BUSTED: Trump’s Campaign Boss Tied To FBI’s Review Of The Clinton Foundation

The FBI has come under sustained and deserved criticism for the past week due to public pronouncements regarding Hillary Clinton. They demonstrated a blatant double standard by releasing vague but damaging statements about Clinton a few days before an election. Those statements have allowed Clinton’s opponents to smear her, but leave her little of substance to rebut. However, the FBI refused to discuss investigations of Donald Trump’s shady connections to Russia saying that it’s too close to an election.

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Now the New York Times is reporting that the FBI’s inquiry into the Clinton Foundation was built on discredited reporting by a well-known anti-Clinton hack. The Times writes that the FBI’s case:

“…had not developed much evidence and was based mostly on information that had surfaced in news stories and the book ‘Clinton Cash,’ according to several law enforcement officials briefed on the case.”

In addition, CNN is reporting that internal discussions within the FBI debated whether to proceed with an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. However, according to CNN “Officials leading the meeting told the FBI that investigators hadn’t turned up much more evidence beyond that contained in ‘Clinton Cash.'” In other words, the whole affair was turning out to be a big nothingburger.

Some background is required on the book that the FBI has apparently embraced as the cornerstone of their inquisition. Clinton Cash was published last year as an attempt to connect donations to the Clinton Foundation with the personal finances of the Clintons. The book was harshly criticized for containing numerous factual errors and failing to document its thesis.

For instance, the book alleged that Clinton played a “central role” in approving the sale of a uranium company. It further alleged that she did so in return for a donation to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, the records show that Clinton didn’t weigh in on the matter at all. What’s more, the sale required the approval of nine different federal agencies, so Clinton’s participation would have had minimal impact. The book’s author later admitted in an ABC News interview that he had no evidence to substantiate his charge. That’s just one of many examples of the author’s dishonesty.

And speaking of the author, he is a long-time Republican activist named Peter Schweizer. His resume boasts stints with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and George W. Bush. He has a history of making false allegations that often require retractions. One of his previous books was saddled with this audacious and absurd title: “Makers and Takers: Why Conservatives Work Harder, Feel Happier, Have Closer Families, Take Fewer Drugs, Give More Generously, Value Honesty More, Are Less Materialistic And Envious, Whine Less…And Even Hug Their Children More Than Liberals.” And…inhale.

Schweizer may seem like a peculiar choice for the FBI to hinge their case on. But wait up – it gets worse. Schweizer is also the president of a conservative “think” tank called the Government Accountability Institute (GAI). The GAI conducts studies that have about the same low level of credibility as Schweizer’s books. It’s purpose is to stream their poorly-sourced, partisan propaganda into the media. The chairman and founder of GAI is Stephen Bannon. Bannon is currently on leave from his job as chairman of Breitbart News so that he can run Donald Trump’s campaign for president.

So in summary, the FBI is basing their Clinton case on a widely debunked book, written by a disreputable Clinton foe, whose boss is a right-wing propagandist, and the CEO of Trump’s campaign. You may want to go back and read that sentence again slowly. It describes a severely maladjusted law enforcement agency that is improperly politicizing its work.

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And if that weren’t enough, recall that the Times also mentioned news reports as among the FBI’s sources. Presumably they are referring to reports like the hour-long special Fox News did on Schweizer’s book. It’s one thing when dimwitted wingnuts fall for malarkey from people like Schweizer and Fox News. But it’s much more depressing – and dangerous – when the FBI does it.


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  1. yes ,isnt it terrible what is happenning!!!!!!!!

    • You obviously don’t think so.

      It is terrible in ways you cannot even comprehend even if you wanted to.

      • I know i cannot comprehend,because i am a so called trumpian,i obviously do not understand the political ramifications that the united states is in for.I am a Canadian citizen,have been all of my life.I am an organic farmer,and have served in the military ,doing two tours in Bosnia.I presently do business in United States and many parts around the world.I have experienced many things in my 50 years on this earth.I try to school myself with alot of knowledge on all political aspects around the world.What i have seen happen in the last thirty years of political deception is unheard of in a democratic society where your hand gets shaken with sympathy,then you are stabbed in the back.The political process in the United States has collapsed,and the business moguls have taken full advantage of it.I have alot of negativity to say about both candidates………..BUT……..if there is a way that America can be on top of the world stage again ,it will not be with further plans of Obama,and the Clintons. Whoever will be the next commander in the oval office is going to have the hardest decisions that the united states has EVER come up against.

  2. Why you believe that Mr. Trump is the person to change the corporate culture of the U.S. when one of his few actual campaign promises is to drastically lower taxes for the rich immediately is an absolute mystery.

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    • The one on his head is very pwetty?

  4. I made a comment that was pretty reasonable,I didnt hammer any of the leftist ideologies,and yet you guys will come and bash my inteligence. NOW i know why AMERICANS are such arrogant, fucking useless ASSHOLES. My wishes for you fucking whining dermocrats,is Trump fucks you right in the ass,because that is the only thing that will benefit your wasted lives, you are headed EXACTLY where you deserve!!!!.THANK YOU ANTHONY AND KALI!!!. At least longtail can speak with substance! This is certainly a proud moment being a CANADIAN!!!

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