Rep Swalwell Skewers GOP Committee Chair Jim Jordan for Hypocritical Attack on Merrick Garland

Since the beginning of this year, Republicans have been busying themselves with a variety of laughably ludicrous hearings in the House of Representatives. They are taking advantage of their razor-thin majority to unleash blatantly partisan smears aimed solely at soiling the reputations of President Biden and other Democrats.

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Jim Jordan, Biden's Emails

Unfortunately for the GOP scandal mongers, these hearings have, more often than not, resulted in Democrats revealing the copious crimes, political biases, and ethical lapses of Republicans. What they have never done is to affirm even the slightest hint of any wrongdoing by Biden or any other Democratic official. But perhaps the Republicans don’t mind because it has never been their intention to expose any actual breach of the law. They have not even been shy about admitting their nefarious agenda.

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On Wednesday the Republican-led Judiciary Committee invited Attorney General Merrick Garland to testify. There was never any doubt that this hearing would be used by Republicans to bash Garland for imaginary misdeeds and manufactured outrages. And on that measure, they didn’t disappoint. Every GOP member wasted their time with tedious complaints that disregarded reality in order to disparage Garland.

The Republican hate-fest was contrasted by the Democrats on the committee, who honestly and effectively shot down all of the GOP’s lame attempts to rattle Garland. A particularly good example of that came when GOP Rep. Thomas Massie complained that he wasn’t getting the answers he wanted and asked, “Aren’t you, in fact, in contempt of Congress when you refuse to answer?” Of course, the short answer to that is “No!” It is not contempt of Congress if the member doesn’t like the answer.

However, it was then Rep. Eric Swalwell’s turn to speak. And he began by responding to Massie’s preposterous charge…

“Mr. Attorney General, my colleague just said you should be held in contempt of Congress. And that is quite rich because the guy who is leaving the hearing room right now, Mr. Jordan, is about 500 days into evading his subpoena. About 500 days. So if we’re going to talk about contempt of Congress, let’s get real.

“Are you serious that Jim Jordan, a witness to one of the greatest crimes committed in America, a crime where more prosecutions have occurred than any crime in this country, refuses to help this country, and we’re going to get lectured about subpoena compliance and contempt of Congress? Jim Jordan won’t even honor a lawful subpoena. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? There’s no credibility on that side.”

Indeed, Jordan was subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection that Donald Trump incited. Jordan had directly relevant information involving conversations that he admits he had with Trump that day. Jordan could have complied with the subpoena by showing up and taking the Fifth Amendment if he didn’t want to incriminate himself. But he just ignored it. Which is unarguably contempt of Congress.

Yet somehow, Republicans are fixated on trivialities that they are desperately trying to magnify into unholy debauchery. And it goes farther up than just chairman Jordan. GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is just as culpable for the sort of contemptuous behavior toward the body that he purports to lead. He also refused to comply with a subpoena. Which means he also has zero respect for the House and the law. Which might explain why he is so pitifully impotent in his role as Speaker.

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Adam Schiff: Weak GOP Leader McCarthy Will Do Whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Him To Do

The Democratic Party enjoyed unprecedented success in the 2022 midterm election. During a time when historically the party in power suffers painful losses, Democrats pretty much held their own, despite headwinds such as inflation and President Biden’s low approval polling.

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Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy

Democrats will retain the majority in the Senate, and may even a gain a seat. They flipped several governorships and state legislatures from red to blue. Most of Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates in contested races lost. And while Republicans did win a majority in the House of Representatives, the margin is so narrow that they will be unlikely to produce anything of substance without making concessions to Democrats for support.

That said. the GOP is nevertheless determined to impose their brand of totalitarianism on the nation. They have abandoned any interest in the issues they campaigned on (inflation, crime, immigration, abortion, etc.) in favor of advancing an agenda of petty and puerile revenge against President Biden, his administration, his family, and his party.

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Sunday on Fox News, the GOP’s presumptive incoming “leader,” Kevin McCarthy, was pitched softballs by Maria Bartiromo, Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer. However, Bartiromo did put some pressure on McCarthy to make good on a prior promises to Kremlinize the House…

Bartiromo: What are you gonna do in terms of these Democrats that you have on such important committees? You’ve talked in the past about removing Ilhan Omar, You’ve talked about removing Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell. Will you deliver?
McCarthy: Yes I will. I’ll keep that promise. One thing I said from the very beginning, Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector. Why would we ever give him a security clearance in the secrets to America? So I will not allow him to be on Intel. You have Adam Schiff who had lied to the American public time and again. We will not allow him to be on the Intel committee either. And you look at Congresswoman Omar, her anti-Semitic comments that have gone forward, we’re not going to allow her to be on foreign affairs.

So McCarthy is openly flaunting his fidelity to neo-fascism with the promise to oppress members of the Democratic Party. His stated justifications for doing so are, of course, all utterly preposterous.

With regard to Swalwell, McCarthy is outright lying. There has never been any denial of a security clearance for Swalwell, or any reason why he wouldn’t be granted one. McCarthy is making veiled references to debunked allegations that Swalwell had a “relationship” with a suspected Chinese spy. That was a Fox News fallacy that was proven to be false. But that didn’t stop McCarthy from trying (and failing) to boot him from the Intel Committee in March of last year.

With regard to Schiff, McCarthy is making totally unfounded accusations of lying, but naturally, he can’t provide any example of it. The truth is that McCarthy is just upset with Schiff because Schiff keeps telling the truth about Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Notably, Schiff was the lead manager in the first Trump impeachment, for which he gave an inspiring closing argument.

With regard to Omar, McCarthy is simply exhibiting the bigotry that is the hallmark of the Republican Party. What McCarthy, the GOP, and Fox News have asserted is anti-Semitism is actually just Omar criticizing the Israeli government, which many Israeli and American Jews do without being insulted as anti-Semites.

Schiff was later interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” by Jonathan Karl. He was asked about McCarthy’s yearning to oust him. Which led to this exchange…

Karl: One of things that Kevin McCarthy has said is that he’s gonna strip you of your position on the House Intelligence Committee.
Schiff: “I suspect he will do whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene wants him to do. He’s a very weak leader of this conference, meaning that he will adhere to the wishes of the lowest common denominator, and if that lowest common denominator wants to remove people from committees, that’s what they’ll do. It’s going to be chaos with Republican leadership. And, sadly, that kind of crazy caucus has grown among the Republicans. Many Republicans who won primaries in deeply red districts are coming to Congress, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, and it’s a tragedy for the country.”

That just about says it all. McCarthy doesn’t have the brains or the guts to be an effective House Speaker. All he can do is further debase himself by kowtowing to crackpots like Trump and Greene. And there are no depths to which he will not descend in order secure power for himself that he has no idea how to wield. Which is why he likely won’t last very long as Speaker. The problem for Republicans is that they haven’t got anyone who is any better. Even Fox News thinks McCarthy is a hack.

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House Republicans Openly Promise to Abuse Power and Impose One-Party, Totalitarian Rule

As the Trump Republican Party prepares to assume control of the House of Representatives with the barest of a majority, they are plotting unrealistically ambitious plans for how they will govern. And almost none of their priorities align in any way with what the American people want, or even with what they campaigned on.

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Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

Gone is any discussion of inflation, crime, immigration, or abortion. They have been replaced by a singular focus on phony probes of President Biden, his administration, and his family. Republicans have been fanning out on Fox News and other conservative media outlets promising to impeach the President, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, just for starters.

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Let’s set aside the fact that they have no chance of succeeding with any that. Nor do they have any intention of doing so. It’s a brazenly political parade of stunts aimed damaging Democrats while ignoring the welfare of the nation, and wasting untold millions of dollars.

But it’s also something much worse. It’s an embrace of totalitarianism that seeks to suppress their political foes. Republicans are determined to rule unimpeded by protocol, decency, or the Constitution. For example, Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) was asked on Newsmax if GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy intends to strip Adam Schiff of his committee assignments if he becomes Speaker. He replied…

“Yeah, absolutely. Kevin McCarthy has said that. Along with him will be Eric Swalwell will also be removed from the Intelligence Committee.”

Indeed, McCarthy said that last year. According to NBC News

“McCarthy named Reps. Eric Swalwell of California; Ilhan Omar of Minnesota; and Adam Schiff of California as Democrats he’d remove from their committee assignments.”

Never mind that there is no reason other than ideological disagreement for these punitive actions. This is the sort of fascistic behavior that the GOP has been trending toward for several years. What they didn’t mention was the fact that any such committee removals would require a vote of a majority of the House. The Republicans will have a small majority, but because of that, McCarthy wouldn’t have a vote to spare if he intends to carry out this oppressive threat. And if he manages to get away with it, the blowback will be brutal.

In addition to that, Republicans are up in arms about Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing an independent Special Counsel, Jack Smith, to investigate the crimes of Donald Trump. Garland justified the appointment as a measure to separate the Justice Department from the politics. Needless to say, Trump was mortified, as well as terrified.

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Trump-fluffer Marjorie Taylor Greene weighed on in this with a threat of her own. On Steve Bannon’s webcast, she told him that she intends to defund the Special Counsel, saying that…

“I just wanna tell Jack Smith he’s not going to get much of a paycheck. Because I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure there is zero American taxpayer dollars appropriated for Merrick Garland’s special counsel, which is nothing but the Democrat Party’s campaign against president Trump […] We’re not going to do this again. That’s it. We’re gonna stop them and we’re gonna do it through the power of the purse.”

Once again, Greene (who said, in the best tradition of fascists, that she would “rule with an iron fist”) and her Republican confederates don’t have the power to unilaterally defund anything. Even if they passed a bill in the House, it would never get through the Democrat-controlled Senate, or be signed by Biden. What’s more, why on Earth would she want to do that? Would she prefer that the investigation be done by the Justice Department attorneys who report to Garland? This is one of those things that Republicans typically fail to think through. Naturally, Greene got concurrence from both Bannon and Laura Ingraham of Fox News.

McCarthy has been cutting deals with folks like Greene in order to secure their votes for Speaker, which he still doesn’t have. Consequently, he is on board with these crackpot schemes that they can’t actually do. And he has also revealed his own priority for the next session of Congress, insisting that the “GOP will repeal Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents on day one.”

Of course, there is no such initiative. It is just another Republican lie based on an appropriation of funds to recruit IRS employees to replace those who leave over the next five years. And most of them are not agents, but administrative staff.

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This is what America has to look forward to after the GOP assumes control of the House. On the one hand, it will be a nightmare as Republicans carp endlessly about fake “scandals” and contrived conspiracy theories. On the other hand, it will only further alienate the American people from the GOP, because they are repulsed by their self-serving political antics.

The GOP is proudly anti-American. They have pledged to sabotage the U.S. (and world) economy by refusing to increase the debt ceiling in order to force cuts in Social Security and Medicare. As a result, it is fairly safe to assume that the GOP majority in the House isn’t going to last longer than the next session of Congress. And the Republican’s march toward irrelevancy will advance the Democrat’s prospects for elections in 2024. And they’ll have Marjorie and Kevin to thank.

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Trump-Endorsed (?) Rep Eric Swalwell Says ‘This is Gonna Be a Wave Election Alright…A BLUE One!’

Tuesday’s primaries produced a mixed bag of results for both Democrats and Republicans. Some of Trump’s endorsed candidates succeeded in winning predictably Republican contests. But the headline victory went to the voters in Kansas who preserved the state constitution’s protection of privacy and the rights of access to abortion.

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Blue Wave

Despite the variances in the election results, Donald Trump demonstrated his dishonesty, willful ignorance, and political tunnel blindness, by asserting that the night was a total victory for him and MAGA. “Ran the Entire Board,” he posted on his miserably failing social media scam, TRUTH Social.

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That, of course, was a flagrant lie. In fact, two of the GOP representatives that Trump worked hardest to defeat – Jaime Herrera Beutler and Don Newhouse who both voted for his impeachment – won their primaries in Washington. And a third – Peter Meijer – lost by a hair to a Trump cultist who will almost certainly lose to his Democratic opponent in November in this newly blue Michigan district.

Given the overall results of these primaries, the political forecast for Democrats has greatly improved. And that did not go unnoticed by Rep. Eric Swalwell of California. Swalwell might have been endorsed by Trump when he posted a couple of days ago that a surname-less “ERIC has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Following the reports of Tuesday’s primary results, Swalwell confidently tweeted that, “This is gonna be a wave election alright…a BLUE one!” And he retweeted a recent poll to back up his certainty:

This poll is a significant improvement over the one taken just a month ago that had the GOP ahead 48 to 46. And it isn’t hard to understand why the landscape changed so drastically. With the ultra-rightist Supreme Court delivering rulings that overturned Roe vs Wade, weakened voting rights, and permitted more widespread access to guns, the American people have been given some strong incentives to ditch Republicans at every level of government.

However, there are also positive incentives for voting Democratic. Despite a razor thin margin in Congress, President Biden and the Democrats have delivered a big basket of bills that are overwhelmingly popular. They include legislation on infrastructure, the American Rescue Plan, gun safety, semiconductor chip manufacturing, climate change, and veteran’s healthcare.

Along with those legislative achievements, the Biden administration also presided over the creation of nine million jobs, lowering unemployment to 3.6%, ending a 20 year war in Afghanistan, and more recently, terminating Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri. These accomplishments are starting to be recognized by voters across the country and the political divide, despite efforts by Fox News News and other right-wing media to suppress them.

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Democrats will need to overcome the historical tendency of the party in power losing control of Congress in the first midterm election. But there are definitely signs that that trend may be averted this year. However, it won’t happen without voters staying engaged and motivated to give their all to electing Democrats. And Republicans will surely be plotting more malicious means of stealing the election.

So while the future looks bright, it is our patriotic duty to keep the sun shining. And all indications point to the likelihood that, if we stay vigilant and committed, we will succeed in producing a massive blue wave in November.

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Big Baby Lauren Boebert’s Pathetic Insult of Eric Swalwell Would Make a Kindergartener Cringe

You have to appreciate it when Republican blowhards conveniently provide the best evidence of their astonishing idiocy. And no one is more accommodating in this regard than Colorado’s QAnon representative, Lauren Boebert.

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Lauren Boebert

On Saturday Boebert appeared on Mike Huckabee’s program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. During her slushball interview, Boebert thought she had devised a clever way of insulting Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. Boebert was obviously proud of herself when she said that…

“Unfortunately, [Swalwell] only acts tough on Twitter so I’ve actually tried to have conversations with Eric “Smells Not So Well” and it doesn’t really work out. He bee-lines away from me. And so maybe I’m intimidating. I’m not sure. But he actually compared me to the horrible mass shooter in Highland Park. He put a picture of me with a firearm, and said ‘Let’s start drawing straight lines.’”

REALLY? Boebert thinks it’s funny to distort the name of a congressman in a way that maligns his grooming. That’s the sort of insult that children learned to stop making before they graduated to elementary school. But Boebert thinks that she landed a harsh burn. And Huckabee, as well as his allegedly “Christian” audience laughed heartily.

For his part, Swalwell didn’t waste much time or thought on Boebert’s asinine outburst. He merely retweeted it with a meme from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You,” clarifying that he isn’t intimidated by Boebert (an utterly ridiculous suggestion). He just doesn’t like her. Which most members of Congress can relate to.

Ordinarily this would be an event of such minor significance it would be ignored by the media and the public. However, in this case it is emblematic of a disastrous transformation of the Republican Party into an entity that embraces, and even exalts, this kind of gross stupidity. It is a reflection of the same sort of childishness that Donald Trump exhibits with his puerile nicknames (i.e. Adam “Schitt,” “Sleepy” Joe, Sen. Jeff “Flakey,” Al “Frankenstein”)

The Republican Party is fully engaged in a crusade to dumb down the nation. They want an electorate like the one that Trump described when he said that he “>loves the poorly educated.” Because who else would vote for them. And Boebert has picked up that baton and is running with it. It might have been a pretty funny premise for satirical movie, but when the characters have responsibility for trillions of dollars and massive armories, the humor quickly dries up.

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HUH? Fox News Phony Tucker Carlson Repudiates Tucker Carlson for Rooting for Putin

Spotting lies and hypocrisy on Fox News has never been an especially difficult task. It’s actually been a regular feature of their programming from its earliest days. And nowhere is that more apparent than on the primetime airing of the “Human Manure Spreader,” Tucker Carlson. In fact, it happens with such frequency that the network argued in court (successfully) that no reasonable person would take Carlson seriously.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson

The only problem with the “reasonable person” standard is that there are so many unreasonable persons watching – and appearing on – Fox News. And this was evident on Monday night’s episode when Carlson advanced his abhorrent asininity in a twenty minute tirade that sought to erase the record of his treasonous support for Russia over Ukraine, the United States, and our international allies.

Just last week Carlson delivered a drooling televised love letter to Putin with all of the reasons he admired the brutal dictator, and why nobody should hate him. It’s a doctrine that mirrors identically that of Putin lover Donald Trump, who Carlson is also hopelessly infatuated with.

Carlson began his harangue (video below) ranting that…

“On Twitter, you see Democrats pretending that their political opponents are responsible for the invasion and somehow support it. […] In this country, virtually everyone understands that the invasion of Ukraine is bad. It’s bad for us and for the world. And Vladimir Putin is bad too. So, effectively in America, those are settled facts. We can stop debating them.”

That is a 180 degree turnaround from everything that Carlson has been babbling about for the past week. And for him to say now that “Putin is bad” suggests a measure of hypocrisy that obliterates the scale. He has literally declared that he is backing Russia in this war:

“Why do I care about what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? And why shouldn’t I root for Russia, because I am.”

Carlson went on to complain about Democrats justifiably criticizing Republicans who support Russia and/or Putin, saying “Isn’t war the moment for unity?” That was in the very same harangue wherein he lambasted Democrats and blamed Biden for Russia invading Ukraine. So much for unity.

Carlson also took Rep. Eric Swalwell to task for saying that…

“We have Republicans who are rooting for Russia and that makes it very hard for President Biden to get the whole country to go along when Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and Tucker Carlson are rooting for Russians and that’s being replayed on Russia TV to rally Russians for this cause.”

Mr. Swalwell had his own succinct reply to Carlson questioning why he would say such a thing…

(full transcript here on Fox News website)

Carlson’s histrionics continued with nonsense like his claim that Democrats “were telling us that sanctions and arming the Ukrainian military would prevent a Russian invasion.” Wrong. They were hoping that such measures would prevent an invasion, but were prepared to go farther if they didn’t.

Carlson also claimed that “No one defended the riot on January 6th. We certainly didn’t.” Of course, that is blatantly untrue. Many Republicans, including (especially) Trump, defended the insurrection and praised the rioters as patriots. And Carlson himself produced a crocumentary asserting that the the whole thing was a “false flag” operation staged by the FBI, and that the rioters were victims.

So now that the country – and the world – is expressing their disgust with Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine, Carlson is trying to sanitize his solidarity with the monstrous Putin regime. This might work with the dimwits who willfully believe his lies, but the majority of the American people have memories that go back farther than a week.

And then there’s this…

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Ted Cruz is Humiliated in Hysterical Twitter Feud with Cheney, Kinzinger, and Swalwell

The Republican Circus has more than it’s share of clowns. With people like Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Louis Gohmert, the laughs keep flowing like an avalanche. But despite the tough competition, Cancun Ted Cruz has managed to maintain his status among the most mockable GOP Bozos.

Ted Cruz, Cancun

On Sunday Cruz was busy watching CNN where Jake Tapper was leading a discussion about wayward Republican Liz Cheney and her prospects politically in the future. The question asked by Tapper was “Is there a lane for Liz Cheney in New Hampshire in 2024?”

It was during that segment that inspiration struck Cruz and he was compelled to express his comedic genius in a tweet answering Tapper’s question. “Yes,” Cruz quipped, “It’s called the Democratic primary.”

Have you stopped laughing yet? Cruz’s heckling is supposed to be funny because Cheney has had the courage to criticize Donald Trump and hold him accountable for his criminal behavior. That’s the sort of fortitude that has escaped Cruz for the pat five years. Cruz has been a devoted Trump-fluffer even after Trump insulted his wife as ugly and accused his father of assassinating JFK. And apparently Cruz is unfamiliar with Cheney’s 96% conservative congressional voting record, according to the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. So, yeah, she’d be right at home in the Democratic Party.

However, that isn’t where the entertainment ends. Cruz then engaged in a Twitter war with Cheney, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. It began with Cheney responding to Cruz’s tweet (which you can follow back from here):

Cheney: I know you’re posturing for the secessionist vote, Ted. But my party, the Republican party, saved the Union. You swore an oath to the Constitution. Act like it.
Kinzinger: Damn son, Liz brought the heat on you!
Cruz: These two need to hurry up and get their bottom-rated @msnbc show.
Kinzinger: Senator, you’ve been given a huge position to lead and tell people truth. Yet you have squandered it on lies and abused the patriotism of those who trusted you. I will have zero regrets… will you?
Swalwell: Adam, if you want @tedcruz’s support you’re going to have to attack his wife.

Indeed, Cruz did suggest the possibility of Texas seceding from the U.S. (which it cannot legally do) if Democrats continued to rack up legislative successes that actually improved the lives of the American people. As opposed to the carping by Republican sore losers who have nothing to offer but bitterness and threats of violence.

However, Swalwell takes the Gold for Shade Throwing with his sly observation on how best to get Cruz’s support. And it seems to have silenced Cruz, at least temporarily. But don’t get excited. He will surely recover and be back to form with more of his guffaw inducing witticism. Until then you can substitute the feeling you get from the humor he provides by chewing on broken glass.

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Tucker Carlson Throws Butt-Hurt Tantrum Because Eric Swalwell Won’t Return His Call

It has been a busy summer for the Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. In just the past few weeks Carlson has humiliated himself by making preposterous claims like his paranoid delusion that the NSA is spying on him. And he went on an extended rant smearing a Capitol Police officer who heroically defended the people and the institution from rioters incited by Donald Trump and his “Big Lie” bullpucky that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him. And so much more.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Bullshit Factory

Now Carlson, of the perpetually furrowed brow and dumbstruck gaze, is exceeding the worst of his already repugnant resume. On Wednesday Carlson sought to malign Rep. Eric Swalwell in an unhinged tirade that was littered with flagrant falsehoods and purposeful character assassination. In that segment Carlson asserted financial improprieties for which he offered zero evidence. In fact, everything that Carlson cited as improper were actually ordinary campaign expenditures and were accounted for in the formal documents filed with the Federal Election Commission, which is where Carlson got the data.

Nevertheless, Carlson wasn’t satisfied with his noxious assault on Swalwell. So he delivered a second installment on Friday that was even worse than the first. It was apparently triggered by a text exchange earlier in the day wherein Swalwell declined Carlson’s request to call him:

Carlson: Eric, it’s Tucker Carlson. Please give me a call on this number.
Swalwell: Tucker, I’m hesitant to do that. You falsely smeared my wife on Tuesday and she’s getting death threats. That’s way out of bounds. She’s a pregnant mom of a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Hit me all you like. But to go after her. That’s just wrong.
Carlson: Coward.

So Carlson’s response to Swalwell’s perfectly understandable – under the circumstances – refusal to talk was met with a personal insult. And an ironic insult at that, considering Carlson’s notorious and slimy reputation for cowardice. Carlson couldn’t muster a compassionate, or even human response to the disturbing news that Swalwell’s wife was getting death threats due to Carlson’s offensive and inflammatory rhetoric. Here is Swalwell’s tweet of the text exchange and Carlson’s BS retaliation:

Later that evening, Carlson spent six and a half minutes of his program spewing nauseating lies about Swalwell. It was obviously a petty and abusive retaliation for Swalwell’s perceived snub. It included a slanderous assertion that Swalwell engaged in a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy. That was a totally unfounded lie that Carlson knew was false. Then Carlson told a series of infantile untruths, asserting that Swalwell was dumb and financially corrupt. Carlson had no proof of any of his asinine allegations.

Finally, Carlson went after Swalwell’s wife again. He claimed that a campaign event held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California, was improper because “Swalwell’s wife is an an executive at the very hotel.” The only problem with that is that she is not an employee of the hotel and has not been for two years. Again, Carlson had to know this. He was informed of it after his prior false claims on the same matter. And you have to wonder if Carlson has any problem with Trump holding numerous “campaign” events at his own hotel and golf properties, enriching himself in the process.

This fixation on misogynistic attacks on women in public life, often the distinguished and accomplished spouses of political men, is routine for Carlson. He recently launched a nasty and personal assault on First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. Carlson bizarrely implied that Dr. Biden was somehow like Jim Jones, the Christian cult leader who murdered 900 of his disciples with poisoned Kool-Aid. Then he used a vulgar reference to Nazi sex slaves to describer her.

This is just who Tucker Carlson is. This is typical of his loathsome lack of character and decency. And it is exactly what Fox News wants anchoring their primetime lineup. It is precisely the sort of putrid pandering to the worst impulses in morally defective human behavior. Which, considering their audience, may just be good marketing.

While Carlson gets all the credit for his heinousness, Fox News is responsible for embracing it and broadcasting it to the world. Carlson ought to be fired for this and other atrocities that actually cause great harm to America and Americans. After all Fox News argued in court (successfully) that no reasonable person would take anything he says seriously. But the problem with the “reasonable viewer” standard is that it mistakenly assumes that Carlson has any reasonable viewers.

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Avenging Trump? The Lying Fox News Crusade Against Eric Swalwell is in Full Swing

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California has distinguished himself as one of the most effective voices opposing the criminal activities of Donald Trump. He was outspoken during the investigations of Trump’s sordid associations with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. He was one of the House managers of Trump’s unprecedented second impeachment. And he is even suing Trump for his role in inciting the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C.

Fox News, Donald Trump

If that isn’t enough, Trump was caught unlawfully spying on Swalwell and other Democrats. So naturally Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) is fighting back on behalf of Trump. And they are doing so with their customary dishonesty, rumor mongering, and vile insinuation. An article on the Fox News website engages in an outright smear campaign that relies solely on distortions and innuendo. The headline feverishly shouts that “Swalwell spent thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limo services, $20K at hotel where his wife worked.” It’s opening paragraphs read that…

“Prominent Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California appears to have spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limousine services, as well as over $20,000 at the luxury hotel where his wife used to work. The tens of thousands of campaign dollars include limo services, luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and alcohol delivery services over the course of the second quarter, according to FEC records reviewed by Fox News.”

The article itemizes several examples of what it implies are improper expenditures. However, it doesn’t offer a shred of evidence that any of the payments were actually improper, or even irregular. The funds all came from a campaign account and they all appear to be common expenses associated with campaign events. Virtually every politician holds fundraisers where they hire banquet halls and caterers to schmooze potential donors. And all of the expenditures were properly reported with the Federal Elections Commission.

Perhaps Fox News has a problem with how campaigns are funded by wealthy donors and corporations. That would be a fair criticism. But they have never mentioned it before. They also have never made similar complaints about Republicans who do exactly the same thing. What’s more, Democrats like Swalwell are the ones who advocate for campaign reforms that would remove or reduce this sort of fundraising, but Republicans staunchly oppose those reforms.

The article also insinuates that there was something untoward about hotel expenditures at a Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay where Swalwell’s wife was employed. But that employment ended two years ago and neither she nor the congressman would benefit in way by choosing this hotel. And it happens to be located on a scenic part of the California coast just a few miles from his district, making it a reasonable site for a campaign event. Once again, Fox News is trying to whip up a phony controversy.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fox News would seek to malign a truthteller in Congress who refuses to be bullied by Trump and his confederates. And that includes Donnie Trump Jr, who posted a disgusting tweet (which will not be linked to here) in which he lied about everything other than the fact that Swalwell is still on the House Intelligence Committee:

Eric Swalwell, Donald Trump Jr, Fox News

That vulgar, infantile, Twitter tirade tells you everything you need to know about the Trump Spawn. And the fact that Fox News News defends this sort of perverse behavior tells you all you need to know about Fox.

UPDATE: Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeted a link to the reposting of this article on DailyKos:

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Fox News ‘China Spy’ Story Falsely Accuses Democrats of Trump’s Crimes

As expected, Donald Trump’s pathetic assault on America’s democracy is rapidly sinking further into irrelevance. His efforts to manufacture evidence of a “rigged” election have produced nothing but failure and legal humiliation. Consequently, his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) is grasping desperately for new forms of journalistic chicanery with which to malign Democrats.

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Donald Trump, Fox News, Fake

In pursuit of that goal Fox News is employing a tactic that Trump uses frequently: Accuse your enemies of crimes for which you are guilty. This is evident in a story on Fox News that brazenly distorts a rather innocuous item about Democratic representative Eric Swalwell published by Axios. The article tells the tale of an alleged Chinese spy who wrangled her way into the California political scene.

Fox News attempted to turn this old news into a new scandal via deceitful spinning and insinuation. They begin with a blatant lie by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who claimed that Democrats were “under control of a foreign power.” But the Axios article even never suggested that. What the Axios article made clear was that the “spy” accomplished nothing and that there was no evidence whatsoever of wrongdoing by Swalwell. Fox even included those conclusions deep in their story saying that “officials do not believe she received or passed on classified information.”

So all that’s left of this story is that Swalwell was targeted – unsuccessfully – by an alleged Chinese spy. He reported it to the FBI and cut off all connections to her. Which is exactly what is supposed to be done.

Trump, on the hand, when his unsavory connections to Russia were revealed, attacked the FBI and the rest of the U.S. intelligence community and whined about being a victim of a hoax by Americans plotting against him in a “Deep State” conspiracy. He refused to cooperate with law enforcement, the intelligence community, or Congress. But he continued his relationships with the people who were fraternizing with Russia.

Yet somehow this became the number one story on Fox News (followed shortly by more bullpucky about Hunter Biden). Fox produced a flurry of headlines with ludicrous insinuations, such as…

  • McCarthy demands answers on Chinese spy’s infiltration of top Democrat’s team
  • Ingraham: China’s influence in the US is dangerously ‘widespread’
  • Swalwell refuses to explain relationship with suspected Chinese spy accused of affairs with mayors
  • McCarthy: Why is Swalwell still in Congress after China spy report?
  • Swalwell suggests Trump is behind blockbuster Axios report
  • Sanders: Swalwell’s ‘outrageous and irresponsible’ behavior looks even worse now
  • Rubio: Swalwell has much to answer for ‘if he wants to continue’ in Congress
  • MacCallum: Swalwell link to Chinese spy more ‘substantial’ than Trump-Russia claims
  • Congressman’s past positions on Beijing draw scrutiny after Chinese spy infiltrated his office
  • Gaetz slams coverage of Swalwell spy scandal: ‘That’s deemed as something we can just accept and move on’
  • [And my personal favorite] Swalwell’s dad, brother no longer Facebook friends with suspected spy

Tucker Carlson joined in on the lie-fest with a segment that referred to Swalwell as “a reliable source of Chinese propaganda.” That’s a flagrant falsehood that Carlson backs up with nothing but flimsy misquotes and innuendo. Although Carlson does attempt some rhetorical jiu Jitsu saying that “It’s always those who have the most to hide who attack other people for the very things they’ve done.” That, of course, is the Trump method.

So we’ve come full circle. Fox News accuses Swalwell of accusing Trump of accusing everyone else for his atrocities and failures. These are the growing pains of a network that needs to reinvent itself for the post-Trump era. They have to transform from a slobbering pro-Trump mouthpiece, to a vicious anti-Democratic slander machine. And the result will be more stories that try to construct controversies where none exist. That’s been the Fox News mission from its inception. And it will continue into the foreseeable future, spreading lies and disinformation, and lowering the collective IQ of their dimwitted viewers.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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