Oliver North? Really? The Unmitigated Gall Of Fox News

So Oliver North was on Fox News giving analysis on the negotiations with Iran about nuclear weapons. Yeah, that Oliver North. the one who sold arms to Iran for Ronald Reagan, which was against international law. The one who took the illegal profits and sent them to terrorists in Nicaragua, which was against federal law. And if that weren’t enough, he lied under oath to Congress about it in his Marine uniform.

You have to hand it to Fox News for selecting this felonious cretin to pontificate about contemporary arms negotiations with the same country that he supplied. And his view that President Obama’s efforts to prevent Iran from having the deadliest weapons are “an unmitigated disaster,” makes you wonder what he thought of his role in arming Iran while they were holding Americans hostage.

It also makes you wonder how stupid Fox News viewers are.

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Oliver North


4 thoughts on “Oliver North? Really? The Unmitigated Gall Of Fox News

  1. It is amazing how Fox lets a guy like North saying that Obama dealing with Iran will let to unmitigated disaster considering the fact that Fox had forgot about North’s actions which became an unmitigated disaster with unforeseen long term consequences for American democracy, the American justice system, and the damage to the American communities due North helping to flood American cities with cocaine. I bet North like Carl Rove and Dick Cheney, is not sorry for what he has done.

  2. When is a criminal not a criminal? When he’s a well-connected Republican criminal. Normal rules do not apply.

  3. North was not a well-connected criminal at first; however, he manage to not go to prison because he had a smart lawyer to help him out, he destroy a lot of his files, threatening gray mail if he was prosecute, and Attorney General Meese not wanting to prosecute him plus a press corp that was not doing its job like it was suppose to. As a matter of fact, the press turn against one of its own reporter (Gary Webb) for exposing North/CIA drug operations with the drug cartels. North was thrown under the bus by the Reagan Administration; however, he did not end up in prison, was able to collect his government pension and manage to dig himself to start another career..

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