Fox News Champions Right-Wing Bigots Protesting Against Immigrant Children

The American conservative, as represented by the Republican/Tea Party, is so consumed with hatred that they are now forming blockades to prevent busloads of children from being transported to safe and secure facilities while waiting to be processed by immigration authorities.

Fox News Children Bus Protest

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After weeks of media reports showing severely overpopulated facilities in Texas, where young children and even infants are housed in prison-like conditions, sleeping on concrete, lacking air-conditioning, federal officials are attempting to provide some relief by dispersing the thousands of child immigrants to various locations so that they can be processed faster and under more humane conditions. And this act of compassion and responsibility is being met with opposition by right-wing, bigoted protesters who favor mistreatment of kids simply because of their immigrant status.

The protesters literally blocked the roads preventing the buses from arriving at their destination in Murrieta, California. The kids had already been traveling for hours, and now were forced to remain in the buses for an additional two hour trek to a different facility. They chanted “USA,” “Impeach Obama,” and “Deport,” with a hostility that could only have exacerbated the kids anxiety and fear.

This unconscionable behavior was reported on Fox News in glowing terms, elevating the protesters to heroes and patriots who had simply “had enough.” It was reminiscent of the Fox News glorification of the criminally deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy and his militia thugs. On Fox & Friends Steve Doocy introduced the segment saying…

“Now some people in one city in California have had it. There was a plane full of people flown from Texas to California and they were then put on a bus and they were taken up to Murrieta, California where they were gonna be processed. That was the plan. It did not go as planned.”

Notice that his intro left out entirely the age of the people on the buses. He and his co-hosts later acknowledged that these were children, but disparaged them as disease-ridden carriers of scabies, lice, Ebola, dengue virus, and Tuberculosis. To the extent that any of that were true it would be further justification for more humane treatment, not less. The Fox & Friends Krew seems to think that sick kids should be thrown back across the border to die.

Fox News continues to use repulsive language like their on-screen graphic that likened the kids in this relief effort to garbage by calling it a “Federal Dumping Grounds.” They also use the insulting term “illegals” even though almost every other media enterprise has banned its use. Note that wingnuts justify using the term because laws were broken. But drivers who speed are not called illegals. Patients who take medicine not prescribed to them are not called illegals. Bank presidents and oil companies executives who break financial and environmental laws are not called illegals. Apparently it’s term reserved to dehumanize immigrants alone.

It takes a special kind of bitter soullessness to protest children who are being brought to safety. These cretins apparently prefer that the kids remain corralled in hazardous conditions where they will suffer and be vulnerable to greater harm. And, ironically, the effort to transport the kids to other facilities is not only meant to ease their suffering, it is also necessary to expedite their processing. That would result in many of them being reunited with their families in their native countries, something the protesters ostensibly favor. But their actions, born of hate and ignorance, actually delay that. What a sad picture of American goodwill these vile protesters paint for the rest of the world to see and judge us by.


8 thoughts on “Fox News Champions Right-Wing Bigots Protesting Against Immigrant Children

  1. One of the books I read earlier this year was written by a survivor of the Holocaust. As I listen to the news and I read reports of the rabid, Christian Conservatives who are protesting the United States providing safe haven for these children I’m reminded of what the author described in the book. Providing these children with a safe place to stay and medical treatment for whatever may be wrong with them is the humane thing to do. If these protesters were more than Christians-in-name-only they would be assisting in the efforts to reconnect the children with their families. They are no better than the Nazi defenders who kept the Jews, Poles, Gypsy’s and Gay’s from crossing borders to possible safety so that they could be herded into death camps. Stop being so proud of your pathetic behavior and have some compassion for God’s sake.

  2. “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.” Jesus Christ

  3. Mark Twin explained very simply…what we see happening to The American Republican Party.

    “Anger/Hatred is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored…
    Than anything on which it is poured” -Mark Twain

  4. I blame Fox News and all the other crazy Right Wing media for this. Think about all the hatred towards Obama and immigrants and leftists and liberals. The Right Wing media has fostered all of this hatred with lies and a constant bombardment of hatred from so-called Right Wing analysts. I blame them and I wonder why they are allowed to continue ruining our country.

    • I agree with you Eric. What Fox and other conservative media is doing is a form of brainwashing. They are loud, repetitive and speak with such conviction that their viewers, listeners and readers are convinced that what they are saying is true. I wish that the people they crucify on their programs and in their media would sue them. Law suit after law suit would keep them in court for years and maybe, just maybe they’ll learn there are consequences for their lies.

  5. American exceptionalism” at play.
    I’m sorry, but an angry mob congregating to scare the crap out of a busload of women and children is not my idea of Americana.

  6. But it IS theirs!

    Terrifying. Proof positive that a “Holocaust” is quite possible right here in the USA.

  7. How many of those same screamers are descended from people who may have entered this country (legally or illegally) in the early 20th Century? They faced horrid prejudice, and were thought to be incompatible with whatever ‘essence’ supposedly infused ‘real Americans.’ Some of those relatives must still be alive.

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