What About Fox News? CBS Apologizes For ’60 Minutes’ Benghazi Hoax

On October 27, CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a dramatic report that purported to tell the story of an eye witness in Benghazi who corroborated much of what the conservative critics of the administration had been calling a scandal of Watergate proportions.

Almost from the outset there were problems with the report that included sharply divergent accounts offered by the source himself. For instance, while he told CBS that he had gone to the compound in Benghazi, he had previously filed an incident report with his employer that said he never went anywhere near it. More recently it is been discovered that he also told FBI investigators that he was never there.

After first defending their story, CBS has now pulled it from their website and their correspondent, Lara Logan, appeared on CBS This Morning to apologize (video below):

“We were wrong. We made a mistake. […] We no longer have confidence in our source and we were wrong to put him on air. […] We apologize to our viewers and we will correct the record on our broadcast on Sunday night.”

Fox News CBS Benghazi

Immediately following the 60 Minutes broadcast, conservative media assembled a victory parade to congratulate themselves for having leaped to the front of the Benghazi Hoax and to celebrate their vindication by the establishment news authority at CBS. As might be expected, Fox News lead the parade with more than 47 minutes of reporting (that’s three times the length of the original CBS report) on eleven different programs on just the day after 60 Minutes aired. Some of the applause the Benghazi Hoax-sters handed out to themselves included…

  • Bret Baier (Fox News): Last night, one of journalism’s heavy hitters reaffirmed what we knew and had reported on.
  • Steve Doocy (Fox News): It’s great that mainstream media finally catching up. […] 60 Minutes doesn’t cover phony scandals.
  • Martha MacCallum (Fox News): Now 60 Minutes, the venerable Sunday night news program, is putting a lot of focus on this story. Here at Fox News we’ve been covering this story for a very long time.
  • John Hayward (Human Events): ’60 Minutes’ ran a report on the Benghazi scandal Sunday night that confirmed its status as an enduring scandal with many questions still remaining to be answered.
  • Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs): Over a year after the murderous attack, finally, media is talking straight about Benghazi.
  • Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit): ’60 Minutes’ Finally Reveals Benghazi Was a Real Scandal & You Were Lied To.
  • Monica Crowley (Fox News): Solid 60Minutes piece on Benghazi. CBSNews & FoxNews among the very, very few reporting on this grave & outrageous scandal.
  • Dan Gainor (Media Research Center/NewsBusters): 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi shows how much admin has lied and hidden facts on deadly disaster. Blame Obama AND Hillary.
  • Jonah Goldberg (National Review): This 60 Minutes Benghazi piece corroborates pretty much everything FoxNews has reported so far.

As it turns out, the only thing the 60 Minutes report confirmed is the deceit at the heart of right-wing media. Everyone who jumped at the chance to laud CBS for its alleged truth-telling is now egg-faced since the esteemed source of their validation has crumbled in an embarrassing journalistic flop.

While CBS still has some questions to answer and some accountability to dispense, they deserve some credit for coming clean and retracting the story. They also need to address the book by their source which is being published by Threshold Editions, a subsidiary of Simon and Schuster, which is owned by CBS (another undisclosed ethical violation by 60 Minutes). And for the record, Threshold’s rogue’s gallery of authors include Glenn Beck, Jerome Corsi, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney. [Update: Simon and Schuster has suspended publication of the book and called for stores to return it.]

So far Fox News has not had a thing to say about the story they had previously claimed was an affirmation their scandal mongering. Like everything else connected to the tragedy in Libya, Fox has failed in their relentless obsession to manufacture political outrage. Their desperation to bring down President Obama has been raging impotently for years.

Fox News Benghazi Tantrum
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Now that the story has fallen apart and CBS has apologized and retracted it, will Fox News, and the other right-wing purveyors of dishonesty who hailed the erroneous story, show the same measure of integrity? Don’t hold your breath.

Lara Logan on CBS This Morning:


14 thoughts on “What About Fox News? CBS Apologizes For ’60 Minutes’ Benghazi Hoax

  1. Of course not – after all, Fox’s sole purpose is to push any lie that will lead to the impeachment, arrest, and deportation (not necessarily in that order) of the communist atheist nazi fascist Kenyan native from Australia illegally serving as president. Not even Fox News can support a lie that doesn’t lead to that conclusion…

    (Okay, yes, they can, but since this embarrasses CBS News far more than it does the current administration, what would be the point?)

    • Lets…alright look let’s jsut get soemthing straight here…all this talk about how Benghazi will bring down the administration and destroy the people’s view of Obama…personally I don’t give a fuck about what happened over there, I live here, my problems are here, not halfway around the world in hell’s sandbox. (and no that’s not being racist, it’s hot, sandy, and a constant hotbed of war..if hell’s sandbox isn’t a good metaphor for the middle east I don’t know what is.) Good for CBS pulling the story when they realized their source was a tool, shame on Fox for well….pretty much everything that isn’t their fictional television department, and can we just move on?

      • Of course Europe nor the US Corporations can be causing the problems half way around the world; like they are here , poisoning water, pushing drugs and the drug war everywhere to control the natural resources for themselves and family generational wealth that they go on and on about. “What about my kids?” and at the same time destroying the earth and the environment causing mayhem and death.

  2. Fox will now go on the attack and say CBS was forced to retract the story by threats emanating from the WH. They will bring some lame conspiracy theorist on to corroborate their claims and that will be all we hear from Fox on this story or some variation thereof.

    • Since, of course, Fox must condemn anyone who attacked this fine young man who supports their theory that Obama is the most evil person who ever lived…

      • Maybe we shouldn’t be giving them any ideas. 🙂

  3. You want Faux News to apologize for their thruthiness? Surely! Next you’ll claim that big ratings don’t equal correctness!

    • HEY!! hey…Hey you!!…..don’t call me shirley.

  4. Of course not, everyone knows CBS only retracted the comment because the gubment threatened to kill puppies if they didn’t.

  5. FOX News “journalists” and commentators who disseminate false allegations and disinformation about the Obama Administration don’t get fired, suspended, or even reprimanded.

    They get promoted.

    • Fox news produced and released the incredible infamous video on 9-11. The people there say the video was outrageous. Accordingly the video pissed the natives off.

  6. Is the idea that the whole bases of this is to keep everyone looking at the wrong hand while the magic trick is performed ?

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