Fox Nation’s Hypocritical Smear Of Union Rallies

Yesterday more than a hundred thousand people across the country hit the streets in support of unions and the working families battling to retain their rights in Wisconsin. It was an inspirational demonstration of our Constitutional right to assembly and to redress our grievances. It was also a predominantly peaceful expression of the positive goals sought by the demonstrators.

So leave it to Fox News to construct a false narrative that casts the protesters in a negative light. Here is the story as it appeared on Fox Nation:

The Fox Nationalists must have worked hard to find two completely non-representative wackos who would consent to making asses of themselves in front of the cellphone cameras of anti-union activists. That’s two out of a hundred thousand. And Fox deems this to be a headline story featured at the top of their web page.

Obama Witch DoctorThat’s funny because Fox never had that reaction to the hundreds of Tea Party protesters who exhibited similar tendencies toward violence and hate. They never featured Tea Baggers with signs associating Obama with Hitler. They never headlined messages that read “We Came Unarmed – This Time.” Some signs, like the one portraying Obama as an African witch doctor, were mass produced and popped up at Tea Parties across the country. But Fox never paid much attention to any of that.

To the contrary, Fox News embraced the Tea Party, even branding it as a Fox News event. They assigned their reporter sycophantic cheerleader, Jesse Watters, to actually board the Tea Party Express bus and praise the hate-spewing subjects of his assignment at every stop along the way.

Now, after smooching Tea Party derrieres for two years, and ignoring their glaring warts by the hundreds, Fox News decides to spotlight a couple of outcasts in an attempt to defame tens of thousands of sincere and wholesome Americans who are only seeking to uplift the quality of life for everyone. But then that’s what Fox is there for – to smear their ideological opponents without regard for the truth or common decency.


20 thoughts on “Fox Nation’s Hypocritical Smear Of Union Rallies

  1. I guess after all of those Tea Party lies from the liberal left are finally catching up with you loons. Karma is a bitch.

  2. “…predominately peaceful expresssion,,,”

    Say what??

    Check out the thread – “That guy just hit me.”

    Anti-war protests were a thousand times more hate-filled than Tea Party protests.

    • Your link is to a known liar and propagandist. He posted a video from Fox News, another known liar and propagandist. And even if this incident were true, that just makes a third person out of a hundred thousand. Big deal. It still doesn’t compare to hundreds of incidents by the right.

      • Hundreds of incidents? What the hell have you been smoking?

        As usual the left lies and distorts.

        Back up your “hundreds of incidents” claim or STFU.

        • The hundreds of incidents have been thoroughly documented and that data is readily available. I’m not going to spend the time time to accumulate it all for you. If you seriously don’t know about all these incidents that occurred over the past two years that’s your problem. Follow your hero’s advice and do your own homework.

    • You know, I actually agree with you. The media didn’t care about the anti-Bush signs. But that’s because the media never even bothered to cover the anti-war protests where they sprang up. These were protests that drew far more people than the Tea Parties ever did (250,000 in DC), but the press deliberately blacked them out.

      I wish the media had covered the anti-war events, Bush signs and all. But that’s our so-called liberal media for ya.

  3. “Your link is to a known liar and propagandist…”

    Mark Koldys speaks a lot more truth to power than you will ever speak. Ditto for Fox News. And the FNC reporter has been on several shows since, detailing the attack and the overall rudeness of the protestors.

    The Tea Party protests have been a thousand times more civil than either the anti-war protests or the pro-union protests. Check out the arrest records of anti-war rallies and you will see that this is overwhemingly true. And the reports of incivility at these pro-union rallies are really starting to pour in.

      • “Ditto for Fox News” Hahahaha, that’s funny! There are huge databases dedicated to enumerating all of the untruths FNC spews. Hell, just last week they illustrated a poll with the REVERSE of the actual results and only later, in a tiny segment the last 10 seconds of the show gave a hurried correction, long after the damage was done.

      • Amazing how some people think that yawning is an effective debate tactic.

        • It is when your lack of substance and truth is so dreadfully boring.

  4. Exposing your lies is never boring. Very easy, but not boring.

    • And as usual, you throw around terms like “lying” without backing it up. That’s why you’re boring. And it’s why people laugh at you, if they pay any attention at all.

      You’re so pathetic that all you can do is come to my site all the time and lamely attempt to insult me. Why don’t you get your own site and try to put together a coherent thought or two and see if anyone shows up. But don’t hold your breath.

      • Mark: Details some scandal or Fox hypocrisy with facts and some opinion. There may be some extrapolation or hyperbole thrown in at times, but it’s almost always a well thought out article.

        Scott: “Liar” (then thinks by saying “Liar” he’s won the debate)

        Mark: “Hey Scott, can you provide details as to my ‘lies’?”

        Scott: “You’re just lying, and I proved it by calling you a liar.”

        • LOL

          But what’s this about hyperbole? I have never used a hyperbole in over 2 gazillion articles I’ve written.

  5. Two very easy examples of when Mark has lied: The GQ article with Megyn Kelly. You told people that she brought up for discussion the long-discredited rumor of her having an affair with Brit Hume. Fact: She didn’t bring it up. The interviewer did. When another commenter pointed that out, you tried to dance around the lie and failed.

    I pointed out that when Keith Olbermann attacked various conservatives, he never allowed these people on his show to defend himself. When you challenged that, I pointed out several people who tried to challenge him to a debate, including Betsy McCaughey. You eventually responded with, “Well…Glenn Beck never debates anybody on his show!”


    • Those are two easy examples because they are false. What’s more, they are not even on subjects of substance. You’re basically accusing me of lying about style rather than some policy. That demonstrates how fixated you are on trivial matters as opposed to serious issues.

      Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself.

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