NIXON? REALLY? Geraldo Rivera Gushes an INSANE Defense of Trump and Praise for Fox News

It must be awfully hard to be a Fox News shill these days. The still flowing flood of incriminating evidence against Donald Trump and his sleazy family is nearly impossible to justify. The contortions that Fox News hosts and pundits have to employ seem painful in the extreme. Some of them aren’t even trying anymore.

Geraldo Rivera

That, however, is not the case with the crew at Fox and Friends, and their Saturday morning guest, Geraldo Rivera (video below). In a discussion about Don Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Russian operatives, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes crawled all over themselves trying to defend the indefensible. Eventually they wound up where they often do – blaming the media.

For his part, Geraldo Rivera set up his remarks by reminding everyone that the Trumps were close, personal friends. He restated his “tremendous respect and admiration” for them. Then he gently chided them for what he characterized as minor goofs. Rivera described the meetings with Russian government operatives promising dirt on Hillary Clinton as “understandable,” but “not criminal.” Legal experts disagree. He did manage some criticism of Don, Jr. for his “dissembling” otherwise known as lying.

And then Rivera went flying headfirst off the tracks. Co-host Abby Huntsman asked a typically asinine question. She wondered whether the media was to blame for the troubles Don, Jr. was undergoing. Because of course it was the media’s fault that Donnie met with unsavory Russians and then lied about it repeatedly. But Rivera’s historical analog to this affair was the presidency of Richard Nixon. His take on it was pure lunacy:

“During the years of Tricky Dick Nixon, 1972 and 1973 principally. If there had been a Fox News then, if there had been a Sean Hannity then, I do not believe President Nixon would ever have been forced to resign. Why do I say that? Because when you see how his story evolves, and he has no one to defend him, how everybody’s deserted him, no on got the other side of the story. So that rinky-dink burglary then metastasized into the cover up, which led to the tumult, the nuclear explosions in the administration, and finally the resignation of the President.”

“I think if we had Sean then, if we had Fox and Friends then, I think that President Nixon would have weathered that storm. Now, I think that President Trump will likewise weather the storm, but I think that it will cause amazing stresses.”

So Rivera blames the downfall of Nixon on the absence of defenders in the media. Not on the fact that he presided over an illegal break-in of the Democratic campaign office. Not on the threats and bribes and lies that marked the cover up. Rivera thinks there was another side to the story of Nixon’s corruption that wasn’t being told. You know, the good side of the corruption.

But the best part of this cognitive meltdown is Rivera’s accidental admission that Fox News is nothing more than an alibi generator for crooked Republicans. He’s saying that despite the obvious crimes, Nixon might have survived if he had Fox News to lie for him. Nixon’s problem wasn’t that he broke the law, violated his oath of office, and had no discernible ethics. It was that he didn’t have someone like Sean Hannity to fabricate excuses and point fingers at innocent bystanders.

By extension, that’s the role that Rivera is admitting that Fox News plays now. They are deliberately denying reality and replacing it with manufactured falsehoods. They are covering for Trump and serving up other sides to the story of his corruption. And they are accusing others (Obama, Clinton, etc.) of crimes without any evidence whatsoever. It’s a strategy of deceive and deflect. And, as with Nixon, despite the obvious crimes, the goal is for Trump et al to skate free. Of course, many observers have already known this about Fox News for years. But it is helpful when one of their top correspondents is dumb enough it out loud on the air.

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6 thoughts on “NIXON? REALLY? Geraldo Rivera Gushes an INSANE Defense of Trump and Praise for Fox News

  1. Geraldo Rivera is one of the poorest fiction writers fox news has and when he tries NON-FICTION, one of the best attempts at fiction I ever through in the garbage.

    He does not recognize just how ridiculous he sounds when he speaks and I am not sure who is the worst..he or Trump.

  2. In this day and age I find it numbing to hear many of the statements I’m hearing from FOX and the GOP. Apparently human beings are not as bright as I’d been led to believe, though Galileo, Einstein, and Da Vinci have impressed me. We can do so much good but instead, lower ourselves in the fight for power: power to determine what is best for me. When does the GOP become what they say they represent? When does the lying stop? When does the GOP stop what is happening? Must be once no one has healthcare and tax reform is done; at the expense of me and others like me who work hard and care for our neighbors.

  3. Looking at what the GOP used to be and what they have deteriorated into it is quite sad. A once great political party now nothing but oath breaking, lying, greedy treasonous thugs. The Republican Party today is entirely owned an operated by psycopathic monsters who hate the people of the United States. The voters must wake up and save themselves from these monsters. The fact that fake Fox News makes feeble excuses for traitor trump makes it as monstrous as the GOP. But then Murdock is an owner of the GOP.

  4. Don’t you know it was simply opposition research. Completely legal and above board but only if you are Republican. If Democrats had done anything close to this it would be treason. Two sets of rules. When are they going to start investigating Clinton again? Not Hillary, I mean Bill. That thing he did 25 years ago must be investigated so we can finally have justice. Lol!

  5. Geraldo is as pathetic as ever. He does seem to suffer from the ‘short man’ syndrome. He attempts to be relevant, in his mind, yet fails every time. He’s engrossed with himself and suffers from a compulsion to be on TV, an now has become a Donald Drumpf (R) supporter. Since he’s on “FOX News” which also supports Donnie boy, he will grovel at Donnie’s feet in hope of a job as White House spokesperson. He suggests Nixon was not a Criminal by ordering the break-in at Watergate to further his political career, and now says that contacts with an Enemy of the USA to further a politician’s gains is OK with him. Maybe he’s a Draft-Dodger too?

    • He was born in 1943 and never served in the Military which does make him a Draft-Dodger, while still a Chickenhawk and War Monger.

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