Yes, Jim Jordan is a Loathsome Creep, But Let’s Not Forget About Trump’s Sexual Deviancy

Another day, another Republican sleazeball is revealed. This time it’s the grating and obnoxious Donald Trump cultist, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan has repeatedly been shamed for his ignorance and bombast as he pursues a zealot’s path toward fame and possible leadership in the GOP-controlled (for now) House of Representatives. But now he is the subject of a scandal that is far worse than the imaginary conspiracy theories he promotes.

Jim Jordan

Jordan is being accused of “turning a blind eye” to years of sexual abuse by a team doctor when Jordan was the wrestling coach at Ohio State. He denies having any knowledge of the abuse, but members of the wrestling team say that they personally reported it to him and sought his help, which he never provided.

Jordan is going to have to come up with a better story than ignorance. And this affair will surely hamper his obsessive efforts to slander Trump’s critics, particularly those involving Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigations into Trump’s collusion with Russia. obstruction of justice, and various financial improprieties. It will be hard for Jordan to address his “witch hunt” crusade without having to answer questions about his dubious past. In fact, you might not see Jordan on TV for a while.

While all of that is important and deserves the attention of the press and the public, it is also a reminder that the President of the United States is still the nation’s most prominent sexual predator. We, as a nation, cannot let let his abhorrent behavior go unpunished. Trump’s abusive acts have been well known for some time. He even admitted to criminal sexual assault in the “grab ’em by the pussy” video from Access Hollywood. But he was elected president anyway by so-called “family values” voters who dismissed his contemptible conduct in favor of rank party politics. And he has the full support of Fox News, a network whose corporate culture virtually encourages sexual harassment.

This would be a good time to watch the video produced by Brave New Films, if you haven’t already done so. It’s a compilation of sixteen of Trump’s accusers describing the acts committed against them. It’s a moving presentation that needs to be seen by as many people as possible. In a just world it would be ample evidence to remove the Predator-in-Chief from office. And here is where you can contribute to Jordan’s congressional opponent, Janet Garrett.

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One thought on “Yes, Jim Jordan is a Loathsome Creep, But Let’s Not Forget About Trump’s Sexual Deviancy

  1. Shall we say, and I have found this unevolved creature to be one of the most despicable Republicans in the country and that takes effort in my book, that he is upholding the former Republican Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert’s legacy–wrestling, molesting, corruption. God forbid they should drop the ball and reform.

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