‘Fair And Balanced’ My Ass! Fox News Goes Full Propaganda Factory For Donald Trump

Fox News was never “fair and balanced” and was never meant to be. The slogan itself is a backhanded slap at every other media outlet that implies they are neither. It’s the same type of messaging that cults use to insure that their disciples believe only their dogma and reject all others as deceivers.

Fox News

So the debate over whether Fox News is biased ended before it even began. However, there is a much more interesting debate over who is in charge of the Republican Party. Is the GOP running its own show, or are they merely a vehicle to carry out the agenda of Fox News? Several years ago former Bush speechwriter David Frum recognized a power shift and wrote that “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox.” This question became even more complicated when Donald Trump’s campaign was taken over by Breitbart News (Fox-on-Steroids).

One thing that is unmistakable is that Fox News devotes all of its resources to pushing the conservative Republican political agenda. Throughout their broadcast day they provide vigorous support for right-wing candidates and policies. Their most prominent anchors are personal friends of Donald Trump, and Sean Hannity has even endorsed him on the air. And now they are literally creating pro-Trump memes to boost his campaign on social media. These are graphic advertisements that are either promoting Trump or bashing Hillary Clinton. Their are no pro-Clinton memes at all. Have a look (Slideshow):

Fox News Memes

Could this be any more brazenly partisan? Fox News is hyping some of the most ridiculous attacks on Clinton and many are purely opinions that have no basis in fact. In other words, it isn’t remotely news, it’s propaganda. When they resort to quoting Larry the Cable Guy saying that “Hillary will be the end of the country,” it’s safe to say they have crossed a line into the surreal.

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Fox News has created a pro-Trump meme factory to spew GOP talking points in support of their chosen candidate. The fact that they are creating these graphics with only a single, ultra-rightist point of view should satisfy any lingering doubts about the partisan objectives of Fox News and their management. Continuing to pretend that there is an independent Republican Party is a fool’s exercise. There is now only Fox News and their political subsidiary that is marketing a racist, misogynist demagogue to its glassy-eyed congregation.


10 thoughts on “‘Fair And Balanced’ My Ass! Fox News Goes Full Propaganda Factory For Donald Trump

  1. So, what’s the difference between Fox and MSNBC and CNN who both carry water for Democrats and Hillary? You need to stop whining so much. You sound like a 5 year old not getting his way.

    And where in the hell were you before Fox? Don’t tell me there was no bias at the major networks because that would be a complete lie and you know it.

    • Indeed there was bias at all the networks prior to Fox. It was a conservative bias. If you think the multinational corporations that control the media ever backed Democrats, you need to be institutionalized. Fox is just more obvious about.

      • It just amazes me that the FoxPods will STILL make this argument — that there is some massive left wing cabal controlling the US media that is utterly in the tank for Hillary — despite the fact that the ENTIRE media, not just Fox Spews, is a lot quicker to attack Hillary than anyone will ever attack Donald Trump.

        Keith Olbermann made your point years ago. Remember when O’Reilly and Beckie complained about that Law and Order: SVU episode with John Larroquette playing the nasty attorney who bad mouthed the FoxPods and ultimately killed his own client? I think you wrote about it back then. Well, Olbermann talked about how there is no “liberal media” since multinational corporations, naturally leaning to the right, own the media. Then, about 8 1/2 minutes in, he does one of my favorite Olbermann rants about how “conservatives have no voice in the media,” except of course for the 23 fvcking names he mentions…

        Fair and Balanced: SVU – Conservative Media Whines Again

        Gotta love it. There are reasons we get our news from the Beeb…

        • That was awesome. Damn, I miss Olbermann.

      • You must be thinking of the many leaders of some corporations who may be conservative. There is no question that those who report the news and shape the news in many of these media outlets(meaning newspapers, television and radio) are dong so with a Liberal slant.
        The New York Times quickly comes to mind along with MSNBC, NBC and many of the major newspapers.

        • And of course you come up with this while ignoring posted examples which show otherwise while also showing no examples of that “liberal slant” you claim.

          Why, you’re just like Trump in your assertions!

    • What’s CNN doing having the likes of Trump shills like Jeffrey Lord and Corey Lewandowski on their payrolls then? Especially Lewandowski who is still being paid as an associate of Trump.

      Both CNN and MSNBC have been bringing on Trump shills to spread his lies for him, nevermind that they are lies.

      Fox has not done the same for Hillary btw in case you think “both sides do it”.

    • The difference is MSNBC’s slogan is “Lean Forward” unlike Faux they don’t pretend to be something they are not nor do they pander to under-educated, racist, trailer park tudors. Or propagate idiotic conspiracy theories designed to frighten old white people.

  2. Fox Spews is fair and balanced. They have liars on the one side arguing for the ReTrumpLickin position, and they have morons on the other side defending the ReTrumpLickin position. See, fair and balanced!

  3. It’s now the Ailes’ FOXGOP chapter of the Murdock world right wing cult.

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