Donald Trump Delivers a Chilly Mother’s Day Message and Forgets the Mothers in His Life

Happy Mother’s Day everybody. On this annual day of celebration America is honoring the women who bring life into the world and nurture new generations of citizens. It’s day that is generally marked by the happiness that motherhood spreads and the devotion that is the foundation of many families.

Donald Trump, Melania Trump

In keeping with the spirit of this holiday, Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter to express his feelings about the person in his life who helped to shape him as a human being. In other words, he was fingering the culprit who deserves the blame for the suffering we are all going through. See for your self:

Have you ever seen a more joyless Mother’s Day message? It looks like a hostage video with terrorists just off screen forcing him to read a script he clearly doesn’t believe. But there is something missing in this message that a sensitive person with normal human emotions would not have forgotten. Donald Trump makes no mention of the mothers in his life that are closest to him. He doesn’t wish Melania or Ivanka a happy Mother’s Day. What sort of man does that?

The easy answer to that question is: a narcissist who doesn’t care about anyone else and is only reading this statement because an aide warned that it would make him look bad if he didn’t. But his dismally bleak reading actually makes him look worse than if he had said nothing. As for the startling omissions, apparently even his handlers didn’t think to include the mothers in Trump’s family in the address. Which says something about the whole administration.

Not that anyone should be surprised. Trump’s presidency is notable for its insensitivity to women. His policies have made it more difficult for women, especially mothers, to get health care. Reproductive health decisions are being handed over to the state. Employment opportunities and wages are still hampered by Trump’s agenda. And his harassment and abuse of women for decades is hardly the sort of respectful attitude that should prevail on this day.

When Trump tried to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program he put thousands of mothers and their children at risk of separation due to deportation. Also notable is the decision by Trump’s Justice and Homeland Security Departments to separate mothers from their children when seeking asylum at the border. There is no other reason for that than pure sadistic evil.

So happy Mother’s Day America. Try and enjoy this day with your families in the manner it was intended. Spread love to those around you and be grateful for what you have. But keep those less fortunate in your thoughts as our heartless president continues to whittle away the values we hold dear. And in the meantime, here’s a video that all mothers should hear and heed:

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  1. And yet another “God Bless America” from a creature who claimed he never asked God for forgiveness.

    How does ANYBODY take him seriously?

    • Worse, he knows there is no God and exploiting those who believe otherwise.

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