The Victim-In-Chief? Fox News ‘Feels for’ Trump’s ‘Pain and Frustration’

Poor, poor Donald Trump. He’s the President of the United States of America, but apparently is as weak and impotent as a barnyard hog in a coma. He puts on airs of being a dominant alpha male, but whines like a colicky infant whenever he doesn’t get his way. He literally bragged that he is the most fabulous whiner.” It’s a pitiful situation wherein this co-called “leader” needs to get sympathy from talking headcases on television.

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Donald Trump

That’s what happened on Sunday morning as Fox News became the provider of consolation for our despondent wannabe despot. The “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends were so emotionally moved by the plight of Trump’s decisive electoral defeat that they found it necessary to relieve themselves of the inner aching they felt for the Commander-in-Grief. It went something like this (video below):

Rachel Campos-Duffy: I just feel for the President. I see the pain and the frustration. You do everything you’re supposed to do. You run the country well. You campaign your heart out, while the other guy’s in a basement. Then in the end, fraud and shenanigans at the local level, you’re robbed. We’ve all been robbed because when the elections don’t go well, when there’s fraud, when there’s these kinds of shenanigans, we all lose.
Pete Hegseth: Yeah. Frustrated, but remains undeterred. He called it rigged, a sham, a shame, a couple of times. He said ‘I worry about the country having an illegitimate president.’ And if 77% of Republicans and Trump supporters believe the election was stolen, where do you go from there?

Oh, the sorrow of this pitiful, unfortunate, Leader of the Free World. Never mind that Campos-Duffy’s characterization of Trump as having “done everything,” and “run the country well,” wasn’t shared by a majority of the American people. And set aside that Joe Biden’s campaign, for whatever flaws you might assign to it, was victorious. And don’t bother trying to justify the claims of “fraud and shenanigans” because there simply isn’t any evidence of it (Trump’s legal team lost in court 59 times so far for that very reason). These bootlicking sycophants still regard Trump – and America – as having been robbed.

In addition to the flood of empathy pouring out of these sensitive Fox Newsers, Trump himself is tormented by his tragic circumstance. He poured out to Fox’s Brian Kilmeade in yet another suck up “interview” on the network that Trump loves to hate and that some are now accusing of being complicit in the “Deep State” conspiracy to destroy Trump. He whined that…

“No judge has had the courage – including the Supreme Court – I am so disappointed in them. No judge has had the courage – including the Supreme Court of the United States has had the courage to allow it to be heard. The Supreme Court, all they did was say we don’t have standing. So they’re saying, essentially, the President of the United States, and Texas, and these other states, great states, they don’t have standing. They didn’t go into the evidence. If you would look at the evidence – thousands of pages of evidence – we have over a thousand affidavits from people that saw tens of thousands of ballots. But here’s the point: They’re winning these things on little technicalities, like a thing called standing. They’re saying the President of the United States does not have standing.”

Actually, many courts have heard Trump’s case, but then dismissed it because it was lacking in evidence and legal reasoning. And “standing” is not a “little technicality.” It is core principle of the law that requires a plaintiff to establish damage and/or loss. That means that, not only is the evidence considered, but also the claim that what the evidence shows produced tangible harm. Not a single court had found any of that.

What’s more, Trump seems to think that he should have standing just because he’s the President. That’s another example of his laughably poor grasp of elementary legal concepts. Plus, you have to wonder why Trump failed to produce any of the evidence he is crowing about in a courtroom. Most likely because it has no validity and would be tossed out, even by the Republican-appointed judges who have already ruled against him.

What Trump is demonstrating so plainly is that his facade of manliness is as fake as his invisible healthcare plan or his Mexican financed border wall. And despite his insistence that he is smarter than anyone in the known galaxy, he can’t even prevail over a rag-tag crew of jelly-bellied socialists. He’s having trouble facing the fact that he was outsmarted and beaten decisively by a candidate that he portrayed as “sleepy” and “unfit to serve.” So the question then is: What does that make Trump?

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4 thoughts on “The Victim-In-Chief? Fox News ‘Feels for’ Trump’s ‘Pain and Frustration’

  1. But, but, our pitiful whiner-in-chief was victimized by massive, widespread cheating that was so well orchestrated that it is impossible to find any evidence of it! The only perfect crime in history! All those dead and illegal alien voters so carefully wiped their fingerprints off of … ummm, whatever it was they touched! And besides, some of the BLM folks were wearing rhinestones!!!!

  2. The Liar-in Chief does not have have any evidence. It’s been the same way ever since the orange tweeter took office. Just because he said Obamacare was a disaster did not make it so. Now he says he has evidence but even that is not true and just because the abominable showman is saying it does not make it so. No one needs to feel sorry for a billionaire who claims he is a victim. Der hair Ober Fuhrer is a dreadful liar, a cheater, a charlatan, a con man, and an egregious demagogue and deserves no, nada, nyet sympathy.

  3. “Poor Li’l Trumpty-Dumpty”:
    All of Trump’s lies & his nasal whiny tone,
    Couldn’t put Asshole back on his throne.
    That being said, Trump & his obviously hypnotized (or brain dead) cult followers shouldn’t be underestimated. As mentally deranged as they are & so caught up in their provably WRONG beliefs, that they’re Actually UNABLE to see/understand the truth, the reality right in front of them. Seriously! The worst of all psychedelic drugs have no hold as strong as the delusions all these people are so wrapped up in.
    THAT, & their numbers makes them dangerous!

    They believe in their LYING, sicko leader — every bullshit word & whine — as if it’s their deepest held religious faith. Maybe more. That & this nasty, evil, malignant narcissist who they put 100% faith in should scare the hell out of us all! Trump & his drooling worshippers actually BELIEVE in the BS that we normal, thinking people, know is NOT AT ALL TRUE.
    THAT makes ’em dangerous!

    Some small part of Trump’s tiny reptilian brain may still be aware that he’s full of shit, but those trapped in his web of deceit do not. They will do whatever he says & he’s got everything to lose if he’s forced to leave office.
    THAT makes ’em dangerous!

    There is no miracle drug to bring all those folks back to reality…ever. Having dived this far into the Trump slime pool, I doubt they’ll EVER be able to admit, even to themselves, that they were totally brainwashed by Trump’s persistent lies. No one likes to admit they were completely fooled by a con artist with evil intentions.
    THAT makes ’em dangerous!

    Trump himself is “in it to win it”, AT ANY COST! His massive ego has been overfed by those around him & for too long now, so don’t expect him to quietly slide back into whatever it is that he calls “normal”. Ain’t gonna happen. That’s a major difference between your basic ego-maniacal barstool buffoon & a truly pathological, psychologically demented person like Donald J Trump. He can’t back down.
    THAT makes him extremely dangerous!

    Trump is too chicken-shit on the inside to go into battle himself with his adversaries but, with a rabid army of loyalists willing to do anything – even die for him – would he call for war against his enemies? “Hell yes!” In a NY minute! He cares not about calling for bloodshed, as long as it isn’t HIS blood being shed. He is a tyrant, big bully AND a coward.
    THAT makes him & his cult of followers very dangerous!

    With about 5 wks left until Biden/Harris Inauguration, I wonder what this national threat named Trump will lead to from here? I don’t know, but hard to picture a peaceful outcome. I can’t imagine any “normal” anymore. We had the most secure elections ever, did the recounts, Trump’s 59 lawsuits were rightfully thrown out by the courts, as what they are ~ garbage. What’s next?
    Will the vaccine distribution going on be enuff to take center stage? Will Trump slink off to Mar-a-Lago & continue to wreak his brand of chaos from safety of his castle down there? What will his rabid army of followers ~ left behind, foaming at the mouth, screaming about “injustice” & all warmed-up for violence…what will they do then?!! What will they do with all that energy & anger?
    THAT makes them still a danger to this Country & all of us!

    We now have over 100+ GOP members of Congress who chose to sign onto Trump’s BOGUS FIGHT against election results. What do we do about them??
    They won’t be able to work with Congress to do the work of the American People, for the good of this entire Country. Their loyalty lies elsewhere. We need a Congress with new leadership, who can actually do their job, FOR ALL OF US! If not, they must be REMOVED & replaced by Special Elections.

    THEY TOO, are a danger to this Country, as they cannot be trusted to be working for the good of ALL OF US!

  4. It’s a wonder to me that tRump is still alive with his toxic arrogant attitude yet alone his goofy diet. Sure wouldn’t want to be him when it ALL comes home to him.

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