America Rejects Sarah Palin: Book/TV Flop

Sara PalinAmerican may be tiring of Sarah Palin’s whiny brand of self-glorification. Since she ungraciously rebuffed her fellow Alaskans by quitting half way through her term as governor, Palin has been on a non-stop promotional campaign for herself. But even with all of that effort, she is losing ground amongst discerning consumers.

The ratings for the fourth episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska were the worst yet. Just 2.8 million viewers tuned in. The second episode of SPA saw a 40% drop from the debut. The third didn’t fare quite so badly but was still 35% below the debut. But last Sunday’s airing approached a 50% fall off in a continuing downward spiral. Her own web site vainly tried to focus on the four week average, which means nothing when the the program is still 800,000 viewers shy of that.

As for Palin’s new book, America By Heart, the returns are less than thrilling. The Washington Post reports that sales are “lackluster” and that the publisher “hasn’t ordered a second printing – a sign that sales haven’t been overly brisk.” And it should surprise no one that the quitter’s work ethic has sagged. She spent six weeks on the road and visited 33 states on behalf of her first book. But she only spent ten days in 16 states peddling America By [My] Heart[‘s Not Really In it].

If only she could do the whole book tour on Twitter. I’m sure she would give 110%.


18 thoughts on “America Rejects Sarah Palin: Book/TV Flop

  1. Could it be that there’s hope for America?!

  2. I believe this phenomenon is called the law of diminishing returns, aka the novelty has worn off.

    • Olbermann shared a tweet on today’s show that said Palin’s book sales were slow because the people who bought her book last year still haven’t finished reading it. 😀

  3. “…book/TV flop…”

    No, that would describe the latest book sales of Keith Olbermann, Bill Press, Ed Schultz, Markos Moulitsas, etc. That describes their TV ratings as well. That is who America is rejecting.

    By the way, that red palin poster looks more like a genetic fusion of Joy Behar and Cyndi Lauper.

    • How ridiculous to compare those people to Palin. They are intelligent people who are taken seriously. They are not dimwitted, media whores like her.

      Palin has turned herself into a bimbo, TMZ-style, celebrity. It’s like comparing Lindsay Lohan to Madeleine Albright. Lilo would sell way more books, but you wouldn’t want her negotiating an arms treaty (unless you’re a tea bagger).

  4. Sarah Palin is not dimwitted, and she is not a media whore.

    “…they are intelligent people who are taken seriously…’

    Another lie. Olbermann has exposed himself as a shining example of lies, hypocrisy, fraudulent journalism and cowardice. Bill Press is a partisan hack who wrote a non-selling book “Toxic Talk” that actually praises hate spewers like Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes. Markos Moulitsas said the following about those security workers who were murdered in Fallujah: “Screw them”. Ed Schultz said that somebody should “rip out Dick Cheney’s heart, stomp on it and then stick it back in his chest”. And when he gets a conservative caller on his radio show, he simply hangs up on them or screams at them.

    This clown brigade is only taken serioiusly by their fellow clowns. That’s why their ratings and book sales are in the dumper.

    • You’ve got it backwards. The only reason the right wingers sell so many books is because Grover Norquist, Murdoch, and other super wealthy Republikans buy the books in bulk to make it appear that someone is reading them. Palin has passed her “sell by” date. Face it. She looks like a model for a totem pole.

    • just remember she’s part of the cancer that put America into the toilet for another 15-20 years. things aren’t much if any better since Obama……..but it’s not his fault. the damage left by “W” is too great. if you look @ the past, republican presidents have always left the country in worse shape than when the dems have office. pull your head out.

  5. That is a lie. These books sell like hotcakes because conservatives like them and want to read them.

    Sarah Palin is still the real deal.

    • Please…real deal? You desparately need a reality check. This twot is nowhere near being qualified to be POTUS. besides, she wouldn’t make it past the primaries.

      • she would actually be WORSE than bush ever was because he @ least wasn’t as stupid as her. he sorta knew what was almost going on. palin’s too involved w/herself to give a damn about the country.

  6. We need some comic relief. I’m tired of reading rants here by those who invert the old wisdom of “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”

    The full title is “America by Heart (but I’m moving my lips while reading the crib notes scrawled on my hand)”

  7. So 2.8 million people tuned in to Sarah’s most recent Alaska show… hmm… according to the latest viewership stats, Faux News only draws about 1.9 million. So, it would appear that at least 900,000 Americans would rather watch Sarah gut a moose than discuss politics. I think this is a good sign.

  8. “This twot…”

    Twot? Tell me that’s just a typo and you meant to say “twit”. You would still be wrong, but if you didn’t commit a typo, then that means are so full of hate that you would use a genitalia term to describe someone… and you wouldn’t even know how to spell the term right!

    • Maybe SP was using the acronym Twot “Total waste of time”.

      Or perhaps another typo for Twut an annoying unwelcoming sound usually from a bird, that would fit Palin’s squawking quite well… =)

      But then again maybe your first thought that leads directly to SP using the slang term for female genitalia is indeed correct. I am curious though, how does that equate to “so full of hate”?
      Or does this fall somewhere in line with “Palin values” and “True Conservatives” finding the vagina such a vile thing it should be locked up and never used to describe even your greatest enemy?

      It is rather funny how when an acronym that resembles slang for vagina is used in conjunction with Palin, you skip directly over the acronym and shoot directly to the genitalia…

      Fruedism at work??

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