Fox News Producer Won’t Deny That Fox Makes Things Up

This is classic:

Last week Media Matters published an interview with a former Fox News “insider” who revealed, among other things, that Fox News is a “propaganda outfit” that “makes things up.” So ThinkProgress sent Ben Armbruster to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where he ran into O’Reilly Factor producer and “ambush” interviewer, Stuttering Jesse Watters. The result is this video that shows Watters completely unresponsive in his smarmy effort to evade a simple question: Do you think that Fox News just makes stuff up?

Watters weaved and dodged without even approaching a coherent response. Rather, he attempts to school Armbruster on the finer points of ambushing. But what’s truly hilarious is that Watters can’t even muster a denial that Fox News makes things up. That’s about as close to an admission as we’re likely to get.

Equally funny is the spin that Fox Nation puts on this event:

Yesterday at CPAC in Washington DC, a liberal blogger from a Soros-funded smear site attempted to “ambush” Fox News’ Jesse Watters, who was covering the conservative conference for and whose “ambush” interviews are frequently featured on The O’Reilly Factor. It was an embarrassing disaster for the little left-wing blogger. We’re surprised he posted the video because it was such a failure, but thrilled he did. Watters, who’s been “ambushing” judges, politicians and journalists for years, playfully mocked the “ambush attempt” while it went down, critiqued it “you can’t ambush with a camera phone”) and breezed away smiling.

The Fox Nationalists are actually proud of Watters performance, calling it “an embarrassing disaster for the little left-wing blogger.” That approaches a new level of oblivious for the Murdoch-funded smear site. How can they view this as a victory when their hero is seen in full retreat, ultimately ducking into an elevator to escape? And he couldn’t even defend the accusation that Fox manufactures lies and presents them as news? All he had to say was “No.” Perhaps he has a little integrity after all and couldn’t bring himself to deny the truth?

Nah, he’s just a douchebag.


11 thoughts on “Fox News Producer Won’t Deny That Fox Makes Things Up

  1. This is a textbook case of “who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” And the cognitive dissonance-ridden FOX viewer will invariably answer the former. But that gnawing feeling is worth having ambushed – uh, “ambushed” – the O’Reilly flunkee.

  2. Jesse Watters, what a brown-nosing, weasel! I did not know there had to be a difference between ordinary questions and “hard hitting” questions.

    Also, what is with this “ambushing” business. That is like Glenn Beck saying he was ambushed for being asked a simple question on the View of the snide remarks he made about his hosts, Whoopee and Barbara.

    It seems as if Armbruster’s question was “hard hitting” enough, since Watters had to go through a “duck and cover” routine just to avoid answering the question.

    When in doubt, deny or make detracting remarks to avoid scrutiny.

  3. Watters is such a clown… and the fact that these Fox Nation idiots still go out and claim some kind of victory for this smarmy little punk just shows how desperate Fox is for attention. Any attention is good attention for them, no matter how foolish they look.

  4. A) He’s a smarmy, condescending schmuck.
    B) I thought conservatives were opposed to “gotcha” journalism, Jesse.

  5. lol! “na, he’s just a douchebag” i love it!

  6. ‘Watch my blazer bro!’

    He belongs at a car dealership.

    ‘Bro, my dad owns a dealership so you should watch my blazer bro!’

  7. Wow it must be true because a non disgruntled former fox employee say so just another exqmple of people believeing something because they want to not because its actually true or false

    • I don’t know whether Watters is gruntled or not, but he is not a former Fox employee. He still works at Fox.

      • Jerry is confusing this story with the Fox ex-employee story. He needs to learn to read.

        • No Sammy, he seems to have read it just fine. Read the introductory sentence again Sammy, slowly. So one ex-employee says it’s true you guys eat it up and it somehow gets veracity because another fellow who still works for Fox deigns not to give an answer to a hostile interviewer?
          Mark, who wrote this gobshite, nah you’re the douchebag. This is why you write for this pile of tosh instead of a real outfit.

      • But etymologically, Gruntled and Disgruntled both have the same meaning, which is ‘unhappy’ …

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