Megyn Kelly Lies To Jay Leno: “I’m Not One Of The Opinion Hosts At Fox News”

Last night the newest primetime attraction on the Fox News Channel ventured off the reservation to hype her program on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In the process Megyn Kelly delivered some of the most unintentionally funny perversions of reality you can imagine.

Megyn Kelly

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From the outset, the interview was a fluff piece designed to promote Kelly and her new role as a primetime anchor at Fox News. But the conversation devolved into the absurd when Leno started to ask a modestly interesting question, but swerved midway through and turned it into an open-ended (and false) compliment.

Leno: People assume that if you’re on Fox News, just as they do if you’re on MSNBC, you have a certain bias. How do you deal with…you seem pretty straight down the line.

Kelly: I am, thank you. I’m a straight news anchor. I’m not one of the opinion hosts at Fox. But I always laugh because I’ll have a conservative pull me aside and say “I love your conservative principles,” and I’ll say “You assume too much.” And then the liberals will pull me aside and say, “I know you’re one of us,” and I’ll say, “You assume too much.” But I always say that if you assume that I’m this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that’s true.

It’s a pretty safe bet that, if challenged, Kelly could not produce a single liberal that ever claimed that she is one of them. It was just a line that Kelly used to feign balance. The same is true of her reference to Karl Rove. Kelly was likely harking back to the incident on election night November 2012, when Rove refused to concede defeat. But Kelly’s performance did nothing to refute Rove’s conservatism, just his obstinance in light of the polling results. Rove certainly regards Kelly as a reliable conservative and an ideological ally. She has made him a frequent guest despite his role as one of the most prolific fundraisers for the GOP, which she never bothers to disclose to her audience.

Megyn Kelly GQHowever, the real whopper of the evening was Kelly’s assertion that she’s a “straight news anchor” and “not one of the opinion hosts on Fox” Kelly has been a rabid right-winger for as long as she has had a perch at the painfully conservative network. She rudely lambastes Democratic guests and has pushed numerous fallacious stories aimed at discrediting liberals and progressive policy. In fact, her editorial bias generally produces little more than partisan tripe and manufactured outrages that have little basis in fact. For example, her near-obsession with the irrelevant New Black Panther Party was a months long excursion into fantasy. She was also one Fox’s most virulent proponents of the phoney IRS/Tea Party affair. And her stubborn attachment to a trumped up Benghazi scandal wasted hundreds of hours of valuable airtime. And then there were these crackpot diversions:

  • Kelly defended a criminal anti-Islam filmmaker as a “patsy” of the Obama administration.
  • Kelly asserted that Americans have “gotta get a little squeamish” about the prospect of being killed by drones.
  • Kelly told her colleague Bill O’Reilly that pepper spray used against student protesters was just “a food product, essentially.”
  • Kelly moderated a discussion that was based on a series of “Fox Facts” that were cribbed directly from a Republican National Committee press release.
  • Kelly featured a disreputable reporter with a history of violence (who was later arrested for sexually assaulting a four year old girl) in her frequent attacks on the funders of the Islamic Center that Fox derisively referred to as the “Ground Zero Mosque.”
  • Kelly misrepresented the results of a Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll to argue that Democrats are defying the will of the people.
  • Kelly helped to cover up the extra-marital affair of GOP senator John Ensign and failed to disclose her personal involvement in the story.

These are not the sort of stories attributed to a straight shooting, non-opinionated journalist. It is this record of partisan propagandizing that led to my article three years ago asking “Is Megyn Kelly Worse Than Glenn Beck?” More recently Media Matters conducted a survey of Kelly’s new primetime program and found that she “has hosted conservatives (56%) significantly more often than progressives (18%) and has surpassed even Fox’s Hannity in its divide between guests on the left and right.”

For Kelly to go on the Tonight Show and tell Jay Leno that she’s a straight news anchor is a blatant and deliberate lie. There is no question about her political leanings. She would not have been hired by Roger Ailes if she were anything but a rightist tool and a willing mouthpiece for the conservative agenda that Ailes, and his boss Rupert Murdoch, are peddling. And anyone who falls for her dishonest self-appraisal is terminally naive (I’m lookin at you Leno).

[Addendum:] The day after Kelly appeared the Tonight Show, this “straight news anchor” returned to her own program and, speaking to her kiddie viewers, said that “Santa Claus just IS white.” She later included Jesus as well saying that it is “a historical fact.” It’s pretty safe to say that this is how Fox sees it:

Fox News - Black Santa Claus


19 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Lies To Jay Leno: “I’m Not One Of The Opinion Hosts At Fox News”

  1. If that little quote of her’s don’t sound like the best rehearsed answer I’ve heard in years. People forget, most of these misguided people have to have the questions before they go on. This way they can have their “writers” answer them they way Karl and the rest of his buddy’s want them answered. Palin did not go on someones show (can’t remember off top of my head) because they would not give the questions beforehand.

    The “But I always say that if you assume that I’m this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that’s true.” Why do I think fortune cookie add on at that little comma… (in bed)… and in which case Karl’s answer prob would be… “Nope, not conservative, that’s for sure” (winks).

  2. Megyn Kelly tells the truth. It’s not her fault that the liberals who come on her show to sing the praises of Obamacare keep making fools of themselves.

  3. Megyn Kelly is a proven serial liar as shown in this post and that is only scratching the surface. These people don’t expect or care if objective observers call them out on their bullshit. She is there for one reason and that is to push the right-wing conservative agenda anyway they can. She doesn’t just lie and mislead a little she does it all the time.

    • No, she does not. The lies come from Mark and the MSNBC clown brigade. That is why their ratings are in the toilet.

      • Yeah, you definitely work for fox. It’s obvious. You always defend fox and anyone mark talks about on fox and then you dig on msnbc. I’m fairly certain Steve doesn’t, but you definitely do. Steve just comes here to vent and shit on liberalism and progressives, but he doesn’t defend fox. That’s almost all you do. And when you do it’s always just a super short defense against what mark says, like ‘LIE’ or ‘No they don’t’. Never an argument, never anything backing it up, just mindless assertions and baseless defenses of fox and their pundits. What a way to earn a paycheck. You should try harder dude. I don’t know, maybe put out an actual argument backing your shit up, kinda like mark does. I’m surprised he only listed those few reckless comments and downright irresponsible behavior for any journalist, unless of course you think saying things like the pepper spray cops use is a goddamn food product is stuff journalists should be saying on air. If I’m wrong and you don’t work for fox, which come on of course you do, then you are one seriously gullible and diluted individual. What’s it say about your network that they’re so paranoid and insecure that they need to employ people like you to post comments on blogs. Does that not raise any red flags?? Does that not concern you?? Whatever, it’s not like you’ll actually read this or see the error of your ways. Keep cashin that check, whoever you are, it’s not as if it’s from a paranoid propaganda network.

        • And once again, the left-wing clown brigade resorts to the snort-inducing tactic of claiming that any conservative who shoots down left-wing lies must be getting paid by shadow right-wing organizations. You have absolutely nothing left in your arsenal. I shoot down Mark’s knuckle-headed statements all the time. Mark does nothing but spit out insults one after another. I do this because it’s fun, not to get a paycheck.

          • Hahahahahaha. It’s fun for me too (except you make it way too easy, troll).

      • Kelly lies about everything. Shes just another fake blonde willing to hang her tits out . I’m surprised she can speak while shes got Rogers dick in her mouth. She likes the famous Fox line when they are about to report their made-up info: “some people say” . Whenever they spew that line you know its a lie. She’ll obviously do anything for a buck$$$. Shes a lying pig.

    • Kelly wouldn’t know the truth if it bitch slapped her. Why is it, when a fixer gets called out for lying, people always go to the “Obama card”? She said she is a “reporter”, but, doesn’t do any reporting, never double checks any facts. I could care less, what this puppet thinks, the people should get the truth, not the truth according to her.

  4. She’s a biased, dim-witted FoxTwat. End of story.

    • More disgusting left-wing hate. You must be related to Martin Bashir.

  5. Pepper spray is just a “food product, essentially.” just like e-coli is just a meat by-product, essentially!
    I’m guessing if someone unloaded a big can of pepper spray in her home on Thanksgiving, it would not be considered a “food product, essentially” to the former attorney or the rest of her family standing outside on the sidewalk wondering why there eyes, nose, and throats are burning.

  6. Pepper spray… it’s like the Cheez Wiz of spices!

  7. Of course you are an opinion anchor Ms. Kelly. Just because you suck at it doesn’t make you less of one.

  8. LMAO! I love how right wingers try to validate Fox News by mentioning they’re high ratings. Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Toddlers in Tiaras also had high ratings. It only proves that anyone can sell shit in America.

  9. Megyn Kelly is a bimbo! The worst anchor I’ve ever see or heard. Msnbc hires the best and the brightest(Rachel maddow), while fox hires blondes who can barely read with nice legs. Sometimes I watch fox for the comedy aspect of how stupid the stories they report on are..

  10. Fox thinks they are helping the right, but in reality they Are a joke ! They would rather hire bimbos with a conservative ideology than smart anchors and reporters. Smart republicans need to cut the white trash caucus out of there party before anyone like me who are independent will ever vote for them again. It’s truly sad how dumb some Americans are…..

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