Tea Party Mullah Ted Cruz Thinks He Can Banish Obama From Texas

President Obama traveled to Texas this week to inform the citizens there that ObamaCare has benefits that specifically address their needs. Texas has the notorious distinction of being the state that has more uninsured residents than any other state in the country. A big chunk of that problem would be solved if Gov. Rick Perry and the state legislature would simply agree to expand their medicaid program to cover low income residents. It wouldn’t cost the state a single penny because it is paid for by the federal government.

Nevertheless, Perry has ruled out this expansion despite the fact that a million of his constituents will suffer needlessly due to his cynical politicization of health care. This will hurt real people who require medical attention who will not receive it, as well as people who manage to get care that they cannot afford, which will lead to financial hardships including home foreclosures and bankruptcies. Obama made reference to this dire situation in his address to the people of Dallas.

Obama: I think that all of you understand that there’s no state that actually needs this more than Texas. […] Across this state, you’ve got a million people — because this is a big state — a million people, citizens, who don’t have health insurance that could get health insurance right away if the state of Texas decided to take advantage of [Medicaid expansion].

The response from Texas senator Ted Cruz to this common sense proposal was typically arrogant and insensitive. It exposed a deeply held animus for the President and disrespect for the office.

Cruz: President Obama should take his broken promises tour elsewhere so Texans can continue focusing on the solutions that have allowed our state to become and remain the nation’s economic and job creation powerhouse.

Fox Nation - Ted Cruz
Correcting Fox Nation. More corrections can be found in the
ebook, Fox Nation vs. Reality

Where Cruz gets the idea that he has some authority to direct the President’s itinerary is unknown. However, what is even worse is his obliviousness to the tribulations of his fellow Texans. By focusing on the status of the state’s economy, Cruz drives home the point that the business class of Texas has prospered at the expense of working families. If Texas is such an economic success and job haven, then why are more of it’s residents struggling to get by without health insurance than any other state?

That’s a question that Cruz and Perry and the rest of the GOP Scrooges still refuse to answer. They have a no-cost solution available to them that would relieve the stress of millions, but they won’t accept it because of their overriding desire to sabotage the Obama presidency. Eventually they will have to explain that to voters.


39 thoughts on “Tea Party Mullah Ted Cruz Thinks He Can Banish Obama From Texas

  1. Support Texas secession – maybe they’ll take Mr. Obama’s predecessor, the Lord Emperor Cheney, and this imbecile along with them.

  2. Senator Cruz was heard saying “We don’t need that Obamacare, we don’t want that Obamacare, our solution for the great state of Texas is simple, we ‘Pray Away’ all disease. Unlike the heathen Democrats my fellow Texans have real faith, amen.”

  3. When Texas joined the Union the US absorbed the National Debt of Texas roughly $10,000,000 in 1830’s dollars. In current dollars that’s at least $10,000,000,000 . Additionally, Texas needs to recompense the US for all the infrastructure (NASA and military bases being the biggest ticket items) so that’s another Trillion.

    So, they get their “freedom” in exchange for 1.1 Trillion to be paid back to the US after we recover our equipment.

    Then we place an embargo on them and build a massive fence to keep those Texas criminals on their side of the border.

    • Since Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and their ilk hate the federal gov’t so much let’s just pull every federal job from Texas. It’s the biggest employer in the state.

  4. Texas is not a place I would ever expatriate myself to!

  5. It may not be paid for by the state (Texas in this case) – this medicaid nonsense – but it does cost money. it costs all taxpayers to cover these people, so don’t make it out to be some “free” program – typical progressive – it’s free if you’re not paying for it. Putting you hand out for “freebies” maybe your idea of good, but you just end up as a leach on society – kind of like the vast majority of federal workers.

    • The cost of indigent medical care is being absorbed right now by the hospitals and clinics that are obligated by state law to provide emergent and life-saving humanitarian medical care. Such episodic and incomplete healthcare interventions are partly to blame for the stratospheric expensively disastrous costs incurred, everyday.
      It’s incredible that we, as a nation, cannot clearly agree on the advantages of having a maximally healthy and fully productive population of us all through judicious management of healthcare cost allocation.

      • That would require critical thinking skills. We just can’t have that.

      • Who does the “judicious management” of healthcare cost allocation? That is probably the hang-up. If an open market actually existed, it would be fine, but it doesn’t. No one actually pays for their own health care anymore – not even doctor visits. So you’re right, but you are not clear on the arbiter. If you say the government, then we’ll all be in much worse shape. Only the people can do it through free choice – pay your own way. Let’s get back to insurance being for emergencies, not every day care. People pay their doctors for well check ups, shots and perscriptions – no more copay nonsense.

    • I make a very good living and I don’t mind paying a little more to help the less fortunate. It’s amazing that people who claim to believe in Jesus could be so selfish and heartless towards their fellow man. Maybe they should ask themselves WWJD!?

      • You’re a sucker if you’re suggesting paying more to some giant government to get your “donation” to the right people. You would be much better off giving to a charity if you want the help to get to the right people and those in need.
        And not every republican comes from the religious right – I don’t fall anywhere close to it.

    • The Government pays hospitals billions of dollars every year to treat uninsured patients that show up at the ER to receive basic medical treatment. The cost of treatment in ERs is significantly higher then treatment at doctors offices. The money used to expand Medicaid coverage would be offset by savings in ER recompense. Before you start spouting nonsense why don’t you educate instead of mindlessly swallowing right wing propaganda.

    • Federal workers are leeches? Really? Next time you see active-duty military personnel, tell them how much you resent the way they live off of your hard work. Tell that to the Border Patrol that people like you insist be increased in the face of currently-just-this-side-of-zero illegal immigration. Or perhaps the people who try to ensure that you have safe food and drinking water, or that businesses can’t gouge you.

      When I was in the service, I paid taxes. I worked.

      Must be nice to have so much money that you’ll never want for anything, including health care. That’s the only reason I can imagine for you to consistently speak out against living wages, affordable health care, decent jobs for working people, and reasonable college costs. You made it to the top, and now you want the ladder pulled up so nobody else can get there.

      • 2 things – #1 I said vast majority, which does suggest some federal workers actually do serve a purpose that is needed. And yes, they are leaches as the government has no way of paying them without taking from someone else. #2 I did work for what I have – nothing was given to me. The wages I earn built up as my years of experience and training added up. I’ll agree on one thing only, affordability is a huge issue, but that is a side effect of government interference and the monetary system we have – nothing else. You make your future, the ladder is there, you need to climb yourself, not try to take the elevator or easy way up. Living wages are NOT a right – they are earned, and the living wage gets higher and higher due to inflation, which isn’t my fault – it’s your governments complicity with the banks to take yours and all our wealth – so don’t look to me for your problems.

    • Steve in York, you pay regardless of whether it’s a program like this or paying for urgent care at an ER.

      Either way, YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAY.

      So what would you prefer; an equitable program that insures more Texans, or the continued “Oh Billy is sick, load up the truck kids, we’re goin’ 400 miles to the nearest ER?”

      Which is it? Because either method is not “free.” One is better for the people though.

    • I assume that you are very under educated, the basics of economics says that we as a society are paying a pseudo tax already in higher medical, medicine and insurance costs. When basic health care is performed at a emergency room it is three to five times higher than a traditional medical facility.

      Medicare and SS are the most two most successful programs ever devised by the federal government. And neither one of them are going broke, no matter what you here from Heritage Foundation, the Cato Foundation or any Koch spokesperson including Ryan, Boehenr or Cruz.

      And I am was not aware that the great men and women that are in the armed forces, the people in justice dept, the NSA and other intelligence agencies are deadbeats. AS the men and women who were in our national parks and forests, the Coast Guard.

      So you take your Tea party views and put them where they belong in the garbage

      • “So you take your Tea party views and put them where they belong in the garbage”… then put yourself in the garbage can behind your teanderthal views…

        There, fixed that for ya…

        • Nothing humors me more than an angry lib who convinces himself he is a hero for showing up to work and paying his taxes dutifully like a good slave. If I ever need to make myself feel better, I just need to come here and read these comments.

      • How exactly do you measure success??? We must have very different definitions – and yours must be pretty narrow.

      • I wouldn’t call all those “great” – I guess everyone gets a trophy in your world. There are some that deserve to be called “great”, I’m sure, but just working for the federal government doesn’t make it so.

    • Listen “Steve” I worked all of my life for the benefits of Social Security, that “I” paid into. None of the benefits that Obama is talking about are freebies and just what do you think you would want the minute no one was taking care of your sorry ass!!You don’t have a clue what you are talking about..do you have grandparents? Do you think they are getting freebies! Ignorant people like you make me so mad!

  6. I for one am tired of conservative red state moochers complaining that things cost money when it is them who takes the lion’s share of my tax dollars. Yes, us, the hard working, educated people of the blue states who out of the goodness of our hearts pay our taxes which mostly go to poor red states.

    • I am a hyper liberal beyond blue Texan and I agree with your statement in general. What is most frustrating is that the up-till-now “Red” state of Texas most likely has infinite more wealth than the hard-working “Blue” state you are ranting and sending your tax money from. Which makes it even worse.

    • Thank goodness I don’t live in a poor red state or I may take offense – but since I don’t actually feel anything it shouldn’t be a problem – keep sending your money slave. You sound like you’re proud to be a slave.

  7. The CANADIAN , Texan Wannabee Ted Cruz or as I refer to him
    Ted Crud can go crawl back under his slimy rock anytime our
    Great President visits us and he can take that”W”Bush Clone
    Rick Perry with him . If there were ever 2 people that
    Mis represented our state it´s Ted Cruz (d) and Rick Perry .

  8. If Cruz can tell Obama to stay out of Texas, Obama should be able to tell Cruz to stay out of the US.

  9. Actually I never even heard of this slime ball Cruz even a year ago. Who is he to dictate anything to the President? Even Texan’s should be ashamed to have this dangerous politician representing them. I read a quote by a Texan that said we apologize for this, but we will correct it as soon as possible.

    • Cruz was a nobody that the Koch Brothers backed for the Senate in 2012 to be their water carrier for causing death and destruction and ruination in America.

      He’s been doing his corporate bastard boss’s bidding ever since, as their go-to guy to masterminding the recent shut-down of the government and to bully and terrorize moderates into going against the will of the people to cause ruin and death and destruction against America.

      And we are stuck with him in the Senate creating death and ruin and devastation for six years since Cruz can’t be voted out of office until 2018 unfortunately….

    • The president works for us – not the other way around. You and/ or I can tell the president to go to hell or anything else – so long as we’re not threatening him. Don’t put him on some kind of pedestal. Some respect for the office may be warranted, but in the end, he is just a guy – not a king.

  10. What I fail to see, is that Medicaid will be paid by the Feds for 3 years, and then what? Texas is smart to watch the rest of the nation implode when it comes time for each individual state to pay up for the rest of the time. In order to get something for free, something must be cut.. Should it be our elders medicare? Food stamps? what?

    • After the first three years, the Fed picks up 90% thereafter…. You should learn to read….

    • I know it might be a hard thing to conceive for a conservative. But what is less expensive, keeping a population healthy or treating a person who is gravely ill in a emergency room. Also every person that is treated in a emergency room, or has to have the paramedics costs the tax payer more money than traditional healthcare.

  11. The psychological default mode of Conservatives in general and Tea parties in particular, is to obsess over what can’t be afforded (when it doesn’t impact them adversely). The OMB projects that the cost savings generated by full ACA implementation: decreasing number of un- and under-insured; increased economic output of healthier lower & middle-class workers; sliding scale income based Medicaid subsidies coupled with an expanded health insured pool due to ACA included incentives; system efficiencies produced via ACA mandated HIM-EMR elimination of redundancies, errors & fraud, culminates in decreased healthcare expenditures, slowing & reversing the healthcare sectors drain on the economic output of the entire nation. A Win-Win for all…if we could only eliminate the plutocratic financed GOP mediated Tea party obstructionism from the likes of traitorous political saboteurs the like of Ted Cruz. The sooner TX understands how policies pursued by its junior Senator are impeding our economic recovery the sooner we’ll be rid of this cancer.

    • What can or can’t be afforded should be discussed – maybe it’s not the first line item, but it needs to be in the list. Feel good decisions end up hurting everyone in the end if it falls apart somewhere down the line when people are dependent on a faulty program – so deal with it up front and then maybe the program will survive financially in the long term and people don’t get hurt when the rug is pulled out from under them.

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