The Tea Party’s Dream Candidate Files For Tennessee Election

There is joy in Teaville today as perhaps the most admired figure in the ultra-rightist wing of the GOP has answered their hopes and taken concrete steps to embark on a political career.

Victoria Jackson

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That’s right, former Saturday Night Live ukelele strummer, Victoria Jackson, has declared her candidacy for a seat as a county commissioner in Williamson County, Tennessee. As a commissioner Jackson can be expected to bring her unique “knowledge” of economics, urban planning, law enforcement, business development, and government administration to Williamson’s county hall. Plus, she can recite poetry while standing on her head.

Jackson is revered for her policy positions that include support for a White History Month and opposition to gay marriage. She is a staunch opponent of Islam which she characterized in song as being pro-beheading and pedophilia. She promises that her campaign will focus on issues important to Williamson County’s citizens, like resisting the Muslim Brotherhood, battling the U.N.’s Agenda 21 conspiracy, and obstructing Common Core standards for education.

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Once in office Jackson can be expected to be a small government, fiscally conservative advocate for the Constitution and the Christian values that she would unconstitutionally impose on her neighbors. And when the county meetings got to be a little dull, she could whip out her uke and do a chorus of “There’s A Communist Living in the White House!”

If you live in Williamson County, be sure to give Victoria your support and your vote. She told local reporters that she is running a campaign that will rely on word of mouth rather than conventional fundraising, so it may be difficult to donate. But we at News Corpse are wishing her the best and hope that she prevails. Good luck Victoria.


8 thoughts on “The Tea Party’s Dream Candidate Files For Tennessee Election

  1. Flying pig alert: This time, I think Mark’s mockery is well-deserved. Victoria Jackson is thoroughly batty.

  2. Maybe not Islam but Islamic counties like Saudi are certainly pro-beheading and pedophilia. Read “Princess” written by a Saudi Princess on the topic. Victoria may be crazy but you are naïve and pushing the PC agenda too far.

    • Boy Jake, you stepped in it now…your intolerance will be met with outrage here…only PC works for them – anything else is hate speech and must be destroyed!!! You may find yourself in a re-education camp if they had it their way.

  3. Jake are you really that ignorant? You believe the Saudis are all pedophiles and cutting off heads based on some book? I doubt you even read it, because clearly you don’t write or comprehend very well. Why don’t you go somewhere in the Middle East before being so awful. I bet you think you’re a good person with Christian values…….. Well, you are neither. So vote for a 90s SNL cast member because you too agree on a lot

  4. Her biggest joke yet!

    Good one! Everyone’s laughing!

  5. Why am I thinking about that candidate for the senate in Delaware, whose own commercial said “I am not a witch.” It does make you wonder about her credibility. I heard from Victoria Jackson, and I wonder is she really all there, or simply trying to convince us she is not crazy.

  6. “There’s A Communist Living in the White House”? I thought he was supposed to be a socialist. Make up your mind, Victoria!

  7. Victoria Jackson is the reason her worst nightmare got elected in Seattle. She ought to move to Seattle and her song would be taken serious and re-write it to include a Socialist is elected in Seattle.

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