Trump’s Lawyer Issues Hysterical Challenge, Daring Hunter Biden to Put Trump on the Stand

The faux bravado of Republicans and their enablers is a key feature of their political psychoses. They relentlessly present themselves as fearless warriors who will face down the most monstrous adversaries on behalf of the pathetic little people who they pretend to represent. It’s a comical contortion of reality wherein they cast themselves as combatants in the wars on everything from Christmas to windmills.

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Much of this macho pretense is inspired by the antics of the infamous Cadet Bone Spurs – aka Donald Trump – who sees himself as the MAGA Messiah, coming to the salvation of his cult disciples who are too feeble to take care of themselves. He may be right about the latter, but he is grossly delusional about the former. Trump is a notorious coward who complains incessantly about his perceived victimhood and describes himself as “the most fabulous whiner.”

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On Thursday morning Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, visited with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News to register her outrage that Trump has been subpoenaed by Hunter Biden with regard to his prosecution on gun and tax charges. According to NBC News

“Hunter Biden asked the judge presiding over his criminal gun charge case to subpoena former President Donald Trump and top officials in his Justice Department, arguing that the investigation into him was the direct result of ‘incessant, improper, and partisan pressure’ from Trump and his allies.

The court filing also issued subpoenas to former Trump associates Bill Barr, Richard Donoghue, and Jeffrey Rosen. It stated that the charges against Hunter were a “vindictive or selective prosecution arising from an unrelenting pressure campaign beginning in the last administration, in violation of Mr. Biden’s Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution.”

Habba adopted the typically Trumpish air of audaciousness in her response to the subpoenas. Rather than address the matter with rationality or intellect, Habba delivered an impotent challenge that she somehow thought might frighten off Hunter and his legal team. She said that…

“If they are gonna put my client [Donald Trump] on the stand to discuss Hunter Biden, I welc… Go ahead. Go ahead. No, obviously it’s ridiculous. They’re trying to intimidate, and trying to say ‘if you’re gonna attack our kid we’re gonna put you on the stand.’ For what? Saying things that we’ve seen pictures of? Checks that have come from the CCP? Drugs, videos, hookers? I mean, I’m not really sure what their angle is there, but I would advise them to get new counsel.

No, Alina. They are not putting Trump on the stand for the things you mentioned. They are calling him to account for his abuse of power, having improperly used the Justice Department to persecute Hunter and the Biden family. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump would direct his Attorney General to manufacture allegations against the Bidens and other Democrats. Trump has already declared publicly that he intends to prosecute his political foes if he is reelected.

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Furthermore, none of the things that Habba rattled off would be part of any testimony requested from Trump. How could it be? He has no personal knowledge of any of those matters. And they aren’t even relevant to this case, which involves gun possession and taxes. What’s more, her list of alleged offenses includes the flagrant and already debunked lie about “Checks that have come from the CCP.”

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Habba’s taunting of Hunter to call Trump to testify is absurd considering that the subpoenas have already been issued, so he needs no further prodding. But more to the point, her excitement over the prospect of Trump testifying is hilarious. When Trump testifies he will surely advance Hunter’s defense, and most likely incriminate himself further. So… Go ahead!. Go ahead!


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