Happy New Fears Day

From Glenn Beck and Fox News:

Happy New Fears Day

And best wishes for a year of full of trepidation, paranoia, and lunatic conspiracy theories featuring our Kenyan Marxist president and dictator, Barack Hussein Obama.

Yours Truly,
Glenn Beck

Bonus Beck Quote of the Year: “America, I’ve got to shoot straight with you: I think I’ve wasted your time.” March 10, 2010.


16 thoughts on “Happy New Fears Day

  1. I decided as a new years resolution to buy all of Glenn Becks books as a show of support against these hate sites. I might even start watching his show. The more support the better, anyone who is anti progressive has my vote.

    • That’s a good sheeple. Indeed, shower yourself in the ignorance that brings you bliss. And just keep repeating your mantra: Progressives are a cancer…Progressives are a cancer…Progressives are a cancer……Hail Beck. Long live Palin. Worship in the Church of Everlasting Stupidity.

      • Depends on how you define progress. If you desire the kind of “PROGRESS” pushed here – hatred and contempt for your fellow citizen if they don’t THINK your way – then no, I’m not in favor of it. If it’s about more freedom, then I’ll be on your side.

        • You’re right…this IS a hate site. I hate bigots and liars and I will always speak out against them.

          However, for you to constantly suggest that this is the same as the overt hatred and bigotry on the right and on Fox News is ridiculous. It’s like calling Martin Luther King a hater when he speaks out against racism. What nonsense.

          Your arguments are transparently misleading. You use the Rovian tactic of accusing your opponents of what you yourself are guilty of. Thanks goodness my readers are smart enough to see through that (unlike Fox viewers). And I appreciate you coming here and wasting your time trying to deceive people who are too smart for your schemes.

  2. Hmm, I do not think of this as a “hate site” – more like a truth site. The word progressive kind of says it all. Glenn B. needs to start a church – not a university. Beck is the hater and regressive King.
    I am on Team Mark.

    • Of course you don’t think this is a hate site, you think the same way and that would make you the same. Libs can’t believe they could ever be considered haters or anythign else but pure lovers of goodness and compassion. Any person can read here for a time and come away with whatever they want to believe. This is the safe zone for the thought/PC police – everyone else is “stupid” and “uninformed” or, at times, a “bigot” and whatever else you can come up with. Mark certainly has his band of followers – not much diversity of thought, but that isn’t the purpose of all of this – is it. this site isn’t much different than fox news in the sense that libs come here to hear what they want to hear and many conservatives go to Fox news to hear what they want to hear. What you believe is totally up to you. The difference is that this group would prefer to silence the opposition with their boycotts and petitions.

      • Thanks for once again confirming my point:

        “this site isn’t much different than fox news.”

        Exactly! Except that this is NOT a news site. It is opinion and does not pretend to be anything else. Fox does pretend to be news (fair and balanced even), which makes them liars and their audience dupes.

        And if you object to people using their First Amendment rights to protest via boycotts and petitions, then it’s you who is putting the boot down on freedom. Righties like yourself think that only your side is allowed to speak and act freely.

  3. Maybe Glenn should douse more of his colleagues with gasoline on air (And yes, I know it was a prop, a perverted prop but a prop non the less). Even better, he should spew just how much he hates 9/ll victims and kill people with shovels. Perhaps then, Steve will see the light; Glenn is a demented, petulant child that needs a good time out from stardom.

  4. Alas, I was once an avid listener of the “Mad Beck”. This was when he was once under CNN’s employ. He raved against the machine, the government, and big corporations, or at least, this is what I thought.

    What made me change my mind about the “mad prophet of the air waves”? “Look America, I am an idiot!”, Beck. “I am an entertainer, America.”, Beck. “I am just a ‘rodeo clown’.”, Beck. “You, Michael Moore, are a fat bastard!”, Beck. That was just CNN. He also flip-flopped on a number of issues I cared about. One that comes to mind was ethanol production. Beck said there was not enough farmland in America to convert to bio-fuels. Then, about a month or two later, he raved about the farmland kept in fallow because farmers were given subsidies by the government to not use their all their land.

    Well, there it is. This is the reason I stopped listening to “Howard Beale, mad prophet of the air waves” Beck. It is a mouth full, I know. But, this is primarily for the Beck trolls lurking on this site.

    • “I could give a flying crap about the political process … We’re an entertainment company.”
      ~ Glenn Beck, Forbes interview; April, 2010

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