COVIDIOTS: Fox News Accidentally Reminds Viewers that Republicans Hate America

The first major legislation of 2021 was passed and signed into law by President Joe Biden on Thursday. It was the American Rescue Plan (ARP) that provided $1.9 trillion dollars of relief and stimulus funds to help people and businesses suffering through the deadly COVID pandemic. The bill was broadly popular across the country and across the political spectrum, including by a majority of Republicans.

Fox News Alert

Nevertheless, the Republican Party that inhabits Congress was uniformly opposed to the plan. Every single member of the GOP in the House and the Senate voted against it, despite it’s support among their own constituents. And that wholesale rejection of what may be be the most popular legislation in generations was also displayed on the Republican Propaganda Network, aka Fox News.

Fox News spent the last week maligning both the bill and its Democratic sponsors, especially President Biden. Well, that’s when they weren’t throwing hissy fits about the alleged “cancelling” of Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head. For the most part Fox ignored Biden’s public events in favor of embarrassingly trivial distractions or ludicrous attempts at criticism.

However, on Friday Fox News tried a new tactic. They actually covered (briefly) Biden’s announcement of his plans to educate the public about the benefits of the ARP and how they can take full advantage of it (video below). Of course, Fox’s idea of covering any Democratic event involves portraying it in the most negative and, if possible, frightening way they can dream up. To that end Fox aired part of the Biden speech with this message below the video: “Biden Celebrates Deal No Republican Supported.”

Sometimes it’s particularly difficult to figure out what’s going on behind the sloped foreheads of Fox News staffers. Surely they believed that this message would advance their ultra-rightist agenda and appeal to their glassy-eyed audience of StormTrumpers. However, there’s a pretty good chance that Fox is just reminding their viewers that every Republican in Congress voted against a bill that the vast majority of them supported.

To the extent that this flagrantly biased graphic was so poorly thought out that it results in alienating people from the GOP, we should be grateful for Fox’s stupidity. Unfortunately, that same aspect of asininity more often traps their audience in the heavy spin cycle of their brainwashing machine. So we can’t really enjoy these random acts of mindlessness. But for this fleeting moment in time, it’s kinda fun.

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7 thoughts on “COVIDIOTS: Fox News Accidentally Reminds Viewers that Republicans Hate America

  1. It is so nice on those rare occasions, when FauxSpews idiots pull their head out of their ass just long enuff to bite themselves on the butt! That being long enuff, right back up their ass the head goes.

  2. Harumph, harumph, Gentlemen! There is a Democrat in the White House! Time to trot out our faux fiscal restraint tropes!!! And, horrors! They are spending profligately on stuff to benefit the hoi polloi, not the donor class! It must be time for a tax cut for the wealthy! Harumph! Harumph!

  3. Mark? Hope you enjoyed the “FuKKKer Cam” Fux Spews inserted at lower right for the entirety of Biden’s speech.

    That’s 24 minutes of FuKKKer’s duh! face where a real news network would put a sign language translation — just FuKKKer looking as dumb as he always does.

    Classy ?

    • “Enjoy” is not the word I would have used.

  4. We can console ourselves with the knowledge that Fox’s audience is declining, as its most radically-moronic element defects to NewsMax and its least radically-moronic element defects to CNN. That remaining core is comatose anyway, so won’t go far in either direction. With Fox now behind both CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, surely one of the ruling Murdochs must begin to realise that blind faith in Trumpism is what got them in this position in the first place. Replacing Trump’s face with Tucker’s doesn’t look like too savvy a move to save themselves.

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