Zombie Journalism: Fox News Must Be Running Out Of Fake Scandals

Imagine how frustrating it must be for the folks at Fox News who have been struggling so furiously to tar President Obama with one atrocity or another, but are having no success due to their total lack of evidence. Fox, and their cohorts in the Republican Party, have dedicated themselves to inventing phony crimes, and attempting to pin them on the President, to the exclusion of every other activity. But whether it was “Fast and Furious,” the IRS, Benghazi, gun confiscation, or the global warming hoax, not a single allegation has had any effect on the President or the White House. It has been a total loss for Fox, having expended enormous energy and resources, but getting no return whatsoever. On the air, in print, online, including their Lie Factory Fox Nation – a total bust.

The visceral pain and disappointment of Fox has visibly manifested itself on the air with increasingly ludicrous rhetoric and even more far-fetched charges. But what can Fox do when all of their best efforts to smear Obama have fallen short of their goal? Well, they can dredge up some past bit of melodrama and present it as if it is breaking news:

Fox News

The zombie story that Fox is reincarnating here is one from October of 2009, after Anita Dunn, then the White House Communications Director, correctly noted that

“The reality of it is that Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party. And it is not ideological… what I think is fair to say about Fox, and the way we view it, is that it is more of a wing of the Republican Party.”

This is not a follow-up story. There is nothing new added. It isn’t even a new posting. It is a link to an old, irrelevant article that is as out of place as a pet rock.

Why would Fox post this four year old item in their list of current news stories? Besides being ancient, it is unrelated to anything else that is going on in on today’s news cycle. It seems to be merely a wild swing at the President and an awkward reminder of Fox’s paranoia and persecution complex. But overall, it’s simply another example of the way Fox does business. They have no ethical rudder and are running a self-serving, partisan public relations agency for right-wing propaganda. Up next on Fox: Obama “palling around with terrorists.”

[Update 7/14/2003] Two days later, the breaking political stories on Fox News have changed several times with one exception: the zombie “War of Words” story remains in firmly planted on their home page.


6 thoughts on “Zombie Journalism: Fox News Must Be Running Out Of Fake Scandals

  1. Who is the more pathetic? The dredger or those who stoop to objectify it?

  2. the dredger, duh. there’s nothing to “stoop” to in exposing phoney b.s. journalism.

  3. The irony is that Fox cannot criticize Obama in one key horror policy: deportations of undocumented immigrants, a tragic reality of abuse and lack of political sensitivity. Obama, indeed, has deported more people than many Republican and Democratic presidents combined. It has destroyed thousands of homes and committed acts of barbarity against innocent immigrant families, composed mainly of American citizens. This is where not only Fox but the whole media world should be attacking, yet there is only complicit silence.

    I just find it ironic and tragic.

    • For fox news, there couldn’t be any more irony in not reporting it that way. You are so right. What a good observation, never even thought of it like that. That’s an article in itself, Mark.

  4. “…Anita Dunn correctly noted that…”


  5. Perhaps Fox is simply manifesting its viewers usual physical symptoms due to old age: Alzheimer’s

    …and they forgot they posted this article four years ago.

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