UH-OH: Trump’s Favorite Fox News Shills Admit He Extorted Ukraine to Smear Joe Biden

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is entering its second week with his Fox News Legal Team continuing to present a defense that is wholly composed of deflections and lies. And they are sticking with that game plan despite the bombshell revelations from former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, that Trump did indeed threaten to withhold critical military aid from Ukraine in order to coerce them into helping Trump smear Joe Biden.

Donald Trump, Fox News

Bolton’s account of events is soon to be published in his book The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.” These incriminating disclosures are now frustrating efforts by Senate Republicans to dispense of the impeachment trial quickly. It is becoming much more likely that a sufficient number of Republicans will seek further testimony from witnesses, including Bolton. That could open the floodgates to additional witnesses and document production.

Furthermore, the media is appropriately curious as to what Bolton might have to contribute to the pool of evidence against Trump. And that’s not just what Trump refers to as the “fake news.” Even Trump’s favorite morning show, Fox and Friends, is struggling to deal with these new reports. On Monday morning co-host Steve Doocy addressed the revelations in Bolton’s book (video below) noting that…

“Apparently it says Bolton was told ‘Trump wanted to continue freezing money to Ukraine until they helped with probes of the Bidens.’ But we heard him say in the transcripts he wanted President Zelensky to look into the Bidens and what happened in 2016. So is this a big, big, big story?”

That’s actually a good point, coming from someone who’s not known for making them. We did hear Trump say that he wanted Zelensky to look into the Bidens. Not only in the so-called “transcripts” that Trump keeps imploring people to read, but also in his own words during an episode of “Chopper Talk” wherein he was asked directly what he wanted from Ukraine and replied that…

“I would think that if they’re honest about it they’d start a major investigation into the Bidens. It’s a very simple answer. They should investigate the Bidens.”

It appears that Trump’s staunchest media bootlickers are now conceding that he cannot be defended with blanket denials that he did anything wrong. They can no longer say that it was “a perfect phone call.” They must accept the fact that Trump engaged in overt extortion, but then try to argue that it wasn’t illegal or impeachable.

That’s the argument that Trump-fluffer and Fox contributor Dan Bongino made for most of this segment. Co-host Brian Kilmeade interjected that Trump’s legal team needs to include in their scenario that Trump “was wanting an investigation into what happened with the Bidens in 2016” But in order to do that, Trump would have to repudiate everything he has asserted thus far in his defense. Kilmeade also closed the segment with a bizarre new bit of advice:

“I will say this. I will say the President should take from this, between the Lev [Parnas] and Igor [Fruman] tapes that are now out, and then people writing books about him, he’s got to do better a job vetting his staff to find out if they actually want to work for him or not. Or if they actually want to leak out information about him. So he’s got to do a better job hiring people.”

Really? So the lesson that Kilmeade is conveying to Trump is not that he should take care to comply with the law and refrain from engaging in treasonous acts. It’s that he should be more careful to associate only with those whose blind loyalty can be relied upon to become willing accomplices to his crimes. Good to know that Fox News has Trump’s interests at heart, even when they are contrary to those of the nation.

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8 thoughts on “UH-OH: Trump’s Favorite Fox News Shills Admit He Extorted Ukraine to Smear Joe Biden

  1. Meanwhile, the Ret@rded Five have decided that Their Beloved God’s treasonous actions … exonerate him?!

    Fox host: John Bolton’s claim that Ukrainian aid was tied to an investigation into the Bidens “vindicates Trump”

    Greg Gutfeld: So, we don’t know who leaks it. We know why. The timing tells you why. This is in order to nail the president. But the thing that I don’t understand is nobody’s actually seeing the actual quote —

    Dana Perino: Because I think it could actually defend the president.

    Gutfeld: It could defend him. I mean, here’s the deal. People are freaking out on the right about this, and I’m going like it vindicates Trump because he’s telling everybody what Trump really thought which is that Ukraine was corrupt and on behalf of the Dems, and this is what he’s trying to do. But now this is just like another bomb shell. The media has TBD, terminal bombshell disease. A belch is a bombshell. But it’s nothing. But the bottom line is nobody knows what it is.

    Which one’s the dummy….

    How do YOU want to interpret this?

  2. They’re all dummies.
    Does Gutfeld make any sense at all? Or am I just not understanding what he’s trying to say here?
    When I was done reading it my only thought was big fat, “Huh?”

  3. Me too. The Five are a bunch of morons….

    • Thank goodness! Thought maybe something wrong with my brain. I know yours is always working; yours & Mark NC’s. ?

      • That “?” s’posed to be a “!”

  4. These people can twist a sentence in ways that it is incomprehensible. Just as I was listening to the impeachment hearings today the representatives for the president were twisting the words of the Constitution so much that I could no longer listen to them and had to turn them off.

  5. Not saying a word….

    Michael Savage: “Hannity pushed Bolton down [Trump’s] throat because Hannity is a big dummy”

    Michael Savage Weiner: “[Hannity] thinks he’s so smart. He’s just vicious and mean and he has the cartel behind him. But everyone in the business knows he’s terrified of the fact that he has no education and no discernment. They know that. The same story, over and over again, the same story.”

    Seanny is a coward without any sense of morals. Trouble is, that describes the Weiner too….

  6. “Trump fluffer “ Love it! ?

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