GOP Attack on Biden’s Job Creation Success Actually Exposes Trump’s COVID Failures

There is a peculiar tendency on the part of Republicans to brag about things that, in reality, demonstrate their own negligence, incompetence, or deliberate malfeasance. For example, there was the time that a Fox News guest once inadvertently affirmed that Donald Trump has Been a lifelong racist. Or the time that Trump inadvertently admitted that he caused hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths.

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These are not merely episodes of inattention to the criticism they’re attempting to dispense. They are the result of being so determined to invent some hurtful scandal that they completely lose track of their own false and vicious narrative. And on Saturday, the Republican Party provided another example of this mental defect as they attempted to disparage President Biden’s historic success with job creation. The GOP tweeted that…

Oddly enough, this political assault differs from the usual malarkey emanating from the Republican’s knee-jerk negativity in that it contains a morsel of truth. There are about 9.5 million Americans still unemployed. However, there are a couple of glaring problems with what the GOP is whining about.

First and foremost, they are purposefully ignoring the indisputable good news that 850,000 jobs were created in the latest report for the month of June. And three million jobs have been created in the five months since Biden was inaugurated. That is, as Biden noted, “more jobs than have ever been created in the first five months of any presidency in modern history.” Wages are also reportedly higher.

Where the GOP lost this argument with themselves is their complaint that “At the current pace under Biden, the economy WILL NOT recover all the lost jobs until JUNE 2022!” Conceding for the moment that the pace of job creation won’t increase, Republicans are still admitting to a fact that they don’t seem to recognize. The reason that so many jobs need to be created is that Donald Trump so badly mismanaged the COVID pandemic that millions of jobs were lost that otherwise would not have been.

And that says nothing about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost unnecessarily due to Trump “downplaying” the deadly crisis (which he admitted), his hostility to scientific guidance on social distancing and mask wearing, and his bungling of the vaccine distribution. All of which was aided by Fox News, especially pandemic “truther” Tucker Carlson.

In the end, the only thing that the GOP tweet does is reinforce how dreadfully bad Trump and his Republican confederates failed the American people in their time of need. And when the facts are spelled out, it makes it all the more clear that the Biden administration was there for the people, providing competence and compassion. So perhaps we should thank the GOP for creating an opportunity to clear this all up.

Nah, never mind. After all, they didn’t do it on purpose. And they don’t deserve thanks for their continuing idiocy.

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One thought on “GOP Attack on Biden’s Job Creation Success Actually Exposes Trump’s COVID Failures

  1. So, credit where credit due:

    3,000,000 jobs created in 1st 5mos. In Office.
    Credit ~ Pres. Biden.

    9,500,000 Americans still unemployed from last year of Trump.
    Credit ~ D. Trump

    10’s of millions of good pay jobs waiting in Biden’s Jobs bill ~ not passed in Senate.
    Credit ~ Senate GOP

    OK ~ Think I got it.

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