone but him. And that he can’t help himself. He can’t conform to court rules and procedures. And so this is what you get.”

That’s about as accurate a prognosis of Trump’s state of mind as you’re likely hear. And Rosenberg is actually right on both counts. Trump is, and has been, noticeably incoherent for quite a long time. And Trump is indeed trying – in vain – to incite the judge into making an angry response. In fact, it is a strategy that his team has planned from the start. According to insiders in Trump’s camp…

“[Trump and his lawyers] are intentionally trying to provoke the judge into a nuclear-level overreaction [that] could even lead to the judge ordering Trump to be remanded to a jail cell.”

Rosenberg also observed that Trump’s strategy was not only futile, but even counterproductive to Trump’s legal goals, saying that…

“Either way, whatever the motive, it is the judge, at the end of the day, that is going to determine the damages, determine the fine, determine the penalty. He’s already assessed liability. So from the theatrical perspective, maybe this plays in some other venue. From a legal perspective, this does not play in court.”

The reason that Trump is attacking the judge and the AG is that he know what he did, he knows that the court knows it, and he knows that he is certain to be found liable. So he has essentially given up trying to defend himself. He may by resting his hopes on an appeal, where he is also likely to fail. Or more likely, he is just playing to his cult followers and hoping to stir further division and civil unrest.

However, Trump did provide a bit of unintentional comic relief when he was asked about his 2021 financial statement, He replied that, “I was so busy in the White House. My threshold was China, Russia, and keeping our country safe.” Trump had to be remined by the prosecutor that he wasn’t the president when those statements were prepared in 2021.

So Trump is just providing even more proof of his psychological separation from reality. We can expect much more of that to come as this and subsequent trials unfold. And while it is humorous on some level, it is more disturbing than funny to consider that he actually has a shot at being reelected, and that his cult continues to worship him.

Which just makes it all the more imperative that Democrats, and other American patriots, commit to voting Blue – up and down the ballot – next year, and to persuade as many of their peers as possible to do so as well. We need to be clear-eyed that the future of democracy in our country is what’s at stake. If we aren’t, we will lose it.


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