SAVE THE DATE: MyPillow Pinhead Mike Lindell is Organizing a Protest Against Fox News

This holiday season Americans will be busy visiting with friends and family and planning festivities for Christmas and New Year’s. It is a season full of joy and comradery and hope. But Mike Lindell, the MyPillow mogul who has become Donald Trump’s foremost election fraud flouting flunky, would like you all to keep open some time for another of his screwball circus acts.

Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, MyPillow

Lindell has announced that he is organizing a public protest against Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation, Fox News:

“We are going to do something out in front of Fox News, I think we should have – you know, if people want to go down there, maybe we should give out Frank Speech signs. [Fox News is] a big part of our country being taken from us.”

Based on the record of abject failure of Lindell’s previous media events, this demonstration promises to be an affair to dismember. It will rank up there with his “Absolute Proof” crocumentary, wherein he declared that he would provide irrefutable evidence that Trump won the election. His presentation was a spectacle of hyperventilating harangues and hothead hyperbole. The only thing it was missing was the “proof” part. Although it did earn him a hysterical disclaimer from OAN prior to airing it, and a place in the billion dollar defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems.

Lindell also staged a “cyber symposium” that likewise guaranteed confirmation of election fraud. But this event was so preposterous that even Fox News refused to accept advertising for it. As a result, Lindell pulled all of his ads from Fox. Which must have upset Tucker Carlson where MyPillow was his biggest – and pretty much last – advertiser.

Lindell isn’t the only right-winger who is angry with Fox News. Trump has been bashing them regularly, despite continuing to appear with devoted Trump-fluffers like Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin. And with the release of Tucker Carlson’s horrifically anti-American diatribe, “Patriot Purge,” – that defends the violent January 6th StormTrumper riots in Washington, D.C. – many staunchly conservative Republicans, and even Fox News staffers, are distancing themselves from the network. NPR is reporting that…

[Fox anchors] Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, shared their objections with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and its president of news, Jay Wallace. Those objections rose to Lachlan Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of the network’s parent company.”

None of the Fox executives responded to NPR’s request for comments. However, two longtime Fox contributors, Steven Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, did respond. They just resigned citing Carlson’s pro-insurrection piece as the last straw. And their resignations touched off a wave of support from other Fox regulars.:

  • Liz Cheney: “Thank you @stephenfhayes and @JonahDispatch for standing up for truth and calling out dangerous lies.”
  • Charlie Sykes: “Good.”
  • Adam Kinzinger: “This…. Leading by example. Nice job”
  • Bill Kristol: “Kudos to @stephenfhayes and @JonahDispatch for standing up to Fox, yelling Stop, at a time when few other conservatives are inclined to do so.”
  • Stuart Stevens: “Until @FoxNews commits itself to journalism, anyone who cares about democracy shouldn’t work there or advertise. Doesn’t really hold up to say ‘I support a channel because not every show is a racist attack on democracy, just the most popular'”

This exodus from Fox News may seem like a positive development that could impact their future editorial mission. But don’t count on it. The honchos at Fox don’t appear the least bit interested in slanting back toward sanity and/or reality. And CNN’s Jim Acosta articulated that in a succinct assessment of the state of Fox News:

UPDATE: The Fox News protest was, predictably, a total bust that drew about dozen Lindell flunkies.

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6 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATE: MyPillow Pinhead Mike Lindell is Organizing a Protest Against Fox News

  1. Ask any teacher or parent & they can tell you that small children often “test boundaries/limits”. Tho it can be frustrating, little kids sometimes do things they know they’ll get in trouble for doing & this can confuse grown-ups. But, they’re just testing the boundaries, to see if they are still there. Children live with alot of rules, limits — a necessity for teaching & keeping them safe. Continuity matters. Small children (& older ones, at times) want to know that the boundaries haven’t changed. There’s a sense of security knowing where boundaries are & that they remain the same.
    We know “red light means stop”. Can you imagine if a red light only sometimes meant ‘stop’? Maybe green sometimes meant stop ~ how would you/anyone know when to stop on green light, or on red? There’d be chaos & confusion! We feel secure knowing that red is always ‘stop’ & green means ‘go’. Rules are a good thing… (NOT stupid ones – LOL)
    …when you know they won’t change & can count on them being the same.
    When children test boundaries & they’re still there… it’s a good thing.
    Rethugs also need to know boundaries are there. It’s good for everyone. Right now, they’re not being held to rules, boundaries, & their resulting behavior is awful, yet predictable.
    I’m not saying little children are smarter than politicians ~ oh wait, yes I am.

  2. Could someone please explain how responding with a comment on a plotical blog is changing anything?

    • What exactly do you think anyone can change, by doing anything, as 1 working class American? One person’s voice can’t be heard over chorus of lies told by FauxSpews & Party of Trumper-chumpers anyway. Am not here thinking it will change anything.
      Should we not share thoughts/opinions cuz’ won’t change things?
      Why even watch/read the news? — won’t change anything.
      Why are you here? — won’t change anything.
      What do you suggest doing, that will change anything? Any ideas?

      Thinking won’t change anything — do we stop thinking?
      Thinking –>Learning—>Talking–>Sharing Ideas–>”Grouping”–> may lead to Action-taking… & maybe it will “change something”?!?
      Maybe. Maybe not.

      Some people would rather NOT have ppl free to talk & share info, thoughts, ideas. It scares them. Not me. How about you? Sometimes it’s good to know am not only 1 who thinks something.

      • Excellent reply to a rather bizarre comment.

  3. Really? Thank you!
    I thought it was kinda’ bizarre comment too. But maybe sincere & just exasperated(?)

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