Crybaby Trump Wants to Know: ‘What the Hell Has Happened to Fox News?’

Every now and then, Donald Trump becomes despondent over the fact that he is not blindly worshiped by everyone in the known universe. His typically vicious response to that is to lash out at whoever he regards as being insufficiently adoring. Occasionally that happens to be his State TV Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Strange

Trump is currently exhibiting signs of the enormous burden that weighs on him as the Senate hears the case for removing him from office. He is tweeting more frequently and more furiously, with rage-filled outbursts aimed at his perceived enemies. Among them is his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, whose new book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” affirms that Trump extorted Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. That’s actually something that Trump himself admitted.

However, on Tuesday morning Trump took a wild swing at the TV “news” network that has been his staunchest defender throughout his presidency. This is not the first time that Trump has gone after Fox News, but it’s a significant slap in the face to those who are working hardest at disseminating his disinformation during the Senate impeachment trial. He tweeted that it’s…

So Trump begins this tantrum by whining that Fox News interviewed the Senator from Maryland, Chris Van Hollen, who Trump alleges has no name after citing it in his tweet. Van Hollen had an appropriately stinging reply:

Don’t hold your breath. Apparently Trump believes that Fox should ban all Democrats from their network and only interview Trump-fluffing Republicans and other Fox Newsers. And in an immediate contradiction, he seems to think that Fox should have hosted a Democratic primary debate.

Continuing on this tirade against his sycophantic Fox friends, Trump posited a rather peculiar question: “What the hell has happened to Fox News?” And he replies to his own query with an even more peculiar answer: “Only I know!” He doesn’t bother to elaborate on what he allegedly “knows” about Fox. So he will continue to be the only one who knows. But he does single some of those on the network that he is most upset with, including Chris Wallace and the now departed Shepard Smith. Trump’s concern for Shep’s well being is touching. If he’s really interest, he should know that Shep is waiting for his non-compete clause to expire, whereupon he will surely sign a lucrative deal with another network.

Finally, Trump predicts a dire future for the network that employs his most fervent StormTrumpers. People like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Steve Doocy, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, and so many more. He predicts that this is “the beginning of the end for Fox.” That would strike many Americans as a positive development. But it’s difficult to imagine where Trump’s army of media shills would land if their Fox bunker were to collapse.

Not to worry. Like everything else Trump says, none of this is true, particularly the part about the networks that are “dying in the ratings.” Actually, all of the cable news networks are enjoying a banner year with high viewership and revenue. But Trump never lets facts get in the way of his raging animus or massive ego. Consequently, he has aimed his anger at Fox many times when he felt that they weren’t sucking up hard enough (here are some examples of his frothing hostilities).

As the Senate impeachment trial proceeds, it’s likely that Trump will get even more disturbed. There is also a likelihood of additional incriminating evidence coming out. And the case for the Senate calling witnesses became much stronger following the Bolton revelations. So look for Trump to escalate his whining and cries of victimhood, something that he takes enormous pride in. And prepare for more griping about Fox and the rest of media, which he still says he doesn’t understand.

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3 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump Wants to Know: ‘What the Hell Has Happened to Fox News?’

  1. Trumpenstein has never let facts get in the way of a bad lie.

    Maybe we should talk about his concern for corruption as long as it is in other countries while at home the 45th dotard is trying to have the anti-bribery law overturned so our corporations can “buy” business overseas.

  2. “Dems wouldn’t even give Fox their low ratings debates….”

    You mean Fucks Spews didn’t bother to cover the “Dems … debates,” right, Terrorist? Nor did they bother to cover the Democrats’ arguments that prove you are a pathologically lying, braindead, narcissistic, tyrannical, treasonous Terrorist who thinks he’s also a God.

    But, dang, Fucks Spews has been pretty good covering EVERY BIT of the Tyrant Worshipers’ arguments!

  3. Way to string those Trumpilian adjectives together, Kali. The Trump-a-chump is all that & more, on a good day.
    No matter how much his cult of worshipping fools love him (Yeck! Gagging!), how the hell can they, or any living thing, think that baby-man-brat is fit to lead a nation anywhere but down the road to hell!?!
    I wouldn’t let him lead a horse to water, or a chicken to roost — who is stupid enuff to think Trump can be trusted to lead this Country?! Guess the same brainwashed fools who have not noticed that he BROKE every promise he ever made!
    Maybe saddest thing about it is that they/we have a chance in 2020 to elect candidates that DO want to make big changes, for benefit of us, the little people gov’t has ignored for so long. What Trump faked, others actually mean! Trump-thumpers will be voting AGAINST our only hope to take back America for working class Americans — voting against their only hope & quite possibly, last chance to take our Country back from the super rich, who are taking it all for themselves…like Trump.

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