Glenn Beck Endorses 60% Tax Rate And Slavery

On his radio program this morning, Glenn Beck laid out the argument for raising taxes on wealthy people like himself. Of course, he didn’t mean to, but the result is the same.

Beck: My total tax burden I bet is about 60% of what I make. And then somebody else pays zero and that’s fair? And that’s still not our fair share, that’s still not the wealthy fair share.

They would say that people like me don’t need it. Well I employ fifty people. How many people have created this many jobs? Since the recession hit – what did we have, ten? I’ve hired an additional forty people. I could easily hire – we’re planning on hiring another fifty people by the end of the year.

Wow! That’s quite a testimonial. Apparently 60% tax rates have not inhibited Beck’s incentive to create jobs and grow his business. Although through most of this rant that is exactly what he’s complaining about. That is, when he isn’t complaining about poor people paying nothing or government workers being slaves.

Beck: What do you think these federal jobs are all about? These federal jobs are not about helping anything. They are about getting people enslaved to the state.

Exactly! Because slaves, you recall, all had good salaries, comprehensive health care, and generous retirement plans. They had vacation and sick days. They were protected from discrimination and hazardous working conditions. They were given opportunities to advance into management (i.e. master) positions. It was exactly the same as having a federal job.

Just think how much better America would be if we raised everybody’s tax rate to 60% and fired all the federal workers so that they could be enslaved by corporations instead of the government. Thank God we have Beck’s dementia to figure this all out for us.


4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Endorses 60% Tax Rate And Slavery

  1. You’re assuming he is telling the truth. The highest corporate tax rate is barely half of 60%, and that’s on profits, not gross revenues. And I’m assuming he has at least an LLC to cover the company that employs those 50 people. Even if he’s adding in sales tax and property taxes, the only way he hits 60% is if he counts all the property taxes on all of his properties and doesn’t factor any income or asset value growth for them. And then THAT would be a choice, to own so much property that earns no income.

    • I never assume he is telling the truth. In fact, I assume the opposite. I’m just taking him at his word and showing that even that is unreliable.

      You’re right, of course. Beck is not honestly representing his tax burden.

      • Beck doesn’t honestly represent anything that would contribute to the common good. He only thinks of himself and his distorted and demented view of the world.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Aw god, that is funny shit!! Especially the management joke, oh man.

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