Sarah Palin: America By Heart?

HarperCollins (a Rupert Murdoch company) just announced details about Sarah Palin’s next book, America By Heart, Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. It is scheduled to be release November 23. This is the followup to her previous literary achievement, Going Rogue, An American Life. I suppose that she will have “America” in the title of all of her books. She wouldn’t want to confuse her fans who might think it’s some foreign Sarah Palin.

The first question on most people’s minds will be who is going to write this one. The first book attributed to Palin, a biography, was actually ghost written by conservative scribe, Lynn Vincent. This time it should be even easier to outsource due to the subject matter that the Associated Press describes as…

“…selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her,” according to HarperCollins, along with “the nation’s founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, and even some of her favorite songs and movies.”

In other words, the book writes itself. In fact, most of it has already been written by other people. HarperCollins adds that the book will feature…

“…portraits of some of the extraordinary men and women she admires and who embody her deep love of country, her strong rootedness in faith, and her profound love and appreciation of family.”

She’s really going out on limb with this subject matter. It immediately rules out any Democrats or liberals who are, of course, all treasonous atheists from broken homes. But I really have to wonder about the title, America By Heart. Does she mean America memorized? Or the song “America” by the band Heart? Heart really does have a song called America, and it’s about the dying off of a generation that clung to old ideas like racism. The song includes these lyrics:

America, America
Are you losing your mind
America, America
Don’t leave me behind

I also wonder why Palin keeps having serendipitous affiliations with this band. She was also called Sarah Barracuda in high school (and in the 2008 campaign). The lyrics of that song included…

If the real thing don’t do the trick
You better make up something quick

Appropriate on so many levels. And since the book will include some of her favorite songs, perhaps these will be amongst them. Even better, maybe she will favor us with her own rendition as she embarks on another book tour (sponsored by Fox News). This will be her second book tour, which makes it two more than the number of press conferences she’s ever held (or books she’s read). As for me, I’m still waiting for the definitive Palin Book, Going Reggae.


5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: America By Heart?

  1. The press release actually used the word “rootedness”? I think they made that up but, heh, we see where this is going. Be glad when she milks this phony political stuff to the last dollar and settles into the Sister Aimee phase. Imagine the gate you could get to watch her talk in tounges!

    • You mean she isn’t already in the Sister Aimee phase? Last week she preached that U.S. law should be based on the bible. Which, of course, is against U.S. law as stated in the Constitution.

  2. I believe an appropriate alternate title for this book would then become, “Chicken Soup for the Teabagger’s Soul”. Or lack thereof.

  3. Heart wrote an America-sucks-and-is-a-racist-country song? That explains why the band is in total has-been status. They have sucked ever since “Bebe Le Strange”.

  4. You are all sick and Sooooo Scared!!!

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