LOLOL: Mike Lindell is Ready to Lead the Republican National Committee if Asked By Trump

The 2024 presidential election will be profoundly consequential for the nation. It will be a choice between Joe Biden, a senior statesman who has proven that he works for the people and respects the Constitution, and Donald Trump, a 78 year old megalomaniac who is facing 91 felony charges, assaulted women, incited a violent insurrection, stole and disseminated classified documents, and who undermined democracy and aspires to reign as a tyrant.

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That ought to be an easy choice. But given the media’s fixation on ratings-driven, horserace politics, and their attachment to covering trivialities such as Biden’s age, rather than Trump’s openly fascist aspirations, the decision appears to be closer than any sense of rationality – or sanity – can explain.

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With Election Day still about a year away, Trump has already succeeded in turning the campaign season into a nightmarish version of a circus sideshow. When he isn’t sitting and scowling in a courtroom, he’s bellowing bombastically at one of his cult rallies. And with every unhinged outburst, Trump affirms his unfitness for office.

However, the freak show produced by Trump and his obedient flunkies in the Republican Party has only just begun. And one of the signs that the worst is yet to come is Trump’s recent souring on Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Like everything else in Trump’s mind, it is “rigged” against him. He is upset that the party is continuing to hold primary debates – all of which he has chickened out of – when he believes that they should just crown him the “King of the GOP,” despite the fact that not a single vote has yet been cast.

In this swirling political chaos, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon chatted with the MyPillow huckster, Mike Lindell, and posed what he thought was a serious question…

Bannon: Would you volunteer to take over the RNC if the president so asked you?
Lindell: A hundred percent I would. Then I would have all the tools I need to secure these elections immediately. We’ve already got everything in place. We just need resources and their blessing behind us. Absolutely.”

REALLY? Lindell has been insisting for years that he has irrefutable proof that the 2020 election was rife with fraud. He has promised to reveal his proof several times, but for some reason has never done so. And this election-denying, conspiracy crackpot thinks that he would be a reasonable chairperson of the Republican Party? That is a patently absurd notion.

Although, in comparison to the current state of the GOP, it’s not as absurd as it might seem. The RNC is already a full-on farce. Last year they announced that they had withdrawn from the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which has organized the general election debates since 1987. They accused it of being biased and prohibited any GOP candidates from participating in CPD debates.

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There are good reasons for Trump to decline these debates. He will not participate in any event that he doesn’t control or isn’t run by a certified Trump-fluffer. He knows that he would just humiliate himself were he to do so. His ravings are becoming more and more bizarre and unintelligible.

In just the past few weeks Trump has suggested that top American generals should be executed. He proposed mass deportations of migrants and refugees. He promises to build concentration camps for his political opponents. He accuses the media of treason. He even called for the termination of the Constitution. And then there are these cringeworthy clues of cognitive collapse…

  • Trump thinks that he ran against Obama in 2020.
  • Trump said that North Korea has 1.4 billion people. That’s China.
  • Trump praised Viktor Orbán as the leader of Turkey. He’s the leader of Hungary.
  • Trump wrongly said that Hungary shares a border with Russia.
  • Trump warned that Biden would lead the country into World War II.
  • Trump boasted that he was the first person to notice that U.S. spells “us.”
  • Trump repeatedly stated that purchasing bread requires a photo ID

With evidence of psychological disfunction like that, no rational person would vote for Trump. Although he did get the approval of his doctor, an osteopath who isn’t qualified to perform physical examinations. Trump released a suspiciously vague note from his “doctor” that declares that he is in “excellent” health. Most suspicious are the claims that he has “reduced his weight,” has an “improved diet,” and engages in “daily physical activity.” Yeah, right. Recall that Trump’s last doctor’s note was written by Trump himself.

Considering all of the above, how could it hurt to have Lindell chair the RNC? Can we really say that McDaniel is any better? At least it would be entertaining, if you’re into horror stories.

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