Tucker Carlson: US is Only Aiding Ukraine to ‘Punish Russia’ for ‘Stealing Hillary Clinton’s Coronation’

Fox News has a roster of ultra-regressive shills who provide a daily dose of diatribes that are drenched with dishonesty. But on any given day you can rely on one pundit in particular to sink below the rest and unleash the most repugnant distortions of reality and flagrant conspiracy theories contrived on the manically right-wing network. And that dishonor is bestowed upon Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson.

Hillary Clinton

Leave it to Carlson to find the scum-slathered bottom of every issue with his smug sermonizing and deliberate disregard for facts. The latest example of his Olympic-grade assholery was presented on Monday night during a segment on the Russian war in Ukraine. Carlson took his standard position in support of Russia and its genocidal dictator, Vladimir Putin.

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However, on this occasion Carlson went even further down the rabid hole with his warped analysis of why the United States is providing aid to Ukraine. And in his perverse perspective it had nothing to do with saving lives or defending a democratic ally. Carlson ranted that (video below)

“Democrats have convinced themselves Russia stole the presidency which rightfully belonged to Hillary Clinton. And they mean it when they say it. And that’s why they are taking us to war with Russia. [..] The war in Ukraine is not about saving democracy. Please.”

WHUT? Democrats are taking the U.S. to war because “Russia stole the presidency” from Hillary Clinton? That’s the sort of unique perspective that one would expect from a schizoid street preacher on meth. Carlson asserted that “We know the Biden administration doesn’t care” about the Ukrainian people or democracy and that “Many more Ukrainian civilians will die, certainly, thanks to the Biden administration’s policies.” He continued his rant saying that…

“If you wanted to save Ukraine, its people, its infrastructure, you would push for a settlement now. You would have done it two months ago. But they’re not doing that. […] Instead, the war in Ukraine is designed to cause regime change in Moscow. They want to topple the Russian government. That would be payback for the 2016 election. So this it the logical, maybe the inevitable, end stage of “Russiagate.” Now we should have seen this coming because they said it out loud years ago. Here’s Adam Schiff from two years ago predicting it, saying it. Watch this…”

Here we have Carlson unambiguously advocating for appeasement with the Russian invaders. He seriously believes that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy should negotiate with Putin – who is murdering Ukrainian civilians – to concede part of Ukraine to Russia simply because Russia demands it. And Carlson’s claim that “the war in Ukraine is designed to cause regime change in Moscow” is utterly absurd. The war was started by Russia. So is Carlson saying that Russia designed the war to cause regime change in Russia?

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Carlson then switches gears to assert that the war is actually “payback for the 2016 election.” And his justification for that ludicrous notion comes from something he clipped from Rep. Adam Schiff’s opening remarks of the first impeachment of Donald Trump:

Schiff video: As one witness put it during our impeachment inquiry, “The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there and we don’t have to fight Russia over here.

As usual, Carlson edited that video to remove the context. Carlson is trying to portray the motivation for American aid to Ukraine as solely based on antipathy toward Russia. But in Schiff’s unedited remarks it is apparent that the concern for Ukraine was paramount:

“Trump conditioned hundreds of millions of dollars in congressionally appropriated, taxpayer-funded military assistance for the same purpose: to apply more pressure on Ukraine’s leader to announce the investigations. This military aid, which has long enjoyed strong bipartisan support, was designed to help Ukraine defend itself from the Kremlin’s aggression. More than fifteen thousand Ukrainians have died fighting Russian forces and their proxies, and the military aid was for such essentials as sniper rifles, rocket propelled grenade launchers, radar, night vision goggles and other vital support for the war effort.

Most critically, the military aid we provide Ukraine helps to protect and advance American national security interests in the region and beyond. America has an abiding interest in stemming Russian expansionism, and resisting any nation’s efforts to remake the map of Europe by dint of military force, even as we have tens of thousands of troops stationed there. Moreover, as one witness put it during our impeachment inquiry: ‘The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that they can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here.'”

It’s also notable that it wasn’t just Democrats who supported aid to Ukraine. Republicans, then as now, voted to appropriate funds and military support. So that’s another reason that Carlson’s claim that Democrats plotted all of this to topple Putin doesn’t make any sense. But making sense clearly isn’t the objective of someone who claims that…

“We don’t arm Ukraine so we can help Ukrainians. They are merely unfortunate pawns in all of this. We arm Ukraine so that we can punish Russia. Why? For stealing Hillary Clinton’s coronation.”

So it’s still all about Hillary Clinton? REALLY? Notice that nowhere in Carlson’s harangue does he ever acknowledge that Russia initiated this heinous invasion against a peaceful neighbor. Or that, contrary to being pawns, Ukraine has been begging for help to fight Russia. To Carlson, just as to Trump, this is merely a negotiable difference of opinion that should be resolved by reaching a compromised settlement wherein both parties make concessions.

Never mind that it’s Putin who is the aggressor and refuses to negotiate. There is simply no way that Carlson will criticize Putin or demand that Russia cease its monstrous assault and leave Ukraine. And rather than acknowledge reality, he’s venturing even farther from it with his bizarre allegations about Hillary Clinton. Carlson is as cognitively deficient as Trump.

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UPDATE: Here is the same Carlson segment as presented on Russian state television…

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  1. Oh, gee, FuKKKer is once again protecting Russia. And to support his latest bullshit about Hillary. What a shock.

    Um, FuKKKer? The only one who wanted a “coronation” was Your Beloved God. And he also wanted a Roman Triumph and a ticker tape parade. Newsflash, FuKKKer: Your Beloved God got none of these, and he never will.

  2. Certain things are beyond a doubt. 1st, of course, has to be *ucker Carlson’s complete, 100% assholery!
    Next is that, contrary to FauxSpews, Putin invaded his peaceful neighbor, w/o provocation, for same reason as Crimea & that is to “take back” countries that he wants ~ ignoring the fact that they’re independent nations.
    Personally, I think Putin wants to deprive Ukraine access to ocean waterways it needs to ship out its wheat & any other exports. Putin wants it all. He”s a greedy, murdeous SOB, who won’t hesitate to destroy every single thing just to get what HE feels he has a right to take. Putin & Trump have that in common. And woe to the entire world with those 2 having power! They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want ~ too self-absorbed.

  3. *ucker Carlson is perfect example of how lots of money & a great education won’t turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse, or a spoiled boy into a real man!

  4. Hmmmmm….. Carlson Tucker has an education??? The way that SOB rants and raves i guess he does have an education by graduating from Kindergarten. His behavior reminds me of a 5 year that didn’t get his way. I HATE that low down SOB with a passion!!! Give him his bottle and change his diaper and put the spoiled BRAT to bed.

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