Glenn Beck Forgets To Expose His Latest White House Marxist

We can chalk this one down to another broken promise from Fox News’ star paranoid, Glenn Beck. On last Thursday’s program he teased his audience with news of yet another example of the cancer that was eating away our country from within:

Thursday, March 11, 2010: “And a programming note. There’s a new advisor to President Obama who fits nicely in this group. Oh, he loves Marx. I’ll introduce you to him on Monday because, see, it’s important that we know who these people are, and we know what the influences are. Otherwise we’ll be Doomed to Repeat.”

If it is so important that we know who these people are, then why did Beck break his promise to introduce us to this new White House Marxist yesterday. I even gave him the benefit of doubt and waited to see if the introduction would come today. Beck was busy defending his hatred of Jesus yesterday and exposes always come after self-interest. But there was no mention of this commie mole on today’s program either. The whole hour was just an infomercial for his upcoming American Revival tour. I can’t help wondering how much additional damage is being done by this traitor while Beck neglects to reveal his identity. I might have suspected that Beck was just trying to make sure people tuned in day after day, waiting the big scoop, but he hasn’t even spoken of it since Thursday.

The reference Beck made to being “Doomed to Repeat” was another sales pitch, this time for his “special” program this Friday. It seems that every show is now an infomercial. I’m sure Friday’s special is filled with information that is just as accurate as the title, which Beck misquoted from the famous counsel of George Santayana:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Well, you can’t expect Beck to get everything right when he’s under such pressure from religious leaders, and Fox News colleagues, and agent provocateurs inside our government, and the voices in his head. Perhaps it was those voices that distracted him from keeping his word to reveal the commie du jour.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Forgets To Expose His Latest White House Marxist

  1. I don’t see how you can stand to watch his show. I’ve tried on a couple occasions, and it’s vomit-inducing. Ipecac is like Kool-aid in comparison…

    • I’ve built up a resistance.

      There is something oddly compelling about it. It’s like a riddle you can’t figure out, but you can’t stop thinking about it. Part of me thinks I can solve Beck, but my reasonable side knows better.

      Also, it’s fun to mock him. Did you ever see Jon Stewart’s bit with the blackboard? HIGH-larious!

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