Trump Whines About ‘Fake News’ From His Golf Resort While Reporters Are Knee Deep in Puerto Rico

The pattern is unmistakable. Something significant happens somewhere in the world. The people affected make relevant, heartfelt comments. Then Donald Trump manages to make it all about himself. His victimhood dominates the discourse. He lashes out at the real victims. And then casts the blame for everything on his favorite enemies, Democrats and the media.

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The latest example of this psychosis came Saturday morning. In response to a gut-wrenching appeal for help by the mayor of San Juan, Trump dismissed her remarks and attacked her and the people of Puerto Rico for requesting aid and not helping themselves. It was a blatantly racist tirade that portrayed these suffering Americans as lazy and dependent. And after insulting the local officials as poor leaders, he praised himself for the “amazing” job he was allegedly doing. Then Trump turned his Twitter tantrum to the media:

Trump doesn’t bother to say who the people who really matter are. Suffice to say that it isn’t the vast majority of Puerto Ricans who are without electricity, food, water, and fuel. How he can grumble about not being treated fairly while these people are soaking and hungry is unimaginably insensitive. And his attempt to suggest that any criticism is disparaging of the first responders is dishonest and pathetic. It is him and his incompetent leadership that is being criticized.

As for the media, Trump’s broken record routine of calling it “fake news” got old months ago. It’s the media who are on the ground reporting what is really happening on this island. They are the ones getting vital information to the people that will actually help them and save lives. Meanwhile, Trump is tweeting insults from the comfort of his luxurious golf resort in New Jersey. He’ll play another nine holes while reporters like these are living in the same dire circumstance as the residents of Puerto Rico:

Trump’s admonition to the Puerto Ricans to “not believe the #FakeNews” would make their plight even more difficult and dangerous. In emergencies like these it’s the media that is an indispensable resource. Trump’s advice could literally get people killed. Were it up to him no one would be watching anything but Fox News where the reporting is filled with ludicrous exaltations of the President. This morning Fox News anchor Julie Banderas addressed the situation in Puerto Rico and Trump’s Twitter-based crisis management:

“Now he is saying the ‘fake news’ media are all over it. And, in fact, they are. Because right now all the other networks are leading with a tweet and doing further bashing of the United States involvement in Puerto Rico.”

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See that? All the other networks are bashing America. Only Fox News is courageous enough to report that everything’s hunky dory. There’s hardly even any evidence that a hurricane ever happened in the Fox News world of alternative facts. And Trump is hard at work in his suite at Bedminster tweeting and taking phone calls from admiring Republicans ensuring him of what a tremendous job he’s doing. It’s just too bad that the people of Puerto Rico are forced to endure the harshness of reality. But it’s their own fault for not joining a country club in Palm Beach before this hurricane thing came along.


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  1. I was hoping that every one of traitor trump’s properties would end up in the Atlantic. Trump’ s pathetic responses are so typical of his psychotic personality. Well, his flailing around just sinks him deeper into the slime of his own making. Traitor trump is a demented old man. He is incapable of being president All he does is whine and blame others for his failures which are legion.

    • His pathetic response is so representative of his pathetic supporters it unbelievable.

  2. Robert Mueller please rid us of this festering puss-filled boil Trump!

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