Deranged Donald Trump Whines that the ‘Fake’ Media Reported What Even He Admits is the Truth

The accelerating desperation of Donald Trump is impossible to ignore as his legal tribulations mount and his ability to respond coherently declines. The past week saw Trump and his criminally complicit clan (Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka) testify in the financial fraud trial taking place in New York. But employing feigned ignorance is not a particularly clever defense strategy.

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Donald Trump, CNN

The Trumps took the stand reluctantly and each of these self-professed business “geniuses” claimed that they couldn’t recall significant events in their administration of Trump Organization affairs. That crudely coordinated defense relies on the argument that they are either incompetent stooges or suffering from some rare form of inbred amnesia. At least for The Donald, there is some validity to that argument.

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In the latest of his ongoing online harangues, Trump lashed out at his perennial media foe, CNN. But this time he was outraged that the network reported something that he conceded was true in the very same comment. The post on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, was a marvel of maliciousness and mendacity. What follows is an annotated examination of Trump’s tirade that displays a pathology that is both tormented and impotent. He began…

“Fake News CNN just did a story, leaked by Deranged Prosecutor Jack Smith and his massive team of Radical Left Lunatics, that various people saw papers and boxes at Mar-a-Lago. Of course they did! They may have been the boxes etc. that were openly and plainly brought from the White House, as is my right under the Presidential Records Act.”

Trump is appalled that CNN had the audacity to report that the boxes of classified documents he stole and hoarded at his Mar-a-Lago hotel/home were seen by “various people.” He calls it “fake news” even though he agrees that “of course” it was true. And he thinks that special counsel Jack Smith is deranged?

What Trump is referring to is a CNN report that Smith has subpoenaed several Mar-a-Lago employees with knowledge of Trump’s mishandling of the classified materials that he lied to the FBI about having. These employees can not only attest to Trump’s possession of the documents, but to his alleged attempts to hide them from authorities.

What’s more, Trump continues to use the Presidential Records Act to justify his misconduct, even though the Act explicitly states that “Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the [National] Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.” But Trump was just getting started. He continues…

“I even supplied, upon request, Security Tapes to these Election Interfering Thugs. Is this really ‘Breaking News?’ No, it’s ‘Breaking Fake News.’ But what about all of the papers, boxes, and documents found at NUMEROUS Crooked Joe Biden places, like his garage floor by his cherished Corvette, or CHINATOWN where it was just learned that boxes moved freely in and out. He doesn’t come under the Presidential Records Act because he wasn’t President at the time.”

The “breaking” news was that the Mar-a-Lago staff had been subpoenaed. And it was newsworthy enough to catch Trump’s attention and spark his seething anger. And as usual, Trump tries to divert attention from himself to his arch enemy, President Biden. What Trump fails to mention is that Biden never tried to claim that he owned the documents in question. He never lied to the FBI. He never withheld anything after authorities requested it be returned. In short, he never violated any of the many laws that Trump did. But in Trump’s mind, the greater crime is always just the act of holding him accountable for his crimes…

“Deranged Jack Smith has spent over $100,000,000 investigating me on this phony Russia, Russia, Russia, type Scam. How much $’s have they spent investigating Crooked Joe on his much bigger boxes deal?””

For the record, Smith’s investigation had only spent $9 million as of July. Trump is apparently using the same perverted math that he used to mis-value his real estate properties, which is what got him indicted for financial fraud in the first place. The Biden probe has spent less than $2 million, partly because he has been cooperating rather than obstructing, like Trump has been doing. And Trump knows what Smith’s probe has cost because he posted a comment on it at the time…

“Deranged Jack Smith, the wacko prosecutor that Corrupt Joe Biden and his Thugs stuck on me during the political campaign in which Biden is losing “BIG” (an absolute No, No!), just announced that he has spent over 9 million dollars, already, on this continuing Witch Hunt.”

The fact that Trump lies incessantly isn’t going to surprise anyone. But his openness and pitifully poor execution remains surprising if only because most people get better at things when they do them so frequently. Trump, apparently, is not only ignorant and dishonest, he’s incapable of learning. But he nevertheless remains impressed with himself and his own perception of his imaginary brilliance. He is what he would call “deranged.”