Cantankerous Trump Demonstrates Precisely Why His Gag Order Was Appropriately Reinstated

The trials and tribulations of Donald Trump continue to unfold in ways that reveal just how far down the rabid hole he has descended. As his legal peril increases, so does his hostility and his irrational reactions to the charges he faces and the consequences of his criminal conduct.

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Trump has spent the past few weeks pounding out vicious assaults and bitter laments aimed at those he perceives as his mortal enemies. And they aren’t just Democrats and insufficiently worshipful Republicans. Trump is big mad at the prosecutors and judges who hold his fate and freedom in their hands.

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On Thursday Trump unleashed an avalanche of vitriol on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. He posted a burst of fifty-seven (57!) comments, from about 7:00 AM until noon, that either exalted him as a messianic savior, or maligned his many foes.

The largest category of comments were eleven that were aimed at someone he thinks is the wife of Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over his financial fraud case in New York. There is no proof that his target is actually who he thinks she is, but that’s of no matter to him. He is sharply focused on disgorging his anger on whoever is handy.

[UPDATE: CBS News reports that the person that Trump is attacking is not Judge Engoron’s wife}

The posts by Trump attempt to suggest that the judge’s wife is anti-Trump. They contain pictures of memes disparaging Trump and referencing his pending criminal cases. For instance, one shows Trump as a green-faced witch with text reading

“Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ theory misses a crucial thing: his OWN CONDUCT. It’s not like Trump’s behavior is being questioned for no reason. He just keeps doing things that require investigation. Trump would do well to remember that it is only a witch hunt if the accusations are untrue.”

It’s interesting that Trump would post something that makes such a good point about why he is not the victim of a witch hunt. Trump added his thoughts saying that…

“This is the Judge’s Wife saying this, and many things much worse. At what point do High Court Officials step in, and end this Witch Hunt? Judge Engoron is making fools of the New York State Judicial System!”

Trump needs to be told that, unless there is some evidence of bias, the views of a judge’s wife (if that’s who she is) have no bearing on the decisions he makes in court. And there is zero evidence of any bias by Judge Engoron. This is not like the obvious biases shown by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, for whom there is abundant evidence of bias that makes the bizarre extremism of his wife, Ginni, so concerning.

The other ten posts attacking the alleged Mrs. Engoron are more of the same. Trump calls her “out of control,” and “an embarrassment,” and “Trump-hating,” and insists that her opinions warrant impeaching him from the judiciary.

Attacks like these are why Judge Engoron imposed a gag order on Trump to prohibit him from lashing out court staffers. The gag order was later stayed pending appeal. However, the appeals court just reinstated it.

Trump himself is providing the best arguments for his being subject to a gag order. The order is narrowly defined and limited to court staff. Consequently, Trump could still aim his ire at the judge and his family Even though a decent person would never do so. He can also continue his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. So despite his tedious whining, his free speech rights are not being suppressed.

Trump’s behavior shows that he is an unrepentant bully who is determined to intimidate the court, the prosecutors, and the witnesses. And the more he talks, the more ammunition he gives to the court to muzzle him. He represents an imminent danger to innocent people and ought to be held to the same standards as any other defendant. But he’s likely to continue behaving unethically and childishly because it’s just in his nature.


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