Rudy Giuliani Goes INSANE On Fox News Over Hillary Clinton’s Mental Health

As Donald Trump’s campaign continues to implode, his surrogates are stepping up the effort to make him look less like a narcissistic imbecile. They have their work cut out for them. Even though he has embraced the TelePrompter that he once said should disqualify any candidate, he is still embarrassing himself in a very public manner. Consequently, the clean up crew has to get ever more creative.

Rudy Giuliani

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Rudy Giuliani made the curious assertion that Hillary Clinton wasn’t campaigning (video below). So host Shannon Bream asked him a darn good question: “Then why is she doing so well in the polls?” He delivered a nearly incoherent response mainly blaming the so-called “liberal” media that “constantly demonizes Donald Trump.” Never mind the recent Harvard study that proved “Clinton had by far the most negative coverage of any candidate.” But Giuliani went off the rails when he ventured into conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health:

“[The media] Fails to point out several signs of illness by her. All you got to do is go online … Go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness’ and take a look at the videos for yourself.”

Is he friggin’ serious? Giuliani’s authoritative approach to clinical diagnoses is to consult – Google? First of all, none of the “doctors” practicing on the Internet have examined, or even met, Clinton. Secondly, the medical opinions you’re likely to encounter online come from such experts as Alex Jones of Infowars, the Drudge Report, Glenn Beck, and of course, Fox News. What brain disease would cause Giuliani to think that Googling “Clinton’s illness” would validate his ludicrous claims?

As for Fox News, last week Sean Hannity slandered Clinton with a week-long extravaganza of factless blather and made up health crises. Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends called her prescription glasses “a sign of brain damage.” Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson baselessly alleged that Clinton has dysphasia. Not to be left out, Trump has lately been saying that Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS.” It’s clear that Trump’s “brain” trust has opted to surrender the policy debate and attack Clinton’s health instead.

For the record, Clinton’s actual doctor released a statement saying that “Secretary Clinton is in excellent health and fit to serve as president of the United States.” Now that’s pretty good, but it doesn’t compare with the note from Trump’s doctor declaring that he will be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” How he knows that without having examined every other president was not explained. However, it sounds very much like something Trump himself would say. Could he be pretending to be his own doctor like he pretended to be his own publicist?

Giuliani’s confidence in the Internet’s infallibility is reminiscent of Trump’s similar reverence for online truthiness. A couple of months ago Trump appeared on Meet the Press where anchor Chuck Todd pressed him to acknowledge that a video that he posted on Twitter was a hoax. Trump squirmed uncomfortably while seeking a plausible denial, finally settling for this lame disavowal: “All I know is what’s on the Internet.”

From a Commander-in-Chief perspective, that’s an awfully low standard for knowledge, but it seems to be a recurring pattern with Trump and his cohorts. In the absence of facts to support their increasingly deranged allegations, they settle for fantastical fables they find online. It’s a de facto admission that they simply don’t care about truth anymore. Not that they ever did.

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19 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Goes INSANE On Fox News Over Hillary Clinton’s Mental Health

  1. Hannity is a despicable human being. Let’s just get that out there.

    One thing he and Giuliani have in common and, I suppose, any other mainstream republican who supports trump or will vote for him or endorses him or any combination of these things, is that party comes before country. How else do you support the likes of Trump.

    And when you have nothing of substance with which to present to the electorate at large to promote your candidate, something as juvenile as the health of your opponent is the go to argument? Someone should inform these two (Giuliani and Hannity) that Clinton has been given a clean bill of health and it’s public knowledge. Something else they should be aware of is that Trump is older than she is and women live longer than men.

    So the only question remaining is why are they supporting such a loser who will probably croak just any moment now?

    • When will he croak? I want to plan a party…and I have never felt like this about anyone before. (Wasn’t old enough to know much about Hitler….but I do see quite a resemblance between the two.)

  2. I like Hannity, I think he knows what he is talking about! As far as Trump goes I think he is what we need and for people who think Hillary should be able to pay her way in, nothing about this woman stands for America! If she gets in you will probably be one of those in four years when everything is a hundred times worse, will say you didn’t vote her in like all who say now , they had nothing to do with Obama getting in! We need stronger values and one who will take control and will make stronger decisions! We don’t need someone who can think, I can get away with murder!

    • I couldn’t ask for a more perfect wingnutty comment. A former First Lady of the United States who went on to serve as a senator and Secretary of State doesn’t stand for America? And who is denying they voted for Obama? He is polling higher than almost any other president at this point in his term.

      As for Trump “taking control” that’s the sign of a dictator. I know his disciples like you want that, hence your love for Putin. And finally, Trump IS the one who thinks he can get away with murder. He actually said just that!

      Thanks for the laugh.

    • It’s amazing that people tend to spew pure hate for Hillary Clinton, yet cannot name one actual reason with facts as to why they hate Hillary. Everything appears to be hear-say. The republicans especially who are in leadership do not have the common decency to stand on their two feet and say, I must put country before party and take ownership that Donald Trump is not the person for our country. People like Hannity and Giuliani are pushers of the rhetoric about Hillary Clinton and what’s even worse people like Connie in her article suggests Clinton “Can get away with murder, Connie’s Quote “We don’t need someone who can think, I can get away with murder!” end quote. Hey Connie on one of your saviors speeches he said “Quote- “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said-end quote” January 23, 2016, Connie you and the thousand others who think Trump is what the USA needs are delusional and come off as crazy.

    • At least the world will still be here in four years with Clinton. Couldn’t say as much for that hair trigger, thin skinned Trump who gets drawn into every criticism and then lashes out like a schoolyard bully.

    • O, ghoul, please. You like Hannity and believe that’s an intelligent declaration. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Obama’s main problems have stemmed from an obstructionist Republican-majority led Congress, which decided to block anything he tried to do. And yet, he’s accomplished so much as President and will go down in history as a great president. Things will continue to progress with Clinton as POTUS and a Dem-led Senate. You are one, who declares doom and gloom and what “will probably” happen in four years, so you do not know much, except for the fear-driven things you hear and internalize, and then follow like a sheep, bleating your inane knowledge to anyone who will listen. The educated hear you and instantly understand you’re a fool and have been hoodwinked by false Macchiavellians, such as Trump, and his stooges, Hannity and Giuliani. There’s still time. Educate yourself before you remain a fool for the remainder of your days and vote Hillary!

      • Mr. DeSombre, Very good post. Your words speak my thoughts, exactly.

    • Curious,you didn’t vote for W bush, or did you?

  3. Steve Doocy has the answers…Hillary has brain damage as proven by her wearing prescription glasses, so what’s with motormouth Rudy Doody Guluani wearing prescription glasses and ranting like a retard, (no reflection on any handicapped person)is Rudy not showing signs of brain damage ?

  4. Am I the only person in the USA that wants this absolute nonsense over with. Hillary will do very well, right now she is the only voice of reason. She is not inciting violence or hatred of other people based on their color or creed. I hear a lot of Bernie Sanders rhetoric within her speeches and I sincerely thank her for that. I am sure she will make a real difference to the status of women in this country, and believe me it is badly needed. For once women as well as men will see the female of the species as more than competent to run a country, business or office.

    I cant wait for November and for Hillary R Clinton to be our newly elected president.

  5. Not sure I’d qualify Guliani’s state of mind as “INANE,” as the article’s title suggests. Seems pretty controlled and rational in his assertions (however inaccurate they are).
    Clickbate headlines really undermine this site’s credibility.

    • I agree with you about this segment but he was acting insane with his speech at the Republican Convention. He was foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies!

  6. Rudy, take a pill before your head explodes!

  7. God here, Keep my opinions to yourself and I will tell my angels what you think…

    • He is God no matter what we believe. Not my God or your God, just God and there is no other. You are not as far away from believing as you say. In a moment with a little curiosity God can touch you in a way that you will never forget. Don’t hold back and miss something so amazing as Christ in you the hope of glory!

  8. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Trump/Guliani cast shadows on Hillary’s health but actually, what we should be focusing on is Mr Trump’s mental health. Anyone who has lived or dealt with someone who has a personality disorder doesn’t need a professional to arrive at this diagnosis. Perhaps our societal inadequacies in dealing with all forms of mental illness prevents the experts from stepping forward and calling for an assessment of Mr Trump. This is as good a time as any to shed light on borderline personalities and how they sabotage those who suffer from these disorders. Mr Trump is a victim of a mental disability and deserves our understanding. His surrogates and his supporters make constant excuses for his behavior but what is really needed is professional intervention. His disability is not something that should be ridiculed but neither is it a PASS to hold the highest office of the land.

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