Fox News Doubles Down On Stupid: Tucker Carlson Gets Primetime Show

It was three months ago that Roger Ailes stepped down from his post as CEO of Fox News amid allegations of sexual harassment. Subsequently there has been much speculation as to the future direction of the network without its longstanding guiding force. Well, for anyone who thought there would be a tempering of Fox’s stridently conservative bias, you’re optimism was unfounded.

Tucker Carlson Fox News

Thursday Fox News announced that the vacancy left by Greta Van Susteren’s sudden departure would be filled by Tucker Carlson. Currently Carlson is a co-host of the weekend version of the Fox & Friends morning show. In that role he has ably fulfilled the Fox mandate to spew right-wing propaganda and smear Democrats. In the process he has cultivated an attitude of smug superiority while advancing a racist, misogynistic agenda.

For the record, Carlson is also the owner of the ultra-conservative web rag, The Daily Caller. As a publisher Carlson demonstrated his aversion to ethical journalism. In one instance he spiked an article that contained a criticism of Fox News for not being sufficiently anti-immigrant. Despite the fact that the piece castigated President Obama as a lawless tyrant, Carlson could not abide any Fox bashing. The article’s author said that Carlson told him “We can’t trash Fox on the site. I work there.” In other words, the Daily Caller is Fox’s puppet where free speech, and thought, is prohibited.

Additionally, the Daily Caller embraces the white supremacist alt-right movement that has adopted Donald Trump as its leader. In a wide-ranging essay about the budding “ethno-nationalism” crusades, Luke O’Brien writes for the Huffington Post about the relationships between America’s hate groups and the media. He singles out Carlson’s Daily Caller saying that:

“Other conservative sites, even ones that prefer bowties, appear to have accepted that angry right-wing populism translates into clicks. Take The Daily Caller, which now runs its fair share of immigrant knife-attack stories and Jew-baiting George Soros exposes. The reader comments on the site are at times indistinguishable in tone and racist content from those on Breitbart.”

That’s the same Breitbart News whose chairman, Stephen Bannon, is currently the CEO of Trump’s campaign for president. Bannon is also chairman of the Government Accountability Institute whose president, Peter Schweizer, authored the book “Clinton Cash.” Despite being filled with errors and lies, that book has been cited as the source for the FBI’s fatally biased review of the Clinton Foundation. It was also the subject of an hour-long special on Fox News. Oh, what a tangled web.

Prior to joining Fox News, Carlson’s career was a pitiful collection of failures. He had been canceled by PBS, CNN, and MSNBC. And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he was the first contestant voted off of Dancing with the Stars. He seemed to be a recidivist loser with no reasonable hope for redemption. He had even burned bridges with regard to Fox News when, after a childish prank (by both of them), he called Fox “a mean, sick group of people.”

Fortunately, For Carlson, Fox News has a policy of dredging the sewers of pseudo-journalism and rescuing the most offensive and desperate rejects, giving them a second chance at salvation. Of course that forgiveness comes at the cost of their soul. It rests on their willingness to supplicate themselves to their new savior. So when Fox called, Carlson went crawling back with his tail between his legs and fully prepared to obey.

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Carlson knows his place and did what was expected of an indentured servant to the Wingnut Overlord. His reward is a spanking new program in primetime access where he can deliver his radically rightist, poorly reasoned rants. And he’ll fit right in with Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity. Proving that Fox News intends to continue being a fount of conservative propaganda, and a mouthpiece for Republican dogma, for many years to come.

And for your entertainment pleasure, here is the classic episode of CNN’s Crossfire where Jon Stewart called Carlson a “dick” and humiliated him so badly the show was cancelled soon after.


5 thoughts on “Fox News Doubles Down On Stupid: Tucker Carlson Gets Primetime Show

  1. Certainly hiring Tucker Carlson can only be seen as a sign that you are circling the drain.

  2. Pretty vicious “news” article about people who do not happen to agree with the liberal point of view. Firstly, understand please who owns these propaganda news outlets. A straight line can be drawn between the ideology of the owners to their fake news or news slant. In the case of Fox I’d say they are allowed to express only tepid to moderate conservative view as they are owned by a Hillary supporter and Saudi royalty. Lastly, I just want you and your hateful ilk to understand: the election was rigged and though Clinton stole 5 states, we still won. No she didn’t get a majority even and I’ll explain why (besides the voter / election fraud) even Pennsylvania for God’s sake was red. Really think about that. The other thing you have to consider is that the republican ticket won all the way down. Liberal minded people voted not only for Trump but for other republicans as well. It is a wholesale rejection by the nation of the extreme liberal ideals and policies that seem to be strangling our economy and our voice. Finally, it will all be okay. Regular people, not vapid celebrities or vain self-important “news” casters, have hope tomorrow will be a better day.

    • Wow. That is one long blast of wingnut dementia. You really believe that the owner of Fox News (Rupert Murdoch) isn’t an ultra conservative? And your denial of Clinton’s popular vote is just more evidence that right-wingers can’t grasp math or science. But thanks for the excellent example of conservative lunacy.

  3. What a nasty hateful person you are. Meanwhile over at CNN, the Wolf Blitzers and the rest of the Clinton camp are spinning their wheels ‘trying’ to tell the world why their lying little darlin’ Hillary got her butt busted AGAIN.
    It’s always been everyone’s fault .but never her own. The American people decided that they didn’t want a criminal as their president
    Congrats to Tucker. His attackers seem to belong to the same lame, lackluster, loser , deficient Democrats who just got the shock of their lives.
    Zoloft stock should see a rapid rise, better buy now.

  4. The article is utterly ridiculous. Tucker Carlson is anything but an ultra conservative. Regardless, I think he is a blight on Fox News and annoying to listen to. He bashes and opposes and harasses anybody he interviews, righty or lefty, and he is so uncouth. Megan Kelly was ten times better, and I didn’t even like watching her half the time.
    BTW, the intellect defending Clinton’s “popular vote” either lives in California or wants to move there to add to the vote.

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