Fearful Trump’s Extremist Attacks Are Escalating and It’s Only Going to Get Worse

There is an unmistakable stench of desperation in the White House that is spreading like a virus. Donald Trump may be as delusionally confident as ever on the surface, but his behavior is more reflective of someone consumed by fear and a grossly misperceived sense of victimization. This has lead to a new “scorched earth” reelection approach to attacking Joe Biden and a nastier, more toxic campaign strategy.

Donald Trump Zombie

Trump has plenty to be worried about. His negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has resulted in a tragic surge that exceeds anything seen throughout the world. The economy is in recession and more than 40 million Americans have faced unemployment. There is civil unrest in the streets of America protesting systemic racism, while Trump is advocating for Confederate traitors who fought to preserve slavery. And his reelection campaign is coming apart at the seams amidst historically low polling and abysmal approval ratings.

As Trump’s mental state deteriorates, his paranoia increases. He has begun administering “loyalty tests” to staffers in the White House and virtually every cabinet agency, including the Pentagon. He and his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) are entertaining bizarre election theories aimed more at soothing his fragile ego than winning in November. And he sees himself as tormented by everyone from former advisors like John Bolton (see his book here) to family members like his niece Mary Trump (see her book here).

Consequently, Trump is resorting to ever more drastic methods of extraction from the electoral Mariana Trench he has dug himself into. He is ramping up his attacks on Joe Biden with allusions to his mental health. That’s a treacherous slope considering that the American people regard Trump as more mentally unfit than Biden. He sat for what he probably thought would be a softball Fox News interview, but ended up getting fact-checked live by Chris Wallace. Trump was called out for his lies about Biden’s position on defunding the police.

However, Trump’s primary concerns are never about the issues that are most important to the American people. He is endlessly and exclusively obsessed with his own welfare and image. Which explains much of his recent outrage over the media’s coverage of his floundering campaign. following his disastrous cult rally in Tulsa, Trump tweeted…

Trump’s uniquely deranged notion that TV ratings are “the real polls” is a perspective that can only come from someone whose otherwise pitifully thin resume is dominated by having hosted a reality TV game show for fourteen years. However, even by his own measure, Trump is a pathetic loser. The ratings for his tongue bath – er, interview – with Sean Hannity don’t look so good when compared to the ratings for Rachel Maddow’s interview of Mary Trump. Hannity pulled in 5.11 million viewers, while Maddow drew 5.23 million.

“Maddow’s sit-down with President Donald Trump’s niece drew a record 5.23 million viewers to the show, leading every show on cable and broadcast in primetime Thursday. […] Thursday’s edition also claimed the largest viewership for a regularly scheduled show in MSNBC’s history.”

So does Trump still believe that these are the real polls? Or will this just incite even more outrageous tweets that defy coherent explanation? It’s most likely going to spur more intense “hyperbollocks,” which is my word combining “hyperbole” and “bollocks” to describe rhetoric that is both exaggerated and unfathomable rubbish.

Regardless, Trump’s warped sociopathy is bound to get worse as the honest depictions of his failures continue to batter him mercilessly. so prepare yourselves for his his attacks on Biden that will grow ever more unhinged in the coming weeks. He simply cannot handle reality, and thus reacts by inventing psychotic fantasies wherein he is infallible and omnipotent. Unfortunately, he also reacts with greater hostility and viciousness. And where that might lead between now and January 20, 2021, is both a mystery and a troubling concern for this nation and the world.

UPDATE: The Washington Post published an editorial that reveals that the “scorched earth” strategy described above has actually been documented and circulated in the White House:

“President Trump has launched a slash-and-burn campaign against an exaggerated caricature of his Democratic opponent, casting former vice president Joe Biden as a destroyer of basic freedoms and a threat to voter’s safety who would ‘let terrorists roam free’ and ‘abolish the American way of life.’ […] In new advertising, tweets and public statements that began to appear earlier this month, Trump has argued that the presumptive Democratic nominee is a harbinger of chaos and destruction, depicting a fantastical scarecrow largely divorced from reality.”

Hold on, folks. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. And Biden, his surrogates, and Democrats everywhere need to be vigilant and ready to respond.

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One thought on “Fearful Trump’s Extremist Attacks Are Escalating and It’s Only Going to Get Worse

  1. For 1 thing, the “harbinger of chaos & destruction” is & always will be, Trump himself! There is no doubt about that, as we’ve seen enuff to know that is exactly what Trump does most days since his arrival in DC. And far worse is yet to come!
    There is no way in hell that Trump even has ability to maturely walk out of White House alongside incoming prez & wife, as the other (grown-up) 1st couples always do, symbolizing THE PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER that America ?? has always been known for. Oh sure, there has been childish behavior behind the scenes ~ like Dubya’s removal of the letter ‘W’ from all the keyboards in WH, etc.
    But, until now, Presidents have at least had respect for the Title & for the USA to “fake it” & smile as they turned White House over to the new President. Trump DOES NOT KNOW HOW to do that! Polite, mature, respectful ~ these are NOT traits that Trump has in him at all! We’ve seen that already. He IS NOT any of those things & is too clueless to fake it!
    IF he were smart, he’d put on his fake smile & make sure that his parting image is “presidential” & 1 to be proud of! That final image is what will be seen – on front pages – all around the world. But Trump has more EGO than SMARTS. He will never be able to make himself walk out of there like a decent, respectable, human being ~ on par with the presidents before him. HE THINKS that would make him a “loser”…. He can’t see that NOT doing it like that – peacefully & faking a smile – is what REALLY DOES make him a loser! Forever, in the eyes of the world.

    Donald Trump thinks he is better than the presidents who came before him? ~ I say, “Prove it!” They all walked out peacefully, even if smiles were fake. None of them created violence on way out the door! Barack & Michelle Obama had to walk out there alongside Trumps. (Horrors!) They did it – with class!

    I put forth a challenge:
    “Who’s the bigger man, Trump?”
    “Prove you are as good a man as Barack Obama! (Ha!) Go ahead & try your best.”
    We are all watching.

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