Crybaby Trump to Screen Actors Guild: You Can’t Fire Me. I Quit!

America’s first (and hopefully only) reality TV game show host to have accidentally become president of the United States has provided the finishing touch to his career as a failed entertainer. And true to form, Donald Trump has made the whole affair about himself and his morbidly bloated ego. Now he has been wounded in way that is especially painful for someone so obsessed with himself.

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Donald Trump, Hollywood

Prior to launching his brand marketing scheme disguised as a presidential campaign, Trump was the villainous figure who arrived at the end of The Apprentice to fire some poor schnook like Gary Busey or Meatloaf because they couldn’t manage to set up a lemonade stand. Trump’s presence on the program required him to join the Screen Actos Guild (SAG-AFTRA). However, after his disastrous presidency – and particularly his responsibility for the deadly Capitol insurrection – the Guild took steps to expel Trump. Guild leaders issued these statements:

SAG President Gabrielle Carteris: “Donald Trump attacked the values that this union holds most sacred – democracy, truth, respect for our fellow Americans of all races and faiths, and the sanctity of the free press. There’s a straight line from his wanton disregard for the truth to the attacks on journalists perpetrated by his followers.”

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director David White: “Our most important role as a union is the protection of our members. The unfortunate truth is, this individual’s words and actions over the past four years have presented actual harm to our broadcast journalist members. The board’s resolution addresses this effort to undermine freedom of the press and reaffirms the principles on which our democratic society rests, and which we must all work to protect and preserve.”

Naturally, Trump couldn’t keep his malignantly narcissistic yap shut. He hasn’t made a single public comment since being banished to Mar-a-Lago by the American people. He’s said nothing about his Seditionist Brigades in Washington or the the murder of a Capitol Hill Police officer. But he nevertheless felt compelled to announce to the world that “I no longer wish to be associated with your union,” which he baselessly accused of “promoting dangerous un-American policies and ideas.”

So after the Guild had already made clear its intention to kick Trump out, he penned a poison letter that is pure Trumpian egomania…

The letter is rife with the conceit that is the hallmark of Trump’s character, or lack thereof. He could not stop talking about himself and what he regards as his invaluable contributions to human existence. For instance…

“I write to you today regarding the so-called Disciplinary Committee hearing aimed at revoking my union membership. Who cares!”

” While I’m not familiar with your work, I’m very proud of my work.”

“I’ve also also greatly helped the cable news television business (said to be a dying platform with not much time left until I got involved in politics), and created thousands of jobs at networks such as MSDNC and Fake News CNN, among many others.”

For the record, cable news was a growing media phenomenon prior to and during the Trump presidency. What’s more, the ratings for both MSNBC and CNN have skyrocketed since Trump lost decisively to Joe Biden, who has has already articulated his aversion to Fox’s propaganda and lies. And Fox News has dropped to third place for the first time in twenty years.

If Trump wants to take credit for something, that would be it. He has managed to succeed at something progressive media activists have struggled with for years. He made Fox News as toxic as he is. The result is that Fox is turning even harder toward the loony right. Which will likely ensure and accelerate their descent into the ratings abyss. Thanks Donnie!

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3 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump to Screen Actors Guild: You Can’t Fire Me. I Quit!

  1. Somewhat but not quite related…about 2 years ago we were watching the Manimate cartoon evening on Aust. telly – Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama etc. and in one of the ad breaks, an animated advert for erectile dysfunction appeared – may have been the Australian Research Institute? – showing Trump and Melania sitting up in bed – she’s looking hacked off; there’s a parody of the Great Seal over the bed, with the eagle clutching a hamburger in one claw and a chicken drumstick in the other – Trump’s orange, of course – and we just roared laughing and thought it was a part of one of the shows – while wondering if we’d really just seen that! Lo and behold, it came on twice more that night and right in the middle of the station promos and general usual product ads. BUT – we’ve never seen it again since. I’ve been all over cyberspace and I can’t find it. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  2. You know, I had NO idea he was even a member of SAG-AFTRA. It’s not like he was ever an ACTOR! How the heck can he even get away with his bastardization of the presidential seal?

    And whoever typed this for him automatically inserted his signature block as “President.” The whole thing. It’s not even STRAIGHT!

    • He certainly is (was) an accomplished actor although it was reality show acting which is a different genre. His TV career directly led to his success as a politician which was also reality show acting. I assume his show-biz career is over since he’s now radio-active to all but a rather large right wing fringe that has difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality (see Greene, Marjorie Taylor R-GA).

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