Trump’s Buy/Hire American Scam Gets Twittered Into Oblivion

On Tuesday Donald Trump managed to drag himself away from his luxury Mar-A-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. He ventured all the way to Wisconsin to visit the Snap-On Tools facility in Kenosha. And it’s taking every bit of self-control I have not to make a joke about Trump being a snap-on tool.

Donald Trump

The purpose of the visit was to disgorge some prefab propaganda about how concerned he is about creating jobs. The first order of business was another of his patented reality TV ceremonial Executive Order signings. This one was ostensibly to encourage more buying of American products and hiring of American workers. However, anyone who has followed Trump’s business dealings knows what a hypocritical crock that is. Most of the products he and his family make are manufactured in China or other overseas factories. What’s more, he routinely hires foreign workers at his golf resorts and wineries.

Count on the Twitter community to be up to speed on this sort of duplicity. It didn’t take long for them to fully document Trump’s record of brazen deceit. Here is Trump’s tweet touting his visit and a few examples of the smack down he suffered:

In addition to Trump’s foreign made goods, he also buys from abroad. Check out his Washington hotel that is full of foreign furnishings:

The Executive Order that Trump signed is as phony as his pledge to buy from and hire Americans. It doesn’t actually have any direct effect on these matters. It merely initiates a series of reviews and proposals for reforms. But if patriotic citizens want to do their part they can simply boycott all Trump products and properties. That would do more to advance the cause of American jobs than this contrived and useless photo-op.

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Here is how CNN and Fox News covered the event:

CNN: White House calls new executive order ‘Buy American, Hire American,’ but many Trump products aren’t made in the US…far from it

Fox News: “Trump makes good on pledge to hire American workers”


3 thoughts on “Trump’s Buy/Hire American Scam Gets Twittered Into Oblivion

  1. Donnie boy has been Firing Americans, who worked at some of his properties, so he could bring all his Foreign employees into the United States. He pays those same Foreign employees less than what an American who’s paying into our Nation does. He makes all of his crap with Foreign Labor to undercut Wages here in the United States, as he cons Americans into thinking he cares for them. He has not paid Federal Income taxes fort over 20 years, and he keeps his Foreign Income from Russia hidden from those who did Vote for him. Why does he have so many Cabinet members who also worked for the Russians? Why does he heap praise on Vladimir Putin? Why did Tillerson get a Medal pinned on him by Vladimir Putin, and that Medal does say “Friend of Russia. Who is Tillerson in bed with, in Russia, besides Vladimir Putin? Why has General Flynn been on the same Russian payroll for over 5 years?

  2. Trust Fox Spews to get past the facts to post some real bs.

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