Post-Election Cable News Ratings: Good News For MSNBC

The presidential election was a boon for the news business, especially cable TV news. All three players boosted their year-ago numbers, but it was not an equal opportunity affair.

Network Prev Week +/- Prev Year +/-
Fox -30 +40
CNN -58 +36
MSNBC +40 +143

Once again, MSNBC delivered far stronger growth numbers than any of its competitors. And once again, that growth was driven by Keith Olbermann’s Countdown and the Rachel Maddow Show. MSNBC was the only cable news net to close the post-election week with more viewers than the prior week.

It’s still hard for MSNBC to get any respect, though. The article linked above from Media Week sports the headline, “No Post-Election Slump for Fox News.” Without closely reading the article, one might think that Fox was the big beneficiary of the campaign season. But the numbers show a completely different story. Which just goes to show you, even media reporting about the media can’t be trusted. My headline is far more accurate.


3 thoughts on “Post-Election Cable News Ratings: Good News For MSNBC

  1. It just kills people that FOX RULES! LOL, liberals are so lame.

  2. Fox News is far above MSNBC..even though Fox also has a few very biased reporters, it is nothing compared to MSNBC. I’m not sure how MSNBC determines a good anchor, most of your anchors are hate filled extremists. However you do have some good journalists on during the day.
    Rachel Maddow is the worst, she in my opinion should be in Hollywood. I was watching her one night before the election, she had Dan Rather on her show. It was the evening she had gone to Florida to interview Barack Obama. She was so giddy and orgasmic talking how she had to chase him down in the parking lot. It’s ridiculous she has gained such a powerful position.
    It was a very interesting conversation Rachel Maddow had with Dan Rather that night. I was actually shocked at Dan Rather talking about Pres. JFK and comparing Obama to him. You know very well Obama is no comparison to JFK. Actually JFK was very little like the Democratic Party of today. They are quite different in economic understanding as well as understanding the world’s affairs and defense issues.The sad thing is that Dan Rather really understands, but has become to weak to make a point.And of course, Maddow was incapable of questioning him because she was still chasing Obama through the parking lot.
    You have an excellent news caster during the day. I have lost her name at this moment, she is African American and would be a great replacement for Maddow.
    I’m a older conserative Republican from Ohio who will have the most respect for my new president Barack Obama and will be praying he will abandon some of the pressure he is getting from the left. I believe he is doing a lot of soul searching at this time.

    • Thanks for your opinion, obviously I disagree with some of it.

      Rachel Maddow earned her place as a TV pundit (unlike most others) by virtue of her education (Rhodes scholar) and experience as an activist and a broadcaster.

      However, I do appreciate that you have respect for Obama and will give him a chance to produce some positive results.

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