INSPIRED By TRUMP: Lawsuit Filed Against Trump By Supporter Accused of Attacking Protesters

It seems like a lifetime ago, but Donald Trump’s campaign for president ended on election day just five months back. It was a surreal undertaking that included vulgar recordings, racist endorsements, and relentless media bashing. And the repercussions from that campaign are still being felt.

Donald Trump

A fixture at the many rallies held by Trump was the ever-present air of hostility. Violence always seemed to be on the verge of breaking out. Protesters courageously attended the cult-like affairs despite the open threats they faced. And on several occasions Trump’s minions did assault them. In one of those incidents the victims filed a lawsuit against both the perpetrators and the Trump campaign.

On Monday one of the perpetrators, 75-year-old white nationalist Alvin Bamberger, responded with a lawsuit of his own. However, it was not directed at those accusing him of assault. It’s directed at Donald Trump. According to the filing:

“To the extent that Bamberger acted, he did so in response to – and inspired by – Trump and/or the Trump campaign’s urging to remove the protesters. If Bamberger is adjudged liable to Nwanguma for his actions, Trump and/or the Trump campaign should be adjudged liable to Bamberger in an equal sum, because Trump and/or the Trump campaign urged and inspired Bamberger to act as he did.’

Bamberger may have a case. The charge that Trump “urged and inspired” violent activity is easily proved. Trump repeatedly used overtly provocative language aimed at protesters. For instance, he once said that he would like to punch one in the face. He explicitly advised his followers to “knock the crap” out of other protesters. He reminisced about some longed for past when people exercising their right to free speech were “taken out on a stretcher.” And he approvingly spoke of a protester who had been beaten saying that he deserved it.

Even more incriminating was Trump’s promise that if his supporters attacked a protester they wouldn’t have to worry about the legal consequences because he would “pay for the legal fees.” That’s more than an incitation to violence. That’s a purposeful solicitation to commit an criminal act. Consequently, Bamberger had a reasonable expectation that Trump would back him up were he to knock the crap out of a peaceful protester.

Trump is making a multi-pronged defense. First of all, he claims that his exhortations to “remove” the protesters were not directed at rally attendees, but to security personnel. That’s a specious argument since he never made any such distinction. What’s more, his bombastic rhetoric wouldn’t be appropriate for responsibly policing crowds either. Secondly, Trump claimed to have immunity due to his position as president. That, of course, was settled long ago when the courts found that President Clinton could not use that argument to avoid litigation over his alleged sexual misconduct.

President’s are not above the law, and any allegations not related to their official duties are actionable. Since the allegations in Bamberger’s suit occurred before the election, Trump cannot evade legal responsibility. And in the end, neither can Bamberger. While Trump could be found to have “inspired” the assault, Bamberger alone is responsible for carrying it out. It’s not as if he didn’t have a choice.

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So Trump’s liability would be to the victims, not to Bamberger. However, the spectacle of a president being held to account for such inspiration is disturbing, to say the least. It speaks to the brutish tendencies of a dangerously unstable so-called leader. And it is sadly emblematic of the petulant character of Donald Trump and the hostile environment he has created ever since he stepped onto the political stage.


4 thoughts on “INSPIRED By TRUMP: Lawsuit Filed Against Trump By Supporter Accused of Attacking Protesters

  1. Donald did say he would Pay all Legal fees for any of his supporters if they got into trouble. He said it onstage during a speech, right after he told his supporters to go after any protesters in his crowd. He should be responsible for creating violent encounters as he Campaigned since it’s how he ran his Campaign. If he’s allowed to ‘walk’ with no culpability for his direct orders he gave to his supporters, it shows again he’s a Liar for saying he would help them. This Bamberger was just doing what his President told him to. Should his supporters continue to believe what he tells them?

  2. Traitor trump can’t have it both ways. About time he finds out that the crap he throws with both tiny hands sticks. Hopefully the plaintiffs will get some compensation as traitor trump is probably broke.

  3. Haah….

    This Alvin Bamberger is just another typical Trumpian that would avoid taking responsibility at all costs.

    While it can be argued about how material (and people) that inspires violent or even terrorist attacks are liable for prosecution, this sort of argument usually comes from unrelated third parties whose only stake in the matter is concern for the harmful effects of such material.

    Rarely, if ever, do we see an actual perpetrator inspired by such material putting forward an accusation of liability towards the material or people that “inspired” his/her actions. We’ve had a number of murders or even acts of terror committed based on inspirations for various sources, yet how often have we heard the PERPETRATORS of such murders or acts of terror either condemning or even failing suit against such sources? It’s usually others who were not directly involved that do so.

    Not to say that such sources that aim to incite violent or criminal behaviour should be absolved of any and all responsibility for actions they inspire, however as they say, consider the source, it’s one thing when condemnation against such come from observers that were not directly involved in the action, it’s completely another when hearing it coming from the perpetrators of such actions inspired by such sources. It’s practically rich if you ask me.

    That there is true textbook Trumpian behaviour on avoiding responsibility for one’s own actions at all costs, if one can’t avoid total responsibility, try to implicate another party as at least partially responsible for one’s own actions, if only to deflect from the obvious fact that one is still directly responsible for one’s own actions, even actions that were inspired.

    This is also an example of the core of the Trumpian creed which explains this tendency towards absolution of responsibility for one’s own actions. That core creed is “me first screw others if they get in my way”. It shows that Trumpians cannot be completely and totally loyal to Trump since they are just like him and put themselves before all else. If Trump himself if required to make a decision on doing something that would directly hurt him in some way but would cause his followers to be thrown under the bus if he does, he would not choose to do so. As his followers are just like him, it’s logical to assume that they would do the same in similar circumstances. That implies that no true loyalty can ever be found in those that follow the Trumpian creed. Alvin Bamberger is a shining example of this.

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