The Clowns Of Cable News: Laughing At Fox News, Not With Them

There has been a meme circulating around the InterTubes for some time saying that “I get my news from Comedy Central and my comedy from Fox News.” It’s a concise way of articulating the reality that programs like The Daily Show are far more reliable sources for information than Fox & Friends or Bill O’Reilly.

Fox News Bozo

But something that seems to have been developing without much notice is that Fox News is actively reshaping their programming to be more like an actual comedy network. Alone among cable news broadcasters, Fox News is airing actual comedy shows. Already on the schedule is their late night entry Red Eye. Earlier this year they premiered The Greg Gutfeld Show, spinning off the former Red Eye host. And they just announced a new show starring Bill O’Reilly stalker/producer and Fox Nation editor, Jesse Watters, that will expand on his Watters’ World segments from The O’Reilly Factor. [See this epic smackdown of Watters by Steven Colbert]

Setting aside the fact that there is scarce evidence of actual humor in any of these programs, what is interesting is that Fox News is investing so much of their airtime in a form of entertainment that literally makes a mockery of their pretense to being journalists. And considering their epic failure in this genre, the execrable “Half-Hour News Hour,” they have some measure of courage to attempt it again. For a network that whines so often about not being taken seriously as reporters, this trend will do little to enhance their already tattered reputation.

Making matters worse is the fact that Fox News has been so fiercely derisive of comedy programs that deign to direct their barbs at news subjects. Over many years there has been a constant drumbeat of outrage from Fox aimed at comedians whom they regard as unqualified to have worthwhile opinions on the news or the talent to find humor in it.

And no one has taken more abuse from Fox than Jon Stewart. Sean Hannity called him “a sanctimonious jackass.” Megyn Kelly said that “He was not a force for good.” Bill O’Reilly labeled him “a key component of left-wing television.” O’Reilly also went after Stewart’s audience saying that he has “stoned slackers watching your dopey show every night.” And this anti-Stewart doctrine comes straight from the top. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes publicly scolded Stewart saying that “He hates conservatives. He’s crazy.”

Fox News generally demeans anyone in the entertainment field who speaks out about politics, unless it’s Ted Nugent or Dennis Miller, but then it’s a stretch describing them as entertaining. If George Clooney or Sarah Silverman exercise their rights as citizens, Fox News considers it an abomination and unleashes a rancid stream of unreserved hostility. Fox contributor Laura Ingraham even wrote a book titled Shut Up and Sing,” to advocate for silencing show biz folk who want to participate in American democracy.

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So after disparaging entertainers, and especially comedians, for engaging in the centuries old art of satire, it is rather odd to find Fox News devoting a significant amount of time and money to doing what they hate so many others for doing. But while it is common for comedians to take on political topics, it is unheard of for news networks to commit whole programs to comedy. Certainly a news network can interview a comic or report on a humorous news story, but Fox is getting ready to launch their third comedy show. And they still want people to take them seriously as journalists? Well, that ship has sailed. If anything, Fox could continue to debut new comedy programs until they fill the schedule. Then, at least, people will be laughing at Fox for the right reasons.


7 thoughts on “The Clowns Of Cable News: Laughing At Fox News, Not With Them

  1. If Fox is satire, what are they satirizing? A laugh-a-minute right-wing propaganda machine?

  2. They are aiming for a younger generation than their news audience and hoping this latest batch of programs can draw them in to stay for the rest of their BS.

    • That’s definitely a part of it. But it is also an attempt to compete in the “culture wars” where comedy and political satire have a real impact. The problem for them is that they just aren’t funny. They’ve tried to push their humor on other entertainment platforms and they failed pitifully. So they use their own “news” platform to get in the game, but they aren’t any more successful. Remember their “Half Hour News Hour?” It lasted about six months.

      Part of the reason their comedy falls flat is that political satire generally aims to take down the powerful, the one-percent. But the you can’t make fun of the poor, the disenfranchised, the average citizen, and get many people to laugh at it.

      • This is also the latest example of conservatives copying liberals’ success in cultural venues. (Remember the top 100 conservative rock songs?) They’re trying to convince themselves that they are just as cool as we are with their versions of what we invented. (Conservative Woodstock, anyone?) Well, they can’t and they never will be.

          • “Taxman” by The Beatles. You’re the one who is delusional.

            • George was singing about taxes in England, and they were very high for top earners like him. Interesting aside… nobody likes paying taxes, not even progressives. Especially when we see how the $$ is spent!

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