Crybaby Trump Whines About Media Accurately Reporting Low Attendance at His Cult Rallies

For as long as Donald Trump has been in public life he has been obsessed with exalting himself as the smartest, handsomest, bestest at everything that any human being ever attempted. It’s the hallmark of a malignant narcissist, which, ironically, is something that he actually has excelled at. He glorifies himself – as he would say – at levels never seen before.

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On Wednesday morning Trump took to his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social, to send more love letters to himself. He posted fifty-one (51!) vainglorious comments in two hours. Every one of which extolled the magnificence that he sees in his funhouse mirror. He harbors a messianic mindset in which he is the sole savior of all mankind.

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Among the comments Trump posted was one wherein he employed another skill for which he is proud: Whining! He has literally described himself as “the most fabulous whiner [because] I keep whining and whining until I win.” On this occasion his lament had to do with not being recognized as the most beloved figure in American politics. He began by complaining that…

“Many times when I’m making a Speech, which are always sold out …”

Let’s interrupt Trump here for a moment to note that none of his speeches are ever “sold out.” That’s because they cost nothing to attend. It’s much easier to get a large turnout for a free event. Then Trump continued, saying that…

“Fake News will watch people come down from the rafters (bad seats) onto the floor—nearer the stage…”

Sorry, but another interruption is necessary to note that Trump is actually conceding that his event was not sold out. If it were there would not have been any unoccupied spaces in the front for the backbenchers to move up to. He continues…

“As soon as this happens, the Lamestream Media starts taking pictures of these once fully occupied areas and seats, and then come out with a story…’Trump didn’t have a Sellout.'”

According to Trump the “bad seats” that were abandoned were quickly filled by fresh Deplorables who were waiting outside to get in. However, the pictures of Trump’s rallies with many empty seats were taken well into his speech. The only outsiders still hanging around were protesters and press.

This is typical gaslighting by Trump. He has been doing it since he blatantly lied about his poorly attended inaugural in January of 2017, which he said “was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.” It wasn’t even close.

Undeterred by reality, Trump concluded his comment by stating that “This is a Movement like none other, and the Failing Media should get on board now.” Well, by definition it’s only the “Failing Media” that would want to “get on board.” but more to the point, Trump appears to believe that it is the media’s role to join the cult movements of wannabe dictators. He’s going to be crushed when he finds that the only followers will be his flunkies at Fox News, Newsmax, and the rest of the rightist propaganda press. And if we’re lucky, they’ll follow him right into prison.


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