Big Baby Lauren Boebert’s Pathetic Insult of Eric Swalwell Would Make a Kindergartener Cringe

You have to appreciate it when Republican blowhards conveniently provide the best evidence of their astonishing idiocy. And no one is more accommodating in this regard than Colorado’s QAnon representative, Lauren Boebert.

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Lauren Boebert

On Saturday Boebert appeared on Mike Huckabee’s program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. During her slushball interview, Boebert thought she had devised a clever way of insulting Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. Boebert was obviously proud of herself when she said that…

“Unfortunately, [Swalwell] only acts tough on Twitter so I’ve actually tried to have conversations with Eric “Smells Not So Well” and it doesn’t really work out. He bee-lines away from me. And so maybe I’m intimidating. I’m not sure. But he actually compared me to the horrible mass shooter in Highland Park. He put a picture of me with a firearm, and said ‘Let’s start drawing straight lines.’”

REALLY? Boebert thinks it’s funny to distort the name of a congressman in a way that maligns his grooming. That’s the sort of insult that children learned to stop making before they graduated to elementary school. But Boebert thinks that she landed a harsh burn. And Huckabee, as well as his allegedly “Christian” audience laughed heartily.

For his part, Swalwell didn’t waste much time or thought on Boebert’s asinine outburst. He merely retweeted it with a meme from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You,” clarifying that he isn’t intimidated by Boebert (an utterly ridiculous suggestion). He just doesn’t like her. Which most members of Congress can relate to.

Ordinarily this would be an event of such minor significance it would be ignored by the media and the public. However, in this case it is emblematic of a disastrous transformation of the Republican Party into an entity that embraces, and even exalts, this kind of gross stupidity. It is a reflection of the same sort of childishness that Donald Trump exhibits with his puerile nicknames (i.e. Adam “Schitt,” “Sleepy” Joe, Sen. Jeff “Flakey,” Al “Frankenstein”)

The Republican Party is fully engaged in a crusade to dumb down the nation. They want an electorate like the one that Trump described when he said that he “>loves the poorly educated.” Because who else would vote for them. And Boebert has picked up that baton and is running with it. It might have been a pretty funny premise for satirical movie, but when the characters have responsibility for trillions of dollars and massive armories, the humor quickly dries up.

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5 thoughts on “Big Baby Lauren Boebert’s Pathetic Insult of Eric Swalwell Would Make a Kindergartener Cringe

  1. “So maybe I’m intimidating” says it all about the ego of this stupid, offensive woman. Actually, she’s just plain repugnant and anyone as intelligent and knowledgeable as Swalwell would most definitely have nothing to do with her. Nor would anybody else outside the large basket of deplorables known as the GOP>

  2. I think Boebert thinks she’s a sex object. I’ve seen her posturing and posing for the camera. Yuk! You’re not going to get by with that stuff, Boebert. You need brains which you sadly lack.

    • Agreed 100% Judy! She actually believes she’s intimidating as a politician and sexy as a woman. She’s never figured out that both of those endeavours require intelligence. Stupid isn’t scary and it sure as hell ain’t sexy.

    • My eldest son was web surfing the other day on his i phone and he came to me and said, ” Hey dad, look at this good looking woman”, and lo and behold guess who it was? None other than that bi**ch Lauren Boebert. I told him that woman is deplorable and i hate her, she is NOT good looking to me at all, she has the personality of a rattlesnake. I hope he knows better now not to show me this cretin anymore. He doesn’t follow politics that much and didn’t know any better. I love most women, but not that one, or another one named MTG.

      • John, I suspect that your lad saw a pic of Bobert without her 6-shooter strapped to her thigh. If he’d seen the gun, he’d have known immediately that she’s an asshole.

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