Chicken Trump Flees Fake News Conference For Fear of Being Asked Questions

The character (or lack thereof) of Donald Trump is on display every day, and it isn’t a pretty picture. In addition to his pathological lying, infantile name-calling, flaming racism, and malignant narcissism, Trump also flaunts his unabashed weakness and cowardice. He is the first American “leader” who has actually bragged about being the most fabulous whiner.”

Donald Trump Chicken

On Thursday morning Trump held something that he called a “news” conference to announce the details of the latest jobs report. However, it was nothing but a self-serving public statement wherein he spoke for a few minutes, then left without taking a single question. The reasons for that were obvious after a quick analysis of his remarks.

First of all, the jobs report had some surface level good news that 4.8 million people had returned to work in June. But looking just slightly below the surface reveals that this report is not at all encouraging. None of those jobs were newly created. They were all just a small fraction of workers being called back from furloughs. More troubling is the fact that there are still more than 30 million people unemployed. The unemployment rate of 11.1% is still higher than at the peak of the Great Recession. And there were 1.4 million new unemployment filings. That’s likely to increase significantly next month reflecting that more than half the country has reinstated lockdown rules due the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s phony fifteen minute press conference may be the shortest of his presidency. And no wonder. He was clearly afraid to face questions from the free press that he maligns in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.”. He was afraid he would be asked about coronavirus deaths nearing 130,000, and cases exceeding 50,000 in a single day for the first time. He was afraid he would be challenged on his lies about Russia paying bounties to Taliban militants to kill American soldiers. And Trump was surely scared about having to field specific questions about this jobs report. He’d rather just unload his spin, waddle off the stage, and get back to satisfying his Twitter and Fox News addictions.

Consequently, Trump said nothing about the Russian bounty story that is, without a doubt, the most flagrantly treasonous conduct ever alleged against a U.S. president. As for the pandemic that is reaching new and tragic heights of cases and fatalities, Trump dismissively referred to them as “hotspots,” continuing to downplay the peril that he still thinks will “disappear” by magic. “Now we’re opening it up,” Trump boasted, “and it’s opening up far faster than anyone even thought possible. And more successfully.” If this is his idea of “success,” let’s hope we never see what he would call failure.

It would be an understatement to say that things are going badly for Trump lately. His standing in the polls is lower than any incumbent president in modern times. Speculation is growing that he might choose to drop out of the race, even on Fox News. His cherished cult rallies aren’t drawing the throngs of adoring disciples that he requires to satiate his ravenous ego. So it’s likely that he will continue to be ducking out of the public eye for the foreseeable future. If there’s one thing that we can rely on, it’s that Trump is a coward who would rather skulk in his bunker than face the prospect of accountability for his failures and crimes.

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Trump Flees Fake News Conference For Fear of Being Asked Questions

  1. Neighbor was furloughed back in March or early April. She worked at a company that did tourist trip and group trips to places like Europe. The business is down to 30 people from 60, and they’re taking applications for the few open slots they now have – all of which are below the level she was at before. But a job’s a job…. (I hope she gets one.)

  2. If he withdraws and I see less of his image, hear less from his mouth I surely will be grateful.

  3. I truly fear the previously unthinkable…that we, as a country, may NEVER recover totally from this “Trump Virus”!!?
    Life as it we knew it, may not ever be the same as it was before this pandemic virus crossed over to infect human species. The virus itself can be overcome, as we see in almost all other countries; many have returned to fairly normal life, albeit, cautiously.
    What I fear that we won’t ever recover from is the “Trump Virus”. It’s Virus + Trump. How he took a global virus & turned it into a catastrophic failure, an American Apocalypse!
    He still refuses to change course, to BE A LEADER for America. Still fantasizing that the virus will “just go away” — at which point you can be assured, he would take full credit for it. While states are having to “back up” reopening due to even higher infection #s, Trump is closing testing sites & ignoring reality. He has handed out trillions of $$ to “Donor Class” pals, while real people got just 1 measly check & if not for boost in unemployment $, we’d all be living on the street. Hundreds of millions tax $$$ given to Big Pharma & many of us will die unable to afford any virus meds we paid for.
    Yep. “American Apocalypse”… courtesy of the man (& his Party) wanting 4 more yrs?!!
    > Oh yeah, have ya’ heard about Russia paying Taliban $$ for killing our soldiers?! Of course you have.
    Who can keep up with SO much shit all the time?!!

  4. BTW ~ If you test positive for Covid-19, but don’t need hospitalization, do you know what happens then?
    You’re told to stay home 2wks & retest. Self-quarantine. “Honor system.”
    Think everyone told to, does as told? I don’t think so. Think about that next time out in public places…”Wonder who is hiding the virus behind that mask?”

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