Trump Wants to Star in a Reality TV Version of His Trial – But He Will Regret If It Happens

The legal tribulations of Donald Trump are weighing on him heavily as the prospects of his finally being held accountable for his political and personal crime spree are too obvious for him to ignore. With each new day there is a revelation that exacerbates his fears and produces ever more unhinged reactions.

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Donald Trump TV Set

During the testimony of Trump and his criminal accomplices (Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka) in their New York financial fraud case, America learned that the former first family was repeatedly unable to recall anything about running the business empire that they claim is evidence of their superior intellect and acumen.

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What those attending the trial saw were sheepish and frightened defendants who know that they their years of getting away with cheating business associates and the government are coming to an end. Unfortunately, the rest of the country had to be satisfied with descriptions of the melodrama because video is not permitted in the courtroom.

However, Trump’s attorneys in the upcoming federal case wherein Trump is charged with election subversion have just filed a motion to waive the prohibition on cameras and allow the media to record and the report the proceedings. The motion by Trump’s remaining lawyers that haven’t been indicted or disbarred, John Lauro and Todd Blanche, assert that…

“The prosecution wishes to continue this travesty in darkness. President Trump calls for sunlight. Every person in America, and beyond, should have the opportunity to study this case firsthand and watch as, if there is a trial, President Trump exonerates himself of these baseless and politically motivated charges.” […]

“There is a high risk that proceeding behind closed doors under these circumstances would serve to further undermine confidence in the United States justice system, while continuing to prejudice President Trump’s rights.” […]

It’s true that the office of special prosecutor Jack Smith has opposed televising the trial. But not because they like darkness. They are concerned about the safety of court personnel, witnesses, and jurors. There have already been incidents of threats and assaults due to Trump’s incendiary rhetoric and intentional acts of intimidation. On the other hand, both the Democrats and the media are also lobbying for cameras in the courtroom. Those are the same parties that Trump’s lawyers accuse of wanting darkness so they can prejudice Trump’s rights.

However, Trump’s lawyers are lying in their filing when they refer to the charges against Trump as being “baseless and politically motivated.” The prosecution has already presented abundant evidence of Trump’s guilt. And there is nothing that points to any political motivations. They are also lying by characterize the trial as being “behind closed doors.” It is an open proceeding that journalists of all political persuasions are invited to attend. And like Trump himself, his attorneys are delusional when they speak of how Trump “exonerates himself.”

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Trump’s attorneys are arguing that he wants TV coverage of the trial because it will allow the public to “hear all the evidence regarding an election that President Trump believes was rigged and stolen,” and that otherwise the public would have to rely on “biased, secondhand accounts coming from the Biden Administration and its media allies.”

First of all, this trial is not a forum for Trump to continue pushing his “Big Lie” about the 2020 election being “rigged and stolen.” That has been tried more than 60 times and found to have no merit whatsoever. This trial is about establishing Trump’s role in undermining democracy, attempting to obstruct Congress from certifying the election, and engaging in a fake elector scam.

Secondly, the media coverage of the trial is just as likely to come from the “biased, secondhand accounts” of MAGA media outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, and certainly Trump himself via his failing Truth Social scam website. As for “accounts coming from the Biden Administration,” it has thus far been completely silent about Trump’s four indictments on 91 felony charges. So that allegation is simply made up by Trump’s lawyers.

The truth is that Trump is still the same reality TV game show host that he was before he ran for president. He believes that his pumpkin-hued presence on camera is sufficient to excite the adoration of everyone in the audience. However, considering the fact that he has never had an approval rating that exceeded his disapproval, and he is less popular now than ever, he is likely to be disappointed by the widespread revulsion he generates should the trial actually be televised.

The general public is not the same as the glassy-eyed cult followers that show up at his rallies. And Trump would learn that the hard way if the trial were televised. Although that is something he probably won’t have to worry about since the rules prohibiting cameras are unlikely to be changed. And that may be another explanation for Trump’s sudden appeal for “sunlight.” He knows it won’t happen, but wants credit for asking for it. He’s the one who prefers darkness and the ability to lie in the courtroom’s hallways about actually took place.


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