Fox News Floats Ludicrous New Criteria For Confirming Biden’s Supreme Court Nominees

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Fox News has been resolutely opposed to President Biden’s nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson who, when confirmed, will be the first Black woman to ever sit on the Supreme Court. From the outset of the nomination Fox News has maliciously maligned Jackson in a campaign of character assassination that was rife with the same racism and misogyny with which they attack Vice-President Kamala Harris, another strong, intelligent, accomplished Black woman.

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On Wednesday night Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Laura Ingraham, delivered a typically crackpot commentary explaining why she thinks Republicans have a a “sacred duty” to vote against Jackson. Her argument included the invention of a brand new criteria for confirming Supreme Court justices that she crafted specifically for Biden:

“Rushing to approve a Supreme Court nominee of a President with, what, an approval rating that always seems to be hitting new lows – that my friends, is a violation of the basic sacred duty that each and every senator, himself or herself, has agreed to. That means every word of the oath that they took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution – that is an oath that is just as sacred as the oath that the nominee has to swear to as well.”

WHUT? So now the approval polling of a president making a nomination to the Supreme Court must be taken into consideration before voting to confirm? Obviously Ingraham has only latched onto that because Biden’s polling has been negatively impacted by a deadly pandemic and a genocidal war, neither of which he caused or has much much control over. But regardless of the reasons for his low ratings, they have never been used before in the consideration of a Supreme Court appointment.

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Ingraham is awkwardly trying to construct a justification for Republican senators to vote against Jackson. Other than the bigotry and naked partisanship they already employ. But she hasn’t really thought this through.

The approval rating for Donald Trump at the time he nominated three justices to the Court was even lower than Biden’s now. Biden is currently at 45% according to the latest Fox News poll. However, according to Gallup, when Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett his approval rating was 43%. For Neil Gorsuch it was 41%. And for Brett Kavanaugh Trump was languishing at only 40%.

What’s more, the approval rating for Jackson herself is higher than for all of Trump’s nominees. According to a Fox News poll

“A 56% majority would vote to confirm [Jackson], the highest of any nominee since the question was first asked on a Fox News poll in 2005. […]

“Justice Amy Coney Barrett received an approval rating of 50 percent during her confirmation hearings in 2020, while 45 percent approved of Justice Neil Gorsuch in 2017, and only 40 percent said they would vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.”

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The Senate hearings for Jackson have revealed two things most prominently: 1) She is eminently qualified and possessing of extraordinary judicial intellect and temperament, and 2) The Republican members of the Judiciary Committee (particularly Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Lindsey Graham) are asinine blowhards seeking only to venerate themselves and score airtime on Fox News.

That motive remains operational still. Thursday morning Steve Marshall, the Republican Attorney General of Alabama, appeared before the Committee as a witness against Jackson. He engaged in in this pathetic exchange with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse:

Whitehouse: Is Joseph R. Biden of Delaware the duly elected and lawfully serving President of the United States of America?
Marshall: “He is the president of our country.”
Whitehouse: Is he the duly elected and lawfully serving president of the United States?”
Marshall: “He is the president of our country.”
Whitehouse: Are you answering that omitting the language “duly elected and lawfully serving” purposefully?
Marshall: “I’m answering the question. He is the president.”
Whitehouse: You have no view if he is duly elected or lawfully serving?
Marshall: “I’m telling you he’s the president of the United States.”

For the record, Marshall is among the Trump coup plotters responsible for the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. According to the Alabama Political Reporter

“Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall won’t say where he was on the days leading up to and following the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Marshall leads the Republican Attorneys General Association’s dark-money nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, which paid for robocalls detailing when and where citizens should meet. […]

“Marshall on Dec. 9, 2020, announced Alabama would join a Texas lawsuit asking the United States Supreme Court to overturn election results in four states, which the Supreme Court rejected.”

So these cretins still can’t let go of Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged.” That tells you everything you need to know about the right-wing, Trump-fluffing, GOP, their efforts to sink the Jackson nomination, and pretty much everything else on their future agenda.

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One thought on “Fox News Floats Ludicrous New Criteria For Confirming Biden’s Supreme Court Nominees

  1. Nevermind that current nominee got unanimous approval of American Bar Asso.
    …The same Bar that said the last justice planted, Coney-Barrett, wasn’t truly qualified for SCOTUS.
    She has far too little experience on the bench to be making decisions with the weight of SCOTUS. Did not stop McConnell & GOP tho, did it?!? That entire thing was improperly done & shoved thru. The Rethugs do not play by the rules. But they get away with it, so it continues.
    Rethugs have no intention of approving this well-qualified, incredible choice for SCOTUS. They stopped taking their jobs seriously long ago & now are only there to prevent our gov’t from doing its job, to provide shitshows for Fox to broadcast & the entire world to see, as America swirls down the drain & into sewer, flushed down by GOP & with Dem Party as TP butler.
    The USA’s fall from Grace ~ what a sight to see!
    Unlike GOP voters, other nations are not blinded by the politics & lies playing out on this filthy stage. They’re taking notes, so won’t let it happen to them next!
    Our friends are appalled.
    Our enemies rejoice.
    All are taking notes on how this beacon of democracy was taken down, by its own self. There is no happy ending, it seems.
    Democracy is a delicate balance. It requires an informed & diligent citizenry to speak out & to vote the right people into Office. They must hold Gov’t accountable & not accept BS excuses.
    “Free press” is only good within rules & regs that are enforced & held to high standards. Mass media is too powerful for FauxNews to be allowed.
    The delicate balance that is a free & fair democratic gov’t can quickly get off-balance & if not righted immediately, will soon topple, “ass over teakettle”!
    Cannot have just 2 political parties ~ they’ll stagnate & then 1 will get stronger & 1 weaker, until there’s only 1 left. They will abuse power & weak party will look away, moving forward as if nothing going on. The people will be divided & turned on each other with hateed. That’s when the end is near.
    Money must be kept OUT of politics, for is too easy for powerful to also get greedy! Soon, they succumb to that greed & are no longer serving “the people”. They serve “the money”.
    Of, by & for the moneyed is not a democracy any longer.

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