RAGING BULLSH!T: Tucker Carlson Hosts Candace Owens’s Rancid Post-Verdict Rant on Fox News

On Tuesday night Fox News presented another episode of Tucker Carlson’s White Power Hour. The program featured Carlson’s regularly scheduled incendiary and racist hostility, along with guest Candace Owens, who joined him to deliver a nauseating harangue on the guilty verdicts for George Floyd’s killer, Derek Chauvin.

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Throughout the interview Tucker nodded approvingly (though still maintaining his resting confused a-hole face). And through much of the segment he played stock footage of burning buildings from Black Lives Matter protests last summer. Why? Because Fox News wants their audience to think that there were civil disturbances happening currently in response to the verdicts. It’s their way of inciting fear among their dimwitted and hateful viewers.

Carlson began his interview by belittling the verdicts that he claimed were the result of viewing “a murder case through the lens of politics.” “When you you get to that point,” Carlson warned, “haven’t you already given up civilization?” That’s a good question considering that it is Carlson who is forcing the case to be viewed through a political lens. And his idea of abandoning civilization is when his white supremacist authoritarianism is threatened. It’s not the first time that Carlson has equated the loss of white power to the end of civilization.

For her part, Owens contributed another of her aberrant, self-hating racial rants. It was a long, painful soliloquy of deranged hate mongering that utterly dismissed the verdicts and the entire trial that the whole country watched (except for Fox News viewers because they chose not to air most it). Owens started off with a bizarre allegation of “mob justice” which she is falsely attributing to the media, to citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, and even to the jury itself (video below).

“What we’re really seeing is mob justice. And that’s really what happened with this entire trial. It’s not a trial about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. This was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation, decide upon a narrative absent any facts. Whether it was powerful enough to repeat showing and talking about a nine minute clip that came from somebody’s cell phone without adding any context. Without showing the full police video, which they refused to release.”

Owens is lying about the video not being shown in context with other video. There were numerous videos from multiple perspectives, including the body-cams worn by the police. She’s also dismissing the testimony of the eyewitnesses and the medical experts. She’s even dismissing the testimony of the police officers, including the Chief of Police, Chauvin’s boss. But she wasn’t through. She still had to malign Floyd personally and assassinate Floyd’s character:

“Let’s not forget this Tucker, the media came out and told us that this was a man who was just getting his life together. He was a good member of society and he got mixed up because a racist white police officer had it out for him and killed him. All of that fell apart. All of the facts came out and all of that fell apart. We now know, of course, that he had enough fentanyl in him – it was three times the lethal dosage. Three times the lethal dosage in him when he died.”

Now Owens is lying about the fentanyl. A toxicologist at the trial testified that the fentanyl in Floyd’s system was not enough to be fatal. He told the court that “Mr. Floyd died from a low level of oxygen, and this caused damage to his brain.” But Owens still wasn’t through. She went on to make some ludicrous charges about the motives of the media and Democrats:

“It now means the Democrats can get whatever they want because they can create a narrative and they can treat people like pawns and get people to basically say ‘If we don’t get what we want we will riot, we will loot, we will send people out like soldiers to destroy your neighborhood.’ And that has been exactly what has happened. That has been the determination of this trial. The media and the Democrats now have enough power to bully, to bully and to lie to, and to create propaganda and successfully win. And that’s what happened and they are celebrating that win today. This not a fair trial. No person can say this was a fair trial.”

It is peak audacity for Owens to blame Democrats for inciting riots (which they never did) after she defended the Trump Insurrectionists that attacked the Capitol on January 6th. They literally sent “soldiers” (armed Oath Keepers and Proud Boys) to assault and even murder members of Congress as they endeavored to carry out their constitutional duties.

Owens closes by falsely claiming that Democrats are “celebrating” the Chauvin verdicts. Virtually every prominent Democrat who has commented publicly has said that this is not a celebratory moment. It is a solemn occasion that must remain focused on the lives lost. And it is just the beginning of a struggle for equity and justice. And for Owens to baselessly charge that the trial wasn’t fair is – like Trump’s “Big Lie” about election fraud – a purposeful call to arms for more of the violence that produced the deadly Capitol riots.

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4 thoughts on “RAGING BULLSH!T: Tucker Carlson Hosts Candace Owens’s Rancid Post-Verdict Rant on Fox News

  1. Owens and *ucker Carlson are attempting to talk about law and order. They are omitting justice. We want law, order and justice. Even the most authoritarian countries have law and order. What they do not dole out is justice. Evidently Candice Owens has not been stopped for driving while black. It could broaden her whole educational experience (and her whole outlook on life .)

  2. It’s hard to take Tucker any more seriously than Billy Bush.

  3. “If we don’t get what we want we will riot….we will send people out like soldiers to destroy your neighborhood.” (Yeah, if Rt-wing-nuts at nation’s Capitol) And that has been exactly what has happened.(WTF#1) That has been the determination of this trial.(WTF#2) The media and the Democrats now have enough power to bully (WTF#3), to bully and to lie to, and to create propaganda and successfully win…”(sounds more like Trump, Rethugs & FauxSpews!)
    Epitome of “projecting” their own bullshit on others! Something that network is too good at already, as are their guests. Each trying to outdo the others with their assholery!

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