Top 10 Things That PROVE That Fox News Is NOT A News Network

Last month Fox News celebrated its twentieth year of broadcasting blatantly biased propaganda on behalf of Republican partisans. They have reveled in advancing lies and disinformation that has led to unnecessary and illegal wars, economic meltdowns, and a rise in racism and hate crimes.

Fox News

However, there is one thing that they have utterly failed to do: gain credibility as a bona fide news network. Their reporting consistently distorts facts, if it bothers to address them at all. Their anchors mainly serve as props to introduce slanted analyses and shallow guests. And there is more evidence that the network, by design, was never intended to produce honest journalism. What follows are the top ten examples of that evidence proving, once and for all, that Fox News is not now, nor ever was, a news network:

  1. Fox frames their pseudo-news segments in the same melodramatic packaging that entertainment outlets use. Like most fiction, it is focused on conflict, scandal, mystery, and hyper-charged emotions including hero worship, fear, and always sex.
  2. Fox employs flashy graphics and attention-grabbing audio whooshes and gongs to decorate their reports that are presented as “ALERTS” regardless of the actual news value.
  3. Fox’s roster of hosts has more former beauty pageant contestants than journalists. And they aren’t shy about putting their “talent” in revealing clothes and camera angles. In fact, they demand it.
  4. Fox’s obsession with tabloid thrill-fiction like Benghazi, Obama’s birth certificate, and Clinton’s email, is the news equivalent of porn.
  5. Fox acts as a mouthpiece for the GOP. For instance, Megyn Kelly presented GOP talking points from a Republican National Committee memo as independently sourced news.
  6. Several Fox hosts openly support Trump. Sean Hannity endorsed him, turned over hours of his airtime, and appeared in his campaign commercial.
  7. By their own account Fox regards their news day as the hours between 9:00am to 4:00pm, and 6:00pm to 8:00pm. That’s nine hours. Therefore, the other fifteen hours (the majority) are NOT news. And that presumes that the hours they call “news” aren’t also infested with right-wing bias.
  8. Fox News caters to their audience that is overwhelmingly white, Republican, conservative, and virulently anti-Obama.
  9. Fox News PR has been creating and posting pro-Trump/anti-Clinton memes on Twitter. There are about three dozen so far.
  10. Finally, Roger Ailes, the now disgraced sexual harasser and former Fox News CEO, admitted that the network isn’t news.

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This list could easily be expanded to twenty or thirty or four hundred examples of how Fox News debases journalism. But this collection is a pretty good representation of the perversion that Fox has made of the once respected profession. They dress up their programs like entertainment and market their hosts like celebrities. Then they run stories that stimulate their audience in a manner perfected by daytime soap operas. And by keeping their devotedly right-wing fans engaged with similarly conservative views, Fox has become their source for comforting affirmations disguised as entertainment.


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Things That PROVE That Fox News Is NOT A News Network

  1. You really should find out the difference between news and opinion. You wouldn’t look so stupid.

    • That’s rich, considering that Fox Spews has never distinguished one from the other.

      • If you are unable to determine which is news and which is opinion tells me you have a problem that needs attention. You can stop the Liberal tradition of blaming others for your shortcomings.

        • I can tell the difference. So can most people who visit this website. Yes, this is an opinion website, but it provides its opinion in the context of the actual facts, which it always fully links to.

          But Fox Spews is almost 90% opinion website. And Fox Spews doesn’t give a damn about the difference between “news” and “opinion,” and Fox Spews seldom supports its opinions, because the opinion is ALWAYS far more important to them. That’s the point. “We report, you decide,” hogwash. It is no more accurate than its bullshytte about being “fair and balanced,” because it has never been that for the entire twenty years of its existence.

          So, it’s not a case of “blaming others for [our] shortcomings.” It’s a case of recognizing Fox Spews’ numerous shortcomings and commenting on them.

          And “Liberal tradition”? Trump ALWAYS blames others for his shortcomings, from the rat’s nest he calls his hair to his low standing in the polls. That is his knee-jerk reaction to EVERYTHING that goes wrong.

          And Mark emphasized that yet again with his comments on the North Carolina bombing. The first public comment from Clinton was a plea for peace and expression of fortune that no one was harmed. The first public comment from Trump was to accuse The Other of the incident, even it’s too soon to know anything about what or who actually caused the explosion. Trump RARELY expresses concern over ANYTHING – the first thing out of his mouth is always an attack to blame The Other, no matter what happens.

          There’s no “liberal tradition” of “blaming others”: that’s a ReTrumpLickin perennial.

  2. I must thank you for enumerating all the reasons that FOX is unfair and unbalanced. I recall a time when their tactics and practices were referred to a “yellow journalism.” Shades of Randolph Hearst who built his palace, San Simeon, with blood money. I find them, on the rare occasion when I catch something on their channel, entertaining like a bad burlesque act. They take their corruption so seriously as though they’re pure. And they’ve lost any credulity whatsoever. Rupert Murdoch is a devout crook; he’s the one who should be jailed: Crooked Rupert. Ask Australians?

  3. Lots of deflection in your post. You would be better off sticking to the original subject.
    Once again, seek help. Soon.

    • I did. Not my fault you are so caught up by your dogma to pay attention.

      Did you even READ my post? Probably not, since it was a reasoned explanation of my position that is totally at odds with yours, so, like a typical FoxPod, you never saw it.

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