Glenn Beck Admits He’s A Fraud – Again

In the past Glenn Beck has revealed that he takes seriously his self-appraisal as a “rodeo clown.” He often describes himself as an entertainer. He tells his audience that “if you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.” He has been exposed for shedding less than sincere tears on camera. He even admitted that there is a legitimate case for global warming despite his frequent mockery of it.

It’s hard to find anything that Beck actually stands for. His hypocrisy is legendary. And in today’s USA Today Beck adds to the list of his adventures in artifice. In the interview he was asked about the writing of his upcoming novel The Overton Window. This is what he said:

“There’s clearly no way that I’m sitting behind a typewriter or word program and pounding this out. … I have my vision and need someone to make sure that vision stays there.”

On the title page of the book, Beck cites three “contributors” with whom he shares credit. It’s rather surprising that anyone would consent to being saddled with credit for writing what appears to be an unintentionally hilariously piece of literary garbage. But it is not surprising that Beck couldn’t have written this book by himself.

Beck’s schedule already includes a daily three hour radio show, another hour on his TV program, numerous guest spots on other Fox News shows, and live personal appearances around the country. Where would he find time to write this, or any other book, and still be the devoted family man and father of four that he claims to be?

Beck’s admission that he doesn’t sit behind the typewriter makes no distinction between his new novel or his many other published works. This means that all of his frenzied fans who gobble up his nonsense in printed form are being ripped off because Beck is clearly not the author of the tomes he peddles with his name on it.

It’s unlikely, however, that his fans will hold it against him. They obviously are not the most discerning consumers to begin with. And as long as the final product affirms their previously held misperceptions of this fragile, tyranny-destined world, they’ll be happy – if you can call that kind of paranoid, doom-laden mindset happiness.


13 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Admits He’s A Fraud – Again

  1. So because you have looked Glenn Beck’s schedule and decided on yuur own that he doesn’t have the time to write a book, that is then proof that he couldnb’t have written it?? Weak, weak, weak.

    Regarding his quote “If you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot…” – Beck has said on several occasions that people should do their own research. “Question everything.” That is one of his quotes. Whether it’s Glenn Beck or Keith Olbermann, a person shouldn’t take any opinion as gospel fact.

    • You need to pay closer attention. Beck admitted that he doesn’t write his books himself. My comment on his schedule was just affirming what he said himself.

      Sorry to burst your bubble. He’s a fraud. And even when he comes right out and says so, his disciples still worship him. So sad.

      • Mark, this comment by Scott is typical, Beck is obvious in his “everyman” theme: “I admit I might be wrong and I know you wont check so you can trust what I say because of my self deprecation” the only thing I really wonder, is does he get this becuase of his decades of psychotherapy or is someone tipping him off when needed to keep the morons eagerly lapping at his heels? either way, I dont know how you manage to watch him enough to comment. Snake oil salesmen, televangelists and politicians all have this in common. Simple folks dont check information, they accept and believe. I only wish there was a way to fix that, I’m afraid its something we cant do anything about, some people are just gullible. P.T. Barnum said “there’s a fool born every minute.”

  2. Oh look there goes Glenn in the ambulance, he was laughing so hard on the way to the bank, he tripped over some of his money.

  3. He claims “I am an entertainer”. Does this mean he also mean he often relies on the kindness of strangers?

  4. Beck also claims to be a journalist… without formal training.

    Sorry, but that’s like claiming you’re a doctor… without formal training.

    • That claim of being a journalist was so ridiculous I couldn’t even address it. Especially since he has frequently boasted that he isn’t a journalist. And as for not having the formal training, what exactly is this drug-addled, college dropout, schlock jock formally trained for?

    • I saw it exactly the same way on my first visit, but now I disagree with you Scott.

      News Corpse doesn’t even attempt to thinly veil its extreme bias, but if opposing points of view are allowed and maintain a posted status it is a fair and legitimate site.

      Of coarse I strongly disagree with nearly everything Mark spews, but I also (hate to say) admire him because he is a good debater.

      And I agree with Mark here – “That claim of being a journalist was so ridiculous …”
      Beck is not a journalist, he’s a commentator. He has said this on his show numerous times and will tell you the same when asked. It’s the same difference between the news articles and the editorials column in the newsprint. Journalism is supposed to be unbiased, editorials are opinions. Mark is also a commentator, an editorialist which implies he is expressing his opinions.

      This is Freedom of Speech and if we loose this, we have lost it all!

      • I’ll accept that.

        To mangle Fox News’ slogan, I am “fair and biased.” By which I mean that opinions are openly expressed here, but they are presented honestly, they do not misrepresent facts or take them out of context, and opposing opinions are held to the same standards.

        • And I accept your mission statement.

          Anyone who believes the media is biased on only one side of the aisle needs to crawl back under the rock they came from.

  5. So… if someone has an idea, copy rights it, then funds the creation of the idea, they loose all intellectual property rights?

    Claiming to be a journalist while not formally trained is like claiming to be a doctor without formal training???

    You’re an idiot. “Journalism” is no where near in the league of practicing medicine. Especially because it is so hard to ignore separating your bias while writing news of the day.

    Beck has mostly complained about the journalists not really doing their job when someone like him is shedding light on certain groups activities.

    Hey Mark, that drug-addled, college dropout, schlock jock is way more successful than you. Do I sense a lot o’ bit of jealousy since you’re quoting USA Today to feed your blog section? That’s some good journalism right there ;^)

    • Am I jealous that a no-talent liar with world-class ignorance is wealthy and I’m not? Fuck yeah!

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